Woman’s place is where she wants

International Women’s Day is coming and it is always valid to reinforce how much the fight is daily. Today, it is notorious how much they have won many rights and reached places that in the past no one bet they would. However, it is not yet the end. Women continue to be the target of much prejudice and are always underestimated about professions that are not considered “women”.

It is 2018, a long time ahead when both people and businesses need to open their minds and reinvent themselves, excluding any thoughts that cast doubt on a woman’s ability.

With this, the Fox sports took a representative attitude: opened a selection process to choose narrators for this year’s World Cup! The procedure was given a very clever name: “Who Knows”, which further reinforces that the professions should not be labelled “male” or “female”, but should call into question the ability of candidates in general.

Registration is open until March 18 and there are two ways to apply:

  • By sending personal data and video or audio file with the narration of at least 5 minutes to the email [email protected];
  • Directly in the voice-over cabin mounted at BarraShopping (Rio de Janeiro).

The entire selection will be made by journalist Vanessa Riche, project leader and curator, who will also conduct the candidates’ training and testing phase in the future.

It will be the first time a woman will narrate an event of this size in Brazil. Therefore, to conclude, it is always good to remember that: woman’s place is where she wants.