What is the next step after design?
 What is the next step after design?

Most designers are based on the concepts presented in graphic design and product design courses, but is everything we need to know to do a good job present in them?

During this learning journey, students come across technical disciplines such as gestalt, colour theory, typography, digital tools and many others, always aiming at what we are going to present aesthetically when we are in the market.

Of course, what we should do goes far beyond a piece with good aesthetics, is much more related to a problem and how we will help solve it through our work.

For many years and the way our culture has shaped the profession, we have left aside the true meaning of the design, but thanks to new approaches like UX, Design Sprint and Design Thinking, we turn our attention to what really matters, people.

It was by thinking this way that I began to look for other disciplines to increase my repertoire as a designer, where I then found neuroscience and the study of human behaviour.

All of our activities are based on learning patterns that are related to emotions and memories that are accessed in our brains, and understanding this is very important to understand the journeys of the people we want to impact and beyond, to focus on improving their experience. with a particular product or service.

I’m still at the very beginning of my neuroscience studies and how she can be a great design partner.

And all this process I intend to share with Websites Are Us readers in the next articles.

This is one of the ways I found to go beyond what I learned in college, but there are a lot of others, it all depends on which way you want to venture.

The real message I want to leave is that we must be curious, we have to look for ways other than design, whether to study more about technology, business or human behaviour, what the designer can’t do is just stand still!