Website Hosting: What It Is and How It Works

You may have heard of website hosting, right? If not, here is a brief explanation: Website hosting is a service that makes it possible to store a website and also make it available in digital media, that is, allows it to be viewed on the internet for the whole world, and all this is possible due to a server.
The server is a computer, basically like the ones we use in our home, but its purpose is to store files, and keep them online to be accessed from any other device, ie the term website hosting is directly connected to the server.

If you have your own business, you should understand how important it is to be in digital media, as social networks make communicating with your audience a lot easier, having a website for your business will help you get more customers and Being located more easily by them, you also pass more confidence.

A website allows integration with your social networks, better measurement of data and results and also a lower cost in finding potential customers.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that to have a website, you also need to hire a hosting service and have a domain registration with your business name, as it is responsible for storing all the files on your site to keep it. it is up and running, and another advantage is the ability to create professional email for you and your employees, which adds even more credibility to your business. But for this, it is essential to find the hosting service that best fits your goals and needs.

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We explained above what a web hosting is and how it works, now is the time for you to know the types of existing and most commonly used hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is basically a server used by more than one client, where hosted websites share resources like memory, CPU, disk space and others. This type of hosting is highly recommended for small businesses and blogs.

Some advantages are low cost, simple control panel and pre-configured server.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a virtual private server, meaning you have a server space dedicated entirely to you, even though it is still a shared hosting. A VPS server can be a great solution for growing businesses.

Some advantages are: Server space dedicated to you (without having to pay for a dedicated server), traffic from other sites does not affect your highly customizable performance.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server, or cloud hosting, does not require the use of a physical machine to fulfil the server role. In fact, there are a number of servers serving your application. They share resources with each other, and if one server fails, the others take over without any loss of data or performance.

The advantages of cloud hosting are many, among which performance and security stand out. However, traditional cloud servers are technically complex, you need advanced infrastructure management skills to set up and keep your applications running.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have your own physical server, meaning you literally have a computer dedicated solely to your site or project.

Renting a dedicated server is like having your own server, with power, security and quality, and still has the professional support of your provider.

Some advantages are Full control over server settings, highly reliable (you don’t share server resources with anyone else), root server access and security.

In short, website hosting is the service you need to create a digital presence and keep it online. Having a website gives you the opportunity to reach millions of users worldwide.

And it’s always worth remembering that for a provider to be considered a quality provider, it needs to make it is content available effortlessly online, ie provide an excellent experience for its visitors, and attract as much audience as possible.

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