Never stop learning
 Never stop learning

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Today I would like to talk a little about teaching and how often we have a distorted view of the importance of education. In our society, we are often indoctrinated by certain stages of life and by the expectation that exists about us, a classic model (in the case of Brazil) of finishing high school, studying for the college entrance exam, entering a college, getting a job in your home. area, get married, have children, retire. But as we have seen lately, this model is useful for society, but not necessarily for us and our dreams and ambitions. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in recent years has been the fact that we should never stop learning, here are some good reasons for this:

1 – Learning new things makes life more exciting

In fact, our brains are addicted to news, which is why we often realize that childhood is a time when everything seemed to be time consuming and so intense. New experiences are important for generating memories, one of the best ways to achieve these experiences is by learning new things and applying them. Also, imagine if every month you commit to learning something new at a beginner level, imagine by the end of the year all the things you can do with these new skills, not only does this make you a more interesting person, but a person with less limitations and more free.

2 – Progress in a career comes not only from hours of work, but also from hours of study.

I have often studied biography of other artists / designers and a tendency I notice in the big names in various fields is that not only were they hardworking people willing to spend hours upon hours of their craft but they were also willing to learn whatever it takes to be the best at what they do. We have this myopia of thinking that to be successful in a career just needs to be hardworking, when in fact we always need to be honing our knowledge to be a professional with more to offer. The study cannot end after college, but when you are there to learn, you should take this task more seriously, because it requires a lot of self discipline.

3 – Is good for health and is a way to bring people together

Learning is good for your memory, your self esteem and your life expectancy according to various researches. Not only for these benefits should you review your study routine, but also because learning can be a great time to socialize with others and generate amazing experiences. The teaching environment can also be the environment of collaboration and socialization, activities that only enrich learning.

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 2019.1: CESAR School Selects for Design and Computer Science
 2019.1: CESAR School Selects for Design and Computer Science

Hello people! Today I came to talk about CESAR School, which is opening vacancies for the courses of Design and Computer Science. It fits in with the mass ideas they are presenting in the planning.

Each degree offers 32 places. Enrollment ends on December 2nd, with the first test already on the 9th. Classes start in February.

CESAR School, CESAR’s innovation school, opening applications for Computer Science and Design courses. Each degree offers 32 places, with registration for only R $ 30,00 that can be held until December 2, 2018. Access through this link: to check out more about.

The evaluation process for admission to CESAR School takes place in stages, starting with a Writing and Logical Thinking test, then the CESAR Challenge and, later, an individual interview. The idea is to identify skills in problem solving, engagement, creativity, teamwork and leadership. Candidates can also use the ENEM note to replace wording and logic while maintaining the need for the Challenge and interview. The approved list will be posted on the site on December 18th, enrollment will take place from the 19th of the same month and classes will start on February 11th.

Call on dates!

12/12/2018 – Last day for registration

9/12/2018 – Proof of Writing, Logical Reasoning and CESAR Challenge

12/12/12 2018 – Individual Interviews

12/18/2018 – Results

19/12/2018 – Beginning of the approved registration

02/11/2019 – Beginning of classes

Run there, persona! Check out all the news CESAR School is offering for next year. 🙂

 Palm leisure: the advantages of computer graphics
 Palm leisure: the advantages of computer graphics

Today’s society is marked by the steady progress of technology. Such progress has brought with it numerous advantages and facilities for everyday life. Performing day-to-day tasks such as bill payments and bank transfers have never been done in such a practical and uncomplicated way.

The new technological age
provides, besides this practicality in the obligatory tasks of daily life, the
biggest news of the century: quality entertainment at your fingertips. Get out
from home seeking leisure is a fad of the past. Today, everything can be accessed from
quickly and securely across computer and mobile screens.

With the evolutions and
constant changes in the media, it was clear to professionals
of design the obligation of also
evolve in the area of ​​computer graphics, aiming to provide reality in the
virtual contact of users from the screens in their homes.

There is a large network of
quality entertainment in the digital world that seeks to deliver the same
experience of the physical world. To do this, companies use a world
dazzling virtual world full of colour, movement and animation. One of the areas that
benefit most from computer graphics is undoubtedly digital entertainment.

Games already established in
a virtual world like the Sims,
seek constant improvement in the reality of their computer graphics traits.
Still in the business, gambling companies use what’s new to
bring excitement, visual effects and much, much glamour to the experience of
lottery. Just try games like Blackjack
and Dr Fortuno Blackjack for
see in practice what computer graphics can do in the famous games
in blackjack.

The search for reality in the traces of computer graphics. (Source: Sims

Effects of computer graphics on entertainment

With the increase in
looking for forms of hobby within the virtual world, the world outside the
screens – although very lively – meets the need for innovation
to be able to continue in the merchant race of the segment.

As the team points out, physical companies that
not fit the new form of trade may cease to exist in the future
next. Today, life happens inside the internet and staying out is not smart.
A remarkable phenomenon is that companies of various genres are migrating from
corporeal world to the world of streaming,
seeking to distribute their products digitally.

Computer graphics is at the height of golden

Definitely the
The answer to this question is: no! Computer graphics is at a capable level
to provide very vivid experiences with their users. However, this
This trend opens the way for many forms of communication between worlds,
allowing the opening of new spaces for new creations and innovations in the field.

This new adaptation of
the world shows no sign of satisfaction. In each new project, a novelty
in the graphics of games, movies and software is presented. Thus, the increasing search for generating
intimacy and familiarity between users and their programs.

Future Considerations

Taking into consideration
the era of the transition from the real world to the virtual world, the evolution of computing
graphics directly affect what’s to come. It is possible to consider the hypothesis
that in a few years everything will be found from the screens and the need
contact with the physical world is minimal.

Is this a good one
news? We cannot yet classify between good and bad, what we can and should
to do at this time is to take advantage of its current facilities and hope that the
future is as practical and secure as the present.


 Webflow: A Professional Alternative to Wix.

The controversy surrounding the Wix website creation platform is undeniable. It’s very common to see, especially website developers, criticizing tools as extremely amateurish and bad. But walking a bit downtown and avoiding extremes, we can clearly recognize the benefits of creating a Wix site. Most freelancers choose to make their site there because it is more financially found and, moreover, is a very easy site to customize, even more so than the famous WordPress.

In addition to being able to create your site from scratch, the platform gives you countless template options to choose from as a starting point, from a landing page to an eCommerce. Another thing that attracts a lot of designers to choose the platform too, is the intuitive interface, where anyone, without any programming knowledge, can create a good website in their own way. Virtually all site editing is done on a drag-and-drop basis. But one thing that at first made many people avoid Wix was that it didn’t adapt to mobile devices, but in a while, this problem has been resolved, now it’s very easy for you to make the necessary changes to your website’s interface. fits any device, but it is still very clear that Wix can’t replace a 100% more professional platform.

But not everything is flowers, the platform still has numerous problems to solve. One of the things I realize from using the platform is the company’s supportive difficulty, even with countless answers to frequently asked questions, it’s almost impossible for you to solve your problem if it runs away from the standard and isn’t there. Another issue is that when you create your site on Wix, it will only work there, even if you want to switch hosting, you will need to rebuild your entire site on this new platform.

One thing few designers are aware of, and a great alternative to Wix and WP, ​​is the Webflow platform. “Webflow comes with the basic proposition of simplifying the construction of responsive websites that work well for those who access the big screens of desktops as well as those who view on tablets and smartphones. The premise is the same as that of the late Microsoft Frontpage, which tends to be “WordPress” responsive sites – instead of worrying about technical knowledge, users will just have to use the creativity and tools available to build responsive sites, create effects on transitions images and animations. (1)

Webflow is extremely customizable. The tool helps you design and develop at the same time. Like Wix, you can still use a default template to create and design your site. However, Webflow gives designers and developers the power to design, build, and launch custom dynamic websites while it writes clean semantic code for you. In addition, unlike Wix – which generates code in extremely dirty ways – Webflow, as I said, generates CSS and HTML code in a clean and organized manner. Webflow-created projects are responsive in nature, so any projects you create for the desktop will automatically be responsively generated for tablets and mobile devices. Within Webflow, a designer can easily adjust mobile device variations, creating a great experience no matter where you access it.

It is very important that a designer know that tools like Webflow, and the like, do not replace a programmer fully. Relying on the assistance of good professionals is always important.

However, the advancement of these tools enables designers to be more actively involved in the development process. The designers You must be very attentive to these new possibilities. (2)

In the video below you can see the difference between these two platforms, and the pros and cons of it.

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