Your profile on social networks influences professional assessment, says research.
 Your profile on social networks influences professional assessment, says research.

Hi! Let’s continue our article series #FOCUS PRODUCTIVITY which aims to help you work with more productivity and quality.

In the article How to better produce and beat procrastination, I covered time management and technique POMODORO (if you didn’t check, stop now and click here. Worth it! Then I explained how the TRELLO can help you better organize your projects, teams, and even personal plans.

Now let’s talk about something of fundamental importance to your professional life: how you use your social networks. This article was posted by me on my partners’ blog. Spitze Network. In addition to the care we are addressing, one of the villains of your professional life is the misuse of your social networks. So worth the read and attention with the tips and cautions we will cover, ok?

In increasingly dynamic networks, you can register and share everything. Friends include co-workers and business contacts. What most people do not take into account is that their behaviour on social networks can increase or destroy their chances of hiring or staying at work.

A survey by one of the largest recruitment consultancies in the world, with 210 Brazilian executives, showed that 83% of them believe that the profile of candidates in social networks influences when making a professional evaluation. In all, 44% of respondents said a negative profile may be sufficient to disqualify a candidate in the selection phase. Only 39% of executives said they would talk to a candidate even if they have a bad profile on the internet. | Source: Globe

Today, I am a founding partner of an HR Advisory and Consulting company and what we realize is that there is a change in the data request for first contact. In these, social networks are key to finding out details that can be hidden in the job interview.

The big question is: what is really bad to expose on social networks and what helps those looking for a job opportunity?

The answer is simple: You are probably wondering about your free speech and that your profile is a private environment. That is right, in parts. Your profile is a public-private space, so your posts usually reflect values ​​and behaviours, something that is shared by a company. She has values ​​and attitudes that are also public-private. The key is common sense.

Remember that the only person who makes personal and professional profile separation is you. Your clients or potential contractors see the whole.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your chances within the job market through social networks:

  1. KEEP YOUR PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES, COURSES AND IMPROVEMENTS ALWAYS UPDATED: Just as you record fun times with friends and family, a very important point noted by contractors is how you conduct your professional pursuit and growth. Register courses, study moments and constantly update your social networks.
  2. NETWORKING IS KEY: contact people, make friends and interact with relevant content. One of the best marketing strategies is CONTENT. This is valid for you too. Generate engagement, share tips and events.
  3. CREATE A LINKEDIN ACCOUNT: This is a valuable tip. LinkedIn is one of the most important professional relationship platforms. In some regions, it is already common to replace the curriculum with a LinkedIn account. Soon I will be posting a guide on how to create an attractive account for new business, partnerships or even a new market opportunity.

With these tips, you can improve your positioning and especially capture new opportunities, but I would like to hear from you: Have you found it difficult to get job opportunities on social networks? If so, share it with us. That way we can help you.