Today, creating a website no longer has to be a task directed exclusively at a team of programmers. In fact, you can create a free website yourself within minutes using free website creators.

These tools have intuitive interfaces and are dedicated to helping any type of user – even those who do not have technical programming knowledge – to create and put your page on the air within the shortest possible time.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a free website builder, which is why we decided to create this complete content teaching you everything you need to know about creating a free website.

Check out the alternatives and don’t miss our tips on what to do to optimize your pages for SEO. Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

To start our list, we present Webnode, a professional tool – already used by more than 30 million people – that allows you to create your website for free within a few minutes.

With it, you can easily edit the elements of the page and customize all the content according to your preferences. The platform offers the possibility to create personal, professional websites, blogs or even create a virtual store.

All websites made at the creator are responsive, that is, fully compatible and optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


  • Responsive and mobile-optimized models
  • Built-in SEO that can be easily configured on each page
  • Extremely simple and friendly interface for users of all levels of knowledge in web programming

Be sure to check out our full evaluation of Webnode and all its features.

Webnode - Create free website

SITE123 offers hundreds of ready-made templates for you to create your page quickly. Among them, it is possible to choose between business websites, online store, blog, craft services, restaurants and food, photography, events, among several other ready-made categories.

In addition, editing your page and customizing it is an extremely easy task. Like the other alternatives on our list, it is suitable for users with or without design or programming skills.


SITE123 - Create free website

When talking about creating free sites, we certainly can’t leave Wix out. It is one of the most popular platforms and also features several ready-made templates for business pages, design, health, among others.

To create a website on Wix, just follow six simple steps and that’s it, your page will be online ready to generate traffic from visitors and leads from SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.


  • Hundreds of custom templates
  • Secure hosting and quality support
  • Full editor and possibility to edit the mobile view

Wix - Create free website offers an extensive list of templates that you can easily edit from the website builder offered by the tool. All templates are responsive and feature different themes so that you can add or delete elements on the pages and transform them as you prefer.

Regarding resources, you can use your Google Analytics account to track the performance of your page, create your own Favicon (browser icon), access the image bank, among others.


Weebly is another excellent alternative for you to easily create a free website. It offers a completely free plan with up to 500 MB of storage and allows you to put a page up in a few minutes.

As a differential, it is important to mention that the tool offers a free SSL security certificate for your page. However, the domain address will be branded weebly in the URL.



Offering the possibility to create a website with up to three pages for free and a storage space of 1 GB, it is worth checking out the Yola website creator.

The company also offers the possibility to add an online store or create personalized email addresses from a predetermined value.

All packages include features such as website builder, professional and editable templates, reliable hosting, among other advantages.


  • Opening for creation of paid virtual store and email
  • 1 GB storage space
  • Applications and widgets to click and drag to the page


With Flazio, you can create a free website for business, personal, hotel and lodging reservations or even a virtual store.

The platform is extremely simplified, just choose your model from hundreds of available templates, edit with your images and content and publish your page. A cool differential is the marketing tools integrated into the solution.

  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • SEO and digital marketing tools
  • Editor drag and drop (drag and drop)


Finally, GoDaddy is a creator that does not exactly offer the possibility to maintain a page for free, but rather to create a website and test it for 30 days without having to pay anything or inform your credit card.

With this, it is more suitable for those who are already decided to upgrade to a professional tool – which is certainly the case with this alternative.


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Tips for creating your website for free

Now that you know a lot of free website creators, remember, putting a page on the air is just the first step and does not mean that you will automatically be able to generate traffic and bring people to visit it, especially in the case of Ecommerce pages.

So check out some tips on what you should do immediately when you put a website online so you can achieve your results.

Optimize for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques that you must employ to optimize your page for search engines – direct translation of the acronym, in English.

This means making adjustments and modifications to make your site rank well in search for tools like Google, Yahoo, Bing, among other search engines.

For example, if you want your motorcycle workshop page to appear when users search on Google for a “motorcycle workshop in São Paulo”, you will need to optimize it for SEO.

This involves several characteristics, such as:

  • Image size;
  • Use of friendly links (URLs);
  • Loading speed;
  • Optimization for mobile devices;
  • SSL security certificate (HTTPS);

Among several other factors. So, check out our guide on what SEO is and how to do it before creating free sites and make sure all your pages are optimized.

Consider purchasing a paid plan

A problem to consider when creating a website from a creator and using their free plans is not being able to remove their branding from the URL of your page.

This means that a free website created from Wix, for example, would follow the following pattern for the URL:

  • / custom domain

Therefore, consider purchasing a paid plan so that you have a fully personalized domain – which passes on professionalism to those who access it.

If you want your page to have a URL such as “”, you will need to purchase this type of domain – or even choose not to use one of the website creators featured in our list, but rather the creator of a web service. hosting, which you can check out in this content.

Retain visitors with an online chat

An excellent way to keep people on your website is to offer the possibility to communicate in real time with visitors.

Whether for a digital agency website, B2B or B2C ecommerces or even a page for the industry, it is important to make yourself available and ready to answer questions immediately.

So be sure to consider investing in an online chat. In fact, you can easily install Websites Are Us for free on your page and increase your chances of retaining and retaining customers.

Pros and cons of using a free creator

Finally, consider some of the main pros and cons before using a free website builder to get your business page up and running. Do a thorough analysis before deciding which tool to use to make sure you have a scalable and professional page.


  • Easy to edit ready-made templates;
  • Speed ​​to put the page on the air already hosted on a trusted server;
  • Most of the tools already offer responsive pages for mobile;
  • You don’t have to worry if you don’t have programming and design skills;
  • Most tools offer scalable plans to keep up with your website’s growth;
  • Pages already bring solutions for SEO optimization.


  • The themes offered may not suit your needs;
  • You do not have absolute control over all elements included on the website;
  • It is not always possible to install plugins to complement functionality if necessary;
  • The domain tends to bring the brand of the tool (as previously presented);
  • If you need to scale your website, the most complete plans can be expensive.

Take all of these factors into consideration before choosing which creator to use to create a free website and you can mitigate problems if you need to make changes, increments or scale your page.

Did you find the best tool to create a free website?

We hope that our list of tools has helped you to find the best solution according to your needs, specifications and objectives – whether to create a personal, business, virtual store, among others.

Just don’t forget, if you want to monitor people in real time as they browse your page and approach them with proactive invitations, install Websites Are Us on your page and take advantage of our professional resources to increase your conversions and turn visitors into customers!