15 Tips to generate content ideas for your Blog

In this article I want to give you 15 ideas to generate content ideas on your blog, among other things, because it is one of the best ways for people to get to know your business, through the content that you regularly publish in your blog.

So, businessman: Why have a blog? It does not matter what business you have, it does not matter if your products or services go directly to the final consumer or to other companies …

Creating a corporate website that includes a blog where you demonstrate your professionalism, your products, your services, your achievements, etc., will generate visibility and trust in your clients and potential clients. All that will differentiate you from the competition.

But a blog is not static. It is not the plaque with your name that you once put at the entrance of your office; It is not the sign of your store that you installed before assembling the entire interior.

A blog is something dynamic that must be renewed with a set frequency.

Just as newspapers go out every day, weekly magazines go out every week, your blog should be your own means of communication with a specific frequency.

You choose when and how to publish an article (every day, every week, every fifteen days, or every month) but once you decide on the publication calendar you should keep it in time. Just like you do with your opening hours.

What do you think of opening your business a few days a few hours and other days at others?

Well, the same thing happens with a blog. Hence the importance of this article, here you will read 15 ideas, so you do not lack inspiration when writing articles for your blog.

We begin.

1.- Personal experiences

Tips to generate content ideas for your Blog: Personal experiences

Today, all marketing experts talk a lot about humanizing the brand. Large business corporations have discovered that if they are viewed as companies, as money-making machines, consumers increasingly reject them.

So now they don’t sell products, they sell experiences, feelings. It is very normal that they make announcements showing the workers of their factories, and even, to its founder in its beginnings.

It is much easier for any small or medium businessman to humanize his brand, to show his company as a beloved son who is taught and learns over the years.

Writing about professional first-person experiences will make your audience empathize with you and put yourself in your favor. With this idea, you could write a long series of articles that can narrate your experiences in your company or in your personal venture.

In the following video, I show you how some blogs, recounting their experiences with certain topics in their sector (creating strategies, success of certain content on Google, etc.) also monopolize a good number of comments and feedback from their community of readers, something that I will also talk about later in point number 8 of this article:

2.- History of your failures

We continue with the idea of ​​continuing to humanize your brand. And, in addition, we deal with a groundbreaking issue, because very few people are willing to admit that it is human and therefore he is wrong.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have surely failed to a greater or lesser extent on multiple occasions. The history of your failures, with a little final teaching, can be a great series of articles with which your clients will love and admire you.

But they can also be a lesson for other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, they can learn from your mistakes and thus save time and money.

3.- History of your achievements

Of course you have to show how good you can be. Demonstrating that you have achieved small and great achievements will generate confidence in your readers, in your clients and potential clients.

Depending on the number of achievements you can list, this is how large the series of articles dedicated to this idea will be.

Achievements that can also serve as a lesson to other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. So they can learn from you and start their projects betting on the winning horse.

You will become a benchmark in your particular sector and as an entrepreneur in general. That good reputation can never be a bad thing, nor harmful to your business.

4.- Meet our team

Tips to generate content ideas for your Blog: Meet our team

It will be necessary that the block of ideas to generate content on your blog is dedicated to humanizing the brand.

If large corporations show their factories and they let their own workers be the stars of their ads Advertising, why can’t you do the same?

Unless you are a self-employed person and have no more equipment to teach, you could show your collaborators, your suppliers, the companies you work with or contract for different topics, etc.

The objective would not be to count the lives of your workers, but to show the public where their money goes when they buy or contract your services.

A few small reviews with the different workers, their specialties, their hobbies … can be a great opportunity for them to be in charge of giving even more visibility to the article, your website and, after all, your business.

5.- News from your sector

Sure there is no shocking news every day in your sector of activity, but there are changes, achievements, technical advances, new trends, new techniques, etc.

Staying informed and up to date with the news of your sector will make you a better professional. And that professionalism must be shown and demonstrated day by day.

Write an article showing a new technique for non-invasive surgery; commenting on a judgment of the Court; showing the new seasonal colors for swimwear or explaining a Royal Decree that will allow your customers to save on taxes …

I insist, it does not matter what sector of activity you dedicate yourself, surely every week you could write an article dedicated to a novelty in your sector.

And giving your professional opinion about it can make you a better professional, more respected, admired and hired.

6.- Congresses and events

Having to close your business because you will go to a congress on a topic in your sector may make you lose money.

But it is also an opportunity to demonstrate, with an article, that you are a professional in constant learning that you do not miss the opportunity to improve and learn everything new from your work.

With this content idea for your blog you may only get two or three articles a year. But it is already two or three weeks in which you have your editorial calendar busy.

7.- Groups in Social Networks

Depending on how active you are in social networks, whether they are the corporate of your business or your personal, this may be an idea for a few articles.

Both on Facebook and LinkedIn or Bebee, there are groups dedicated to very specific topics in which your professional activity is sure to be.

For example, a hairdresser could create a series of articles listing Facebook groups showing current fashion trends, hairstyles from before that are beginning to be a vintage trend…

It is true that these groups are more numerous and active in some business sectors than in others. But surely there is yours too.

What you get with these listings is to demonstrate that you are aware of what is happening in your sector, what your customers demand and like. In addition, you can publish yourself in these groups showing your products, services and professionalism.

8.- Comments on your articles

Tips to generate content ideas for your Blog: Comments on your articles

As I commented at the beginning of the article, a blog is not static. On the contrary, it is very dynamic and constantly changing. And not only because you publish regularly, but because you must give the opportunity for the readers of those articles to leave their opinions, their messages, their doubts and questions.

From all those comments you can get many content ideas for your blog. Sometimes it will be in response to a question and sometimes it will delve a little deeper into the topic (a second part of the article you have already written).

The articles should generate many comments, the more the better. And those comments, apart from thanking them for taking the trouble to do so, give you the opportunity to resolve, in the form of another article, the doubts you detect and the questions they ask you.

9.- Professional magazines

Surely in your sector many professional magazines are published where information is given both for the sector professional and for the public interested in this activity.

Writing an article talking about the different magazines in your sector can become a series of interesting articles for your clients.

In addition to keeping them informed of a topic that interests them, you show them that you are a professional who is up to date in their sector.

In this case, this type of blogging model requires hosting your corporate blog in a high-performance and solvency hosting, as for example in Websites Are Us (where precisely I have deposited both my own blog and my other digital projects), since It will house a large number of publications, assuming that being a magazine, you will publish several articles per week.

10.- Step by step tutorials

Logically, if you are a neurosurgeon, you are not going to do a tutorial to teach your patients to operate on their family or friends at the dining room table in their home.

But if you are a lawyer, you can show what steps must be followed to file claims, complaints or grievances.

Each sector of activity has its list of possible step-by-step tutorials, to that your customers make the most of what they buy or hire.

Depending on the list of what you offer to your customers, this will be the long series of step-by-step tutorials to generate content on your blog.

11.- Guest blogger

The advantages of inviting someone else to write on your corporate blog are many. Among others, avoid having to write yourself, thus saving you a lot of time and making it possible for you to take a break so that you can focus more calmly on writing good articles with better content.

A guest writer for your blog can give a different point of view about your company, coming to focus on one of your articles or services.

You can also invite a professional of recognized prestige in your sector to write. It could be one of your suppliers talking about their next news or a satisfied customer talking about how well you solved their problem …

12.- TOP 10 list of whatever

Tips to generate content ideas for your Blog: TOP 10 List

Articles that list a list of whatever (such as this one you are reading) are always well received. Think of different categories and make a list with the best of various aspects related to your sector:

Whatever, but always announcing in the title Top 10 … (or the best 15, or the 20 …)

13.- Creation of events

This idea to generate content on your blog, may be the one that fewer entrepreneurs use. However, it is a great idea to create events that make you stand out from your competition (which does not).

Be it charity raffles, charity dinners, sectoral conferences, raffles … All kinds of events that you can create for the benefit of your clients, and to attract your potential clients, are good and should be published on your blog.

It is true that a lawyer, few seasonal discounts can do (for example) but it can create workshops for a good divorce. It’s about standing out from your competition, doing something they don’t do, or don’t advertise on their corporate blogs.

Also, the best thing about writing an article about the events you have created is that you then have the possibility to write another article commenting on the result of that event. There, you will have double content with a single idea.

14.- Tricks

This works very well in the fashion sector. Tricks to combine a dress, skirt, pants … and make it look like a new outfit every time you put it on because they always look different.

But in any other sector of activity, it can also work frankly well, because they are helping your clients get the most out of what they have bought from you.

Thus the money paid for said article may always seem little.

15.- Year-end summary

During the last days of the year, everyone starts to carry out a kind of examination of what he has achieved during that year.

It is a good time to write an article summarizing what that year has been for your company: your achievements, your failures, your future plans.

You can also use that article to summarize the best articles you have published, or the articles you have sold the most.

In addition, this summary of the end of the year can serve to give you a little brushstroke to what is to come: hint at the news, the new articles, the new additions, etc.


Your blog is dynamic, therefore, once an article is written and published, you have the possibility, and almost the obligation, to touch it up and complete it from time to time.

This will not remain as a novelty, as a new article, but it can always serve to ensure that whoever reads it is well informed even if time passes.

In addition to the search engines, these retouching of already published articles they like very much and will help you position yourself in the search results. I have made a list with 15 tips to generate content ideas on your blog.

What are your ideas to generate quality content? I wait for you on social networks, to write down your suggestions!

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