Copywriting errors

If you want to have some persuasive texts that hook and convert visits into clients, it is essential that you be very clear about what SEO and copywriting errors you cannot make on your website.

I suggest that while you read this article you go checking if your website suffers from any of these common copywriting errors what I’m going to show you

It is like passing the ITV of the car. But without being made to turn the wheel from side to side like a madman.

If you pass them all, it is that in general lines the texts on your website fulfill their mission and work.

And if you fail in any, nothing happens. Look at it on the positive side, the important thing is to detect that you have a problem.

This way you will know that it is time to rewrite your texts or to hire a copywriter let him do it for you.

We start.

1- Constantly look at your navel

Ok it is your website, but that does not give you the right to plan “I have come here to talk about my book”.

Your website is not a tool to feed your ego.

This is one of the most serious copywriting mistakes. Who likes to read to a self-centered person or company?

Orient your texts to offer your readers something that interests them or that solves a problem for them.

Anyone who enters a website for the first time will always consider the same: What do you offer me on this site? What benefit do I get by staying here?

2- Write for all humanity

The ambition to reach a large number of people causes the texts to be indefinite and no one to recognize themselves as the recipient.

If this is your copywriting (and marketing) mistake, try not to think about a group of people, but about one in particular.

That person is your ideal customer.

Define it as much as you can. You can put a name and surname. And even look for a photo that represents you to know how it is physically.

You already have it? Now it will be much easier for you to write because you know who is the receiver of your texts. I assure.

3 – Use different tones of voice

When writing on your website you have to define what your tone of voice is.

The secret lies in that you find your own style. It is what is going to provoke a special connection with your most assiduous readers.

It is essential that it is always the same, in all the texts of your communication.

And what goes into the tone of voice? Well many things.

The words you use, the length of your sentences, the rhythm of your writing, if you speak in a more or less colloquial way, if you use humor or not …

If you are not sure which is yours, I advise you to pay attention to how you speak colloquially. And that you practice.

4 – Committing misspellings

Spelling mistakes are not just a blow to the eye. So are your credibility and professionalism.

Check your texts as many times as necessary and remove them right now from your website. Above all, be unforgiving on fixed pages. Those that will tell who you are, what you do and what services or products you sell.

We are humans. We can all commit a fault, but it is in our hands that they are as few as possible.

You have the help of the word corrector, the RAE dictionary, the fondeau grammar doubts search engine or hundreds of internet forums.

5 – Bored and not being creative

If you bore the sheep in your copys, it is difficult for your visitors to want to be part of your flock.

You have to catch their attention. Don’t make this copywriting mistake.

Put headlines that hook and connect with your audience. That they are original and show a clear benefit for your visitor.

And another thing you have to do: give your texts soul.

That they are not impersonal, that they are unique. You can use the storytelling resource and tell who you are with a story for example …

Basically, it all comes down to make it more creative. Find your creative side and thus you will be able to differentiate yourself from other websites similar to yours.

Don’t forget that copywriting emerged in the creativity departments of advertising agencies, where ideas prevail. Go for them!

6 – Use complicated and elaborate language

It is not about showing that you know how to write like Saramago. Copywriting is not about that.

It is preferable that you use a simple and direct language with short sentences and few subordinate sentences.

With common but precise words. Without using cultisms, we are not in the 19th century.

Do not abuse adjectives either, because if you do, you will look like a smoke dealer and will reduce the credibility of your copys.

Don’t abuse the exclamation marks. You are not sending a whatsapp to a friend! Attention is achieved with what your words say. Although of course, this is more difficult.

7- Believe that copywriting has nothing to do with the design of your website

Well it has to do. And a lot.

It is a very common copywriting mistake.

When someone enters your website, they will not only notice your texts. The sensation that will take away will be the sum of all the elements.

Copywriting + web and graphic design + photographs + typography = Your website.

It’s about being consistent. Your texts must have the same style and tone of voice as your graphic elements.

8- Write without persuading

It is the great function of the copywriter. Persuade readers to do what you want them to do.

It is not enough to inform, it is about convincing. Of course, not in a desperate way, but with intelligence and subtlety.

For that it is important to have a knowledge of how people are. It is not necessary to be a psychologist, but it does come in handy to have psychology.

In addition, each of your copies has to be focused on the reader doing something: They are the famous call to action. Calls to action that you have to have on each of your pages so that visitors to your website subscribe, contact, buy …

How has the copywriting check of your website been?

What have you got right? Have you made a copywriting mistake?

There are more mistakes you can fall into, but if you haven’t made any of these, or are going to fix them, you already have a lot of cattle.

I am a freelance creative and web copywriter with more than 10 years of experience creating texts and advertising campaigns in advertising agencies and multinationals.

Now, I apply everything I have learned for the benefit of my own clients: entrepreneurs and companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition and have unique texts.

I also write weekly on my blog dedicated to creativity and copywriting.

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