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Having a blog on your website is no longer a novelty, but Are you really giving him the affection he deserves?

In this article we summarize 9 reasons why you should not only have a blog on your website, but also that it is a basic tool to obtain results, and therefore you must take care of it and give it a lot of dedication.

Here are the reasons why it’s worth the effort:

1. A blog shows visitors that you know your sector, that you know what you are talking about

Whatever your market, potential customers want to know that you know your industry well before giving them their credit card number, or calling you.

If some articles that show the experience of your company can be easily found on your website, the visitor will feel much safer to spend their time and money (or both) with you.

2. A blog helps you get more traffic

By writing regularly and sharing on social media, Google will reward you with visits. But be careful, the content must be original (not copied) and interesting. If you can get other websites to link to your blog, bingo! the wheel is running.

Since you know links from other sites to yours (known as backlinks or inbound links) are an important factor in helping your site appear higher on search results pages.

It is not easy to get those links while your website does not have content of value for users. By publishing interesting articles you are more likely to be linked from other websites in your sector.

3. Blog = SEO

Each entry in your blog is a page, so if, for example, you want a good position for 50 strategic keywords for you, you need to have 50 unique articles each dedicated to a single keyword.

4. A blog is food for social networks

People like to share about valuable topics on their networks, and these links help you with your SEO. The mentions and links are a signal to Google and Bing that people consider a website valuable.

5. Multiply x5 clicks on Google by adding your image

It is proven that the probability that the user clicks on a Google search result, with the author’s image, is greater than if there is no image. Thanks to Google Authorship the percentage of click is multiplied by 5 with respect to results without author ( Read more about how to configure Google Authorship for your blog.

6. The Blog to attract future clients

Do you want people to buy your product, call you about the services you offer on the first visit? Maybe you will get it with 1% of visits, the other 99% of your clients will buy you from the 2, 3 or 4 visit.

Place the subscription form for your newsletter in a preferred place on the Blog, so that if the visitor finds your content interesting, they will subscribe to your newsletter. With your email you can remind him that you offer an amazing product or service that he cannot miss

7. Your Blog has a longer lifespan than other marketing weapons

Newsletters, tweets and Facebook messages are fleeting, and are lost in oblivion within 48 hours of posting or sending them. Your blog is a great place for timeless topics, and they will continue to be useful for weeks or months after being published.

8. The Blog helps you with customer service

Do you often receive the same questions from your customers? Why not turn every question and answer into a blog post?
You can reduce the burden on customer service, and make it easier and faster to find detailed answers to common questions.
It will also show your potential customers that you care about helping your customers.

9. The Blog shows that you are alive, feed him

When you are on a website, and the last blog entry is from February 2011, you immediately think that this company has disappeared or that it has nothing interesting to tell about its business or its sector.

Keep the Blog active if it does not turn against you. Do not start a blog but you will publish regularly.

Also Google does not like static sites, where there are no changes or news regularly.

There are currently two great extensions in Joomla! for the management of Blogs K2 and EasyBlog although then there are others and other ways to create blogs in Joomla !.

K2 It has the advantage that it allows you to create, manage and personalize a blog at very high levels, although the initial learning curve is a little harder than “EasyBlog”. K2 is not a blog as such as it is a CCK (Content Builder Kit) but it allows you to create, among other things, a good blog.

EasyBlog is a (paid) extension that has the advantage of being a “all in one” very complete, also available in English and with many third-party functionalities and extensions.

Other options you can also see in the JED:

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