Storytelling: apply it to your digital marketing strategy

Shortly after you have moved in Online Marketing, you have surely heard of storytelling. Perhaps you have even referred to it and included it in your vocabulary without fully understanding what it is.

What you possibly do know is that has a lot to do with emotions of people and with the ability to establish links with them.

Anyway, today we are going to delve deeper into storytelling so that you can talk about it without fear of being wrong.

We will see what it is, how to use and apply it in digital business and, at the end, we will review some examples. Go for it.

What is storytelling?

You will have read numerous definitions that speak of it as an art. And it probably has a lot of it.

But since we are in the world of online business and digital marketing, I propose another approach:

Storytelling is a strategy based on storytelling, which generates emotional bonds with people and which aims to achieve a specific objective.

In the digital marketing environment in which we operate, some of the objectives sought are to motivate an action, generate engagement, convert into a sale …

In short, it is about generating emotions in users through an explained story.

Storytelling and Copywriting are the same?

Storytelling and Copywriting are not the same, but the truth is that they get along quite well. Explaining stories is something we usually do. Look at yourself.

You come home and your partner, parents, roommate or pet, listens to you how the day went. And you make a narration of what you consider appropriate. Well, there you have already created the relationship and you strengthen it.

It may also happen that you meet someone and start talking. You chat and explain details looking for common ground. And there you do create a link with that person.

The same thing happens with brands and digital marketing.

Social networks, your website and your blog (fundamentally) are fantastic scenarios for brands to explain stories.

It is not the same to read instructions from your new smartphone as a post or watch a video that explains how it works and how it can be useful to you. Also, your memory does not remember it the same.

At all times we talk about storytelling

Now, if what you explain is aimed at a sale or a commercial purpose, then we mean copywriting.

We distinguish it more clearly:

Differences between storytelling and copywriting

The storyteller is more like a storyteller. What we were saying: tells stories that awaken emotions. It seeks to attract users.

The copywriter is based on persuasive writing and has one specific goal: to sell.

Similarities between storytelling and copywriting

We said that they go hand in hand and so it is. They have basic points in common:

  • Both seek to generate emotions, but for different purposes.
  • There is a seduction and attraction directed towards the user.
  • Both seek the achievement of a goal, only that the copywriter’s is commercial.

Advantages of creating a good storytelling for your business

We are seeing that storytelling, in online business, goes beyond an advertisement or an advertisement.

We seek to connect with users and remove them emotionally so that they do not want to take their eyes off the content that we are showing them.

When we achieve this effect, the advantages come for the brand that applies it.

Advantages of Storytelling for your digital business

1. Build trust

Well-told stories make those who hear them feel identified with them.

This way of narrating shows more everyday aspects and humanizes your brand. This is how you build consumer confidence.

2. They cause more engagement

The consequence of trust is increased engagement. Contact with people’s emotions allows them to externalize what you feel. Storytelling makes it easy for them to “like”, “retuit” or “share”.

3. They facilitate memory

The association that we make between a story and a brand, a name or a fact, makes us remember it better. In addition, the order of events that it entails, makes logic reinforce our memory.

4. Improve brand reputation

The history of humans is linked to tales. In rock paintings, in music, in movies, in advertisements and in our own daily life.

So when a brand behaves like a person, the image we make of it is good, it is better. In this way we can enhance the digital reputation of a company thanks to storytelling.

4 tips to create a good storytelling

If you have decided to apply content marketing using storytelling, I recommend that you keep track of the following details of your story.

1. Define your audience

Before you think about what you are going to tell, you must know who you are going to tell. Meet your Buyer person it is what will make him identify with what you have, for example, telling him about his pain point.

2. Define the objective of your storytelling

This part would be like thinking already at the end of your story. It is essential to know where do you want to go because that will define the storyline.

A story focused on promoting branding would not be the same as another one thought of the content of a web page. Even here, each would have a different goal, too.

3. Define the framework of the story

Once you know the objective of your storytelling, you can begin to imagine an environment that leads to it.

Think about him argument And, like every story, he designs an introduction, a knot, and an ending. Of course, put a good dose of emotion in your story.

4. Always leave a moral

Maïder Tomasena talks about this feature of storytelling and I think it is very wise to include it. Elaborate an ending that leaves the consumer with the message that you want to transmit.

This will make it easier for you to remember what you want and for your goal to be closer to being achieved.

How to apply storytelling in the marketing strategy of your digital business

There are sectors that lend themselves to using storytelling in a more efficient way. Politics and digital marketing, for example.

How to bring this beautiful and emotional strategy to our business?

Storytelling ideas for digital marketing

Storytelling ideas for your digital business

There are many ideas that you can develop in the form of storytelling:

  • Explain how your business was born.
  • Count the day to day of the office.
  • It describes how a product is manufactured, from its first component until it reaches the final consumer.
  • Give advice that solves the doubts you know your users have.
  • Explain a story of improvement in which the component of your brand is key to reaching the happy ending of the story.
  • Get testimonials that make your story more truthful.
  • Suggest to your followers that they themselves tell their own story.
  • Expose situations in which your product or service is key for the protagonist of your narration.
  • It generates curiosity so that users want to know more than what you have to tell them. For example, prepare a cycle of short stories and post them regularly.
  • It provokes feedback among your users with an end of type “What would you do instead?”. This, in addition to generating engagement, will help you know your wishes.

Storytelling formats in digital marketing

In a storytelling strategy, the formats you use are the same as in any content marketing strategy. And, of course, here it is still as important as the varies and you do not think monotony always publishing the same.

Apply storytelling in:

  • Your blog posts.
  • In pictures.
  • In videos.
  • In podcasts.
  • In infographics.
  • In the Newsletter.

Examples of storytelling created by brands

There are many brands that use storytelling in their marketing strategy. And, thanks to this, they increase their credibility and the trust that users feel for them.

Of course, that has a direct relationship with the growth of your sales.

Let’s see, then, how what we have been seeing in this post is reflected in concrete examples.


Ikea is one of my favorite brands doing storytelling. We could say that each of their ads provoke emotions, remove us or make us smile.

I am sure you are already thinking about one of them. I leave you this one, which is really original and fun.


The brewery has been looking forward to its summer announcement for years. Their stories or, better said, ours that make us live through them, manage to leave us with a great taste in our mouths.

Music tends to help a lot in this and make it a key piece in your storytelling.


One of the greats doing storytelling with images is the multinational GoPro. Her Instagram channel is one of my favorites.

You can see an example of Storytelling they perform here.

Your baby

The classic brand aimed at moms and future moms gives us lessons on how stories can also be told through infographics.

Storytelling example


At the beginning of the post I wanted to explain in more detail what storytelling is. Because, sometimes, in this sector too it is difficult for us to recognize it. Have I succeeded?

I have given you concrete ideas of how you can apply it to your own personal or business brand strategy, either in your business or in that of your clients.

And finally, we have seen concrete examples that have helped us to see the keys that all history must have.

Each company has its history, each employee, each product or service that you sell. Your clients also have theirs. And doubts and needs that you want to cover for your business to prosper.

It is in your hands to take it in the form of storytelling and achieve their confidence.

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