buyer persona

The word is the most powerful communication tool that exists. An essential resource with tremendous persuasion if the channel and the recipient are the right ones.

What is it and why do you need to create a Buyer Persona

In a society oversaturated with advertising of all kinds and forms, seduction is more important through personalizing the individual; new marketing is about building relationships, strengthen ties.

Suppose that you already have your domain, also its design and the accompanying texts, your products and services are of quality and your prices are competitive, even so you still cannot sell. The time has come to define your Buyer Persona.

What is a Buyer Persona and how it will help you increase sales

There is a maxim in life that also applies to marketing: If you want to like everyone, you will end up not liking anyone. Defining one or more Buyer Persona for our business, services or products will help us segment the user and create more effective advertising and Inbound Marketing campaigns; We will adapt the message to the recipient.

A Buyer represents a specific group of individuals, is his personification. It consists of turning a subject, real or fictitious, into the central axis of a marketing campaign, planning its strategy and defining the message based on the profile that we have previously created.

The BP encompasses and identifies the group. You don’t want to reach everyone be selective.

The message first, the Buyer later What do you want to achieve?

Although although it is true that there will be a subsequent adaptation of the message depending on the channel and the receiver, it must be very well defined so that a business always finds its own benefit, whether in the short, medium or long term.

The question is, What do you want to achieve with the creation of a Buyer?

  • Generate leads.

  • Increase sales.
  • Generate interest in your products.
  • Build or repair your brand image.
  • Offer support to your buyers to help them make the most of the products or services purchased: guides, FAQs, chat …
  • Evangelizers. Create a community that interacts and helps to grow and prosper in the social sphere.
  • Leadership. Generate recognition and respect in the sector.
  • Influencer. Make your brand (or you as a professional) a reference.

It is important to specify a main campaign objective, ambitious but achievable, and wait 3 to 6 months to study the results carefully.


Analyze their performance, venture with the data in hand what their evolution will be for the coming months and from there decide whether to follow the same path or go another path.

Create the message that encompasses your business concept

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Intention. What impact do I want to convey?
  2. Proposal. What will I give the user in exchange?
  3. Benefit. How will I benefit from it?

Take your time to respond.

Done? Now we will have a clear but at the same time malleable message, with the ability to adapt to the different Buyer bags that you create..

How to create a Buyer Persona for your business

In the world of marketing it is good to never take anything for granted. Do not believe in the experience that the years give you, since doing so could be losing on the way to numerous groups with real interest in what you offer. Collectives that you have not yet explored or that you do not know because they move within the digital environment.

Think and act like them. Find them:

  • Use their same social channels and interact. Share what you know.
  • Join groups or communities to which they belong.
  • Identify the media or channels to which they usually subscribe and do the same. Discover how your competition works and find what it lacks; what will make you unique.
  • Track events and / or activities that you find interesting and, if you can, sign up. There will be no better way to define your Buyer.

Moving in its own waters will allow you to better understand your ideal customer profile.

How is my Buyer Persona?

  • Age.
  • Location.
  • Gender.
  • Level of studies.
  • Income level.
  • Marital / family status.
  • What do you work for or what is your occupation?
  • Race / group to which it belongs.
  • Personality.
  • Attitude towards life.
  • Value scale.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Sexual tendency.
  • Hobbies.
  • Fears

Simple questions, complex answers.

You may think that some parameters are difficult to know or manage, but collecting such information will be very useful for the correct configuration of our campaigns, both advertising and content.

Remember that you can create as many BP bags as products or services you offer And don’t forget to always put a face and a name on them.


It is good for the correct definition of our Buyer that we create a mental image of it, make a face and give it a name.

Once the profile is configured, our thoughts and actions should focus on satisfying it, in offering what we have precisely concluded that you want.

Our Inbound Marketing strategy and advertising campaigns should target the “person” we have created. Only by making specific content will you get the attention of your audience, make it succumb to the charms of your brand and business; You will know them, you will know their preferences, vices and virtues: their needs.

Knowing our target audience will result in Greater sales and will help to better manage money items.

Do not know where to make the investment? The Buyer Persona tells you:

The digital community moves around neighborhoods so it’s important to be seen often around the neighborhood. Always with a friendly attitude, helping where possible, solicitous and with a wide smile. That they see you, that they remember you and that, eventually, they invite you to their home.

You will be more productive, efficient and accurate.

Do not wait more! Do the test. Create the Buyer of your business and collect the fruit.

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