Change PrestaShop administrator password from cPanel

If you are one of those who does not use extensions (addons) or applications to keep the access passwords your websites and other usual services, surely you have sometimes encountered the problem of not being able to access a certain website by “Do not remember the access password”.

Ideally, you should use an application that allows you to keep the usual access passwords safe and have them “at hand” when they are necessary and securely. This can be achieved through, which we have already discussed in this Blog.

However, as the purpose of this article is help you gain access to your website PrestaShop, once you have installed a Pack of this CMS in your Websites Are Us Hosting, we explain how to change the password simply and quickly without having to make changes to the database with phpMyAdmin.

If you are a Websites Are Us client and you have a Hosting or contracted Pack, you will probably have installed a PrestaShop Pack, and when you install it, later it does not show the access password to the Back Office Unless you have taken the precaution of writing it down in the Pack installation process.

Until now the only way to change the password was by following the tutorial Change the Administrator password in PrestaShop

With new enhancements made by the cPanel developer team, it’s now possible securely change PrestaShop administrator password from the Hosting Panel (cPanel) in just 1 minute and with full guarantee that it will work correctly.

Change PrestaShop administrator password

In the following video we see how to change the administrator password to access the back office of an installation of PrestaShop from cPanel.

Although the ideal is to always keep safe the passwords of any installation that we carry out, either with CyberProtector or other secure means to safeguard access, resort to changing the password of the PrestaShop administration, is a quick solution that you can carry out in less than 1 minute.

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