Content Marketing

Yes, you read correctly, content marketing. I’m not talking about content creation, nor content curation, not even plain content.

I’m going to talk to you about content marketing, which is nothing Specific strategy that you must apply to create content that appeals to the audience you want and improve your company brand or personal brand.

Let me explain: not everything you write on your blog or website is content marketing and in fact, not everything should be. For example, a product catalog is content, a news section in your sector is also content, even advertising and images are content and also legal notices.

However, content marketing is content that you dedicate especially to a specific objective, to a special destination, to a specific user. To do this, you must create an entire strategy focused on that purpose that you have set for yourself: selling a special product, announcing a new service, promoting the download of your latest infoproduct …

And what are the benefits of content marketing?

A good content marketing strategy applied correctly can bring many benefits to your business or your personal brand.

The most important of them is that you can connect much better with your target audience since you will have carried out a previous study to know who you are addressing, what it wants and how you can offer it to them.

And not only this but you will also get attract new audiences Maybe until now you haven’t been seduced by the content you created before. This new audience, in addition to being interested in the product and service in question that you have promoted, can become a client by discovering everything you offer. Do you start to see the hook with the bait and the little fish around it?

Attract target audience

Finally, undoubtedly content marketing will improve the image of your personal brand or company brand since you will be presenting yourself to your target audience as the solution to their problems and needs and not as an entity eager to sell and get rich.

Content Marketing: a long career

As you will be imagining, content marketing is not something that arises and gets started in one afternoon nor does it usually give short-term results. A good study of your target audience can take hours of research and reading in search of trends, tastes and, above all, needs.

The more you focus on this research, the better you will reach your audience and the more effective your content marketing strategy will be.

But we do not only have to focus on the people we want to “fish” but also on how we are going to do it. Are they men, women or are there everything? How old are they? What hobbies do they have? What do you do?

Find your buyer persona, the prototype of your perfect client, and use it to define your strategies

I’ll give you an example: imagine that you have razor blades for sale on your website. Do you address the same way to a 50-year-old executive who plays paddle tennis on weekends as you do to a 22-year-old boy who is finishing his studies at university?

Or maybe what you offer are women’s shoes. Do a 45-year-old woman with two children have the same needs as a 20-year-old girl who still lives with her parents?

Once you decide who you have in front of you, it’s time to decide what comes next: the tone, the hook, even the aesthetics of your content. Don’t be afraid to put aside a part of your regular audience: remember that content marketing has a specific objective.

Content marketing also on social networks

Of course you can also transfer your strategy to your Social Media plan, especially if you use advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads in which audience segmentation is key.

However, there is something to remember: the content of social networks does not belong to you and there will always be someone who decides what to do with it. If Facebook decides your ad doesn’t meet the standards or someone reports it, you can remove it, regardless of whether you’ve spent hours designing it.

Content marketing

On the other hand, in a site hosted in a good hosting you will not have that problem because you own the content and you have much more decision-making power (unless you break the law but we are talking about common sense …)

Use social media as a part of that hook It has to attract your future customers: the destination should be your blog or your website, that corner that you have carefully prepared for your plan to be successful.

And don’t forget: Social media is a great place to research your target audience, take advantage of it! Use the posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to measure the reactions of your fans, to ask them questions, to see what they like best …

Content Marketing to build customer loyalty

So far we are talking about attracting new customers to your blog or website, but content marketing can also be oriented towards the loyalty of those you already have in love with your products or services.

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt if you created an loyalty strategy: coupons, discounts, any type of exclusive content that you know they will love … Anyway, you know them, you are the one who knows best how you can keep them by your side.

What’s more, a new product or service may also be aimed at that part of the public that is already part of your clientele. For example, imagine that you have an e-commerce for women’s accessories and that three months ago you released a yellow handbag that was a complete success.

Now, you have decided to take out a foulard that matches that bag so one of your possible claims could be something like: “Did you like our Canary Feather bag? Well, don’t miss the foulard that will complement your most striking look now?¿”. It is a fairly random example but I think it is understood

What content marketing is not

Maybe you are messing around a bit between so much “marketer” term that runs around so, since I have already explained what content marketing is, I am going to explain what content marketing is not. Inbound marketing, for example, is not content marketing but this is a part of that. In other words, inbound marketing is a strategy that includes many other strategies and one of them is content marketing.

Copywriting is also not content marketing but a writing technique dedicated to attracting the reader. What can copywriting apply to your content marketing strategy? Sure! But they are not the same.

And the same could be said of storytelling, one of the star techniques of recent times, the art of telling stories to hook the audience. It is not content marketing because it is not mandatory to offer your content in the form of a story, but it is certainly a strategy that you should try at some point.

Generating empathy and closeness with your potential customers through a personal story or some anecdote related to your company will help you to shorten the distance between you and your audience.

Finally, any aggressive and direct sales technique cannot be included within content marketing either. In fact, what characterizes this strategy is that you are not going to convince people of anything, you are not going to get in their way demanding that they look at your products, that they hire your services …

Trick: A good way to find out what needs people have is to do a typical Google search “how …” and let the predictive search give you some clues

You are simply going to appear on a casual plan, walking, curiously showing what you already know they need because that is what you have been investigating them for.

Think that your client does not have to feel harassed or persecuted but the other way around: you must make him feel that you care about him, that you are aware of his needs and problems and that you are willing to solve his life.

Yes, people are not stupid and they know that you really want to sell them something, but the way to do it through content marketing is so smooth and so little invasive that they will not feel cheated or persuaded.

In your hand they feel your strategy as a caress with a silk glove or as irritating finger taps on the shoulder.

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