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CPanel File Manager

You have already taken the first step so that your web project materializes and you have contracted a Hosting that will allow you to carry out all the tasks related to your website or online store.

Perhaps many of the concepts that you are starting to handle sound unfamiliar to you and tasks that you used to do with an FTP client like Filezilla or others, now you want to do with the File Manager of your cPanel, for example search for certain files in a web installation.

Something as simple as searching for files cannot become gibberish right? It is assumed that you have changed Hosting to make certain tasks easier and it should not be so difficult to want to apply a CSS change and not know where to find the file you have to modify. How to search for files in cPanel File Manager?

First of all what is File Manager?

It is a tool that incorporates cPanel (other Hosting panels also implement it) and that performs the functions that its own name indicates “manage files” and that allows you to perform all the tasks related to files and folders of a Hosting.

File Manager allows users to cPanel manage and edit your files.

Get to know the functionalities of the File Manager toolbar:

At the top of the File Manager of cPanel You will find a menu of actions that you can carry out on that screen, either with files or folders hosted in the Hosting.

Table of functions from the top menu of File Manager.

What can you look for with File Manager?

It is important to know that the search engine incorporated in cPanel, in File Manager, it is not a ‘great search engine’ in the style of what we could be used to with search engines such as Google, etc., since it is a much simpler tool that mainly allows 3 types of search:

  • Find all files.
  • Search only in / public_html
  • Search in the current Directory.

What you can’t search with File Manager?

  • Text or code strings within files.
  • File groups by extension.

How to search for files in cPanel?

From your cPanel, Files, File Manager You can search for files by manually moving through your web folders.

Suppose you want to search all the .css files (Cascading Style Sheets) that you have in the Hosting (there can be hundreds) to know both their locations and the names of these files, mainly if you read any CSS tutorial out there in which They explained how to carry out a ‘hack’ in the code in a certain file.

  1. Access the cPanel File Manager.
  2. At the top right you will find the search engine.
  3. In the first selector select All the files.
  4. In the second selector you write: .css
  5. Click on the search button labeled GO.
  6. … wait for the results.

It will return the search results in a modal window, where you can ‘scroll’ to see both the file locations and their respective names.

find all .css files

Double-clicking on one of those results will take you to the folder where the localized file is located.

In the following file I illustrate the process for you to see it more clearly. However it is very simple, just practice some specific searches and see what results you get to understand how this search engine works and get more performance from your daily tasks in cPanel.

cPanel how to find files? ”>

Do you use the ‘paper_lantern’ skin in cPanel?

If you work with skin called paper_lantern In your cPanel-based Hosting Panel, I tell you that searching is practically the same as with the previous skin x3.

From the main cPanel screen, under Files, you find rong>File Manager.

search files from paper_lantern

Once inside the File Manager, at the top right you will find the search engine, where you can select where you want to search, what you want to search for (files or folders) and after clicking the blue button To go a modal window will open with the results.

search files from paper_lantern

It is not necessary to download a complete website to your computer in order to locate where certain files or folders are located. Use the File Manager search engine!, it is useful and very fast.

How do you find the files in your Hosting? Do you keep spending dead hours navigating between folders until you find the files you had to modify? Change the chip and use the search engine!

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