How to create an online store on Facebook and sell your eCommerce products?

Create your online store on Facebook and get ready to sell your eCommerce products.

With each passing day I see how more and more people become courageous and decide to undertake their own adventure on the Internet and in general, the online business sector.

Either creating their own personal brand blog, a niche blog or affiliation where they seek to monetize “on the sack” or opening their own online store, where they sell the products of the sector in which they are specialized.

And precisely in this last type of business is where I will focus today, since, if you have an eCommerce or, in general, a digital business where you sell any type of productYou should know that thousands (or millions) of people will accompany you, like you, trying to find a place in this “jungle” that is the Internet.

For this eternal handicap as is the competitionYou must be aware that, if you want to stand out from other businesses and give yours visibility, you must do different things that attract the attention of your target audience.

Given the advantages of social networks that, among other things, serve as amplifier of the benefits of your business To reach more people and let the world know “that you exist”, today I will show you a very effective strategy that you can carry out on Facebook, to give that visibility to your eCommerce products.

Get comfortable, since we are going to create together and step by step an online store on Facebook, made up of all the products that you currently display on the website of your online store and which, at no time, will duplicate the information you already provide on your website.

Advantages of creating an online store on my Facebook page

The concept of online store that I am proposing to you today has a multitude of advantages for your business, which will allow you, at a minimum, to publicize those products that even organically you cannot get users to know:

1. Facebook is the best showcase for the general public

Personally, I am of the way of thinking that, in order to succeed in any online business you carry out, you should “hyperspecialize” as much as you can in what you are passionate about and know that you are good.

However, you have just started with your store and you see that (not surprisingly), in your first months you do not get visits to your website and, therefore, you do not sell a single product through the Internet, you must help yourself from other channels.

And precisely here comes into play a great social network, such as Facebook. This is the network of networks for the general public, since who today does not have a personal profile on Facebook?

As a professional in the online world who has (as I imagine you do too) family members who cast doubts on how to do X things on X social networks whenever they have the opportunity, I understand that this is the most intuitive social network for users with lower level of digital knowledge.

Therefore, this will be the perfect social network to start taking your first steps with your business within social networks.

In other words, even if you have parallel presence with your business on other social networksLike Instagram or Twitter, if you are starting and want to test with the social media sector, Facebook will be one of the best showcases where you can start interacting with what will be your target audience.

2. In the absence of SEO, social media!

It is very likely that when you start taking your first steps with your eCommerce, you do not have knowledge of how to improve your web positioning, to rank for those “niche” keywords for your professional sector.

Even if you already have some notions, when you start with any type of web page, you need, among other things, that users know you and gradually become the preferred option for them, when they need to buy an item like the ones you you sell.

Therefore, until you manage to position yourself in the SERP’s of search engines like Google and organically start to “stick your head out”, Facebook should be your channel from which you bring traffic.

In other words, I suggest that by creating an online store on Facebook you “go fishing” for potential customers.

3. You will attract “social traffic” interested in your products

Other reasons why I propose to create a Facebook store is that you will attract “social” traffic with which to increase the sales of your products (Social Selling).

Although you will hear that, if you have a web page of any kind, the most desirable thing is to have the most organic traffic possible, this type of web traffic will also be of great importance, since first of all, it will be highly qualified traffic.

This is because, as we will see later, they will be users who go to the URL of your product potentially interested in making a purchase of the product that you just sell, since they have gone to see your products after having seen what features and what price they have.

And that clearly means that, in principle, they are interested!

4. You will increase the possibilities of purchase in a “subliminal” way

Surely you have ever gone to buy in a physical store and, after choosing all the products and putting them in the car, when you queued to pay, you have seen a product that you also need, right at the head of the conveyor belt .

What a coincidence, right?

This, broadly speaking, is called cross-selling and “offline” businesses know how to carry it out in a very studied way, since, if you think about it, these products are the typical products that we all need at one time or another, such as: batteries, chewing gum, sweets, handkerchiefs, etc.

In the case of Facebook, you have the possibility to take advantage of publications where you share content of value for your community to tag those products that you have previously registered in the Facebook store that we will create today.

However, in order for them to attract the attention of your users, you have to share high quality content, usefulness and surprise them, since your products will be tagged at the foot of the content.

You will be giving, in a similar way to what happens in physical stores, subliminal visibility to your products.

How to create an online store on your Facebook Fan Page step by step?

Within your Facebook page you can show all or some of the products that you currently sell in your online store. It is a way for users who visit your Fan Page to know what products you sell without leaving Facebook.

It is a strategy that is increasingly followed by the Community Managers of these online businesses, since it is proven that, as Facebook is a social network where its users passing most of the time at leisureThey are reluctant to get out of it, unless they have a good reason.

To add your products, you must first create a virtual store, for which you must ensure that the template of your Facebook page is adapted to your type of business.

How to install a template for your Fan Page adapted to your online store?

The first necessary requirement to set up an online store on your page, which allows you to advertise, promote and give visibility to the products on your store’s website is have the “Store” tab, among the page options.

Online store tab on Facebook

Otherwise, do not worry, because we are going to learn how to include it within our Fan Page, for which we must adapt the template that we have installed and turn it into that of an online store.

To do this, we will go to the ‘Settings’ menu, located at the top right of your Fan Page.

From here, you must go to the ‘Edit page’ option, which you can recognize by the gear symbol and in the “Templates” section, click on the “Edit” button, just to the right of the name of the template you currently have. installed.

A panel will open with all the types of templates that Facebook allows you to install on your corporate page. From here, you must choose the option “Purchases”, which will be the purpose of your page.

Still not clear up too much with all these options? I will explain it more carefully in this video:

You can access it from the left main menu of your Facebook page or from a URL similar to this one:

Store settings from our Facebook page

Once the store is activated within your Facebook page, the platform will ask you a series of initial questions, to start configuring all and each of the main options of your store.

If being on the wall of your Fan Page, you click on the “Store” tab, as it is newly created, the network will ask you, through a “pop-up” panel, the following questions:

  • Acceptance of the policies and legal premises.

  • Payment method.
  • Choose the type of currency.

The first premise that Facebook will put on you is to read the legal conditions imposed by the social network, to include your products within your own Fan Page.

Once you read them, you will mark the corresponding option with a “check” symbol and click “OK”.

Next, you must indicate whether the purchase will be made by private messages between the 2 parties or by redirecting the user to a URL external to Facebook.

Ideally, in this case, if you already have your own website for your online store, indicate the option “Make payment on another website”.

And if not, you can choose the option to exchange private messages and, through Facebook’s private chat, negotiate with the potential client the sale of your products.

To continue with this initial configuration, I have prepared another small video here, where you will see how easy it is to configure the store on Facebook in less than 2 minutes:

How can I upload my eCommerce products to the store created on Facebook?

Once you inform Facebook of the type of currency in which you will offer your products, you can add products to the Store section of your Facebook page.

If you wish, before or after adding your products, you can include a description of your store, from the option presented here, in “Describe what is sold at (name of your store) ”.

To show you how to upload the products to your Facebook store one by one, I invite you to watch the following video that I have prepared, where I explain it step by step:

As you have seen in the previous video, to add products to your Facebook store, you can proceed by completing all the data and most important aspects related to your products, such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Product name
  • Price
  • Description
  • URL for product payment
  • Visibility

Once you have each of them uploaded to your Fan Page, keep in mind, as I notice in the video, that the platform reserves the right to accept or reject your products.

They will only be rejected in the event that they violate the rules of this social network or are images of a pornographic or similar nature.

After no more than 5 minutes, Facebook will accept your products and you can make use of them and even link them within your publications.

Bonus: How to label these products in your publications?

As additional content, I will show you how you can tag some of the products in your online store in the weekly publications you make on your page.

For this, my recommendation is that you accompany or label only to those who are closely related with the content you share.

To do this, you must compose the publication that you have planned or programmed, with their respective text, images, link, emoticons, etc.

How to label these products in your publications?

Notice that, in the previous image, you will have to click on the icon of “Label products”, at the bottom of the publications box that we are using at the moment.

From here, and once you have finished laying out your content, you can write the name of the product you want to include.

How to label these products in your publications?

Then keep adding products related to your content. In the case of the example, I will add running shoes, as my content is related to this sport.

Finally, click on “Publish” and, going to the wall of your page, you will see that these products accompany your content at the bottom of these, being inserted in a very subtle way and as non-invasive advertising, which perfectly complements the quality content or advice you are sharing with your community.

Products published in your online store on Facebook

As you can see in the image above, if some of the people who manage to see your publication and are interested in reading the advice they share, in addition to going to see the post, they will be able to see the related products that you offer them.

Invite your friends to be fans of your page and start publicizing it!

From this moment, you will already have your Facebook page ready to interact with other people and pages, having all the products of your eCommerce uploaded on it.

However, I recommend that, to start publicizing the Facebook page of your eCommerce, if you have not already done so, start with those people you already have as friends in your personal profile.

Surely, since they are the ones who know you best, they can corroborate the good management you do in your eCommerce and the quality of the products you sell.

Good proof of this can be given by sharing your page among their respective communities of Facebook friends or leaving a 5-star opinion, counting their experience in their purchases made in your online store.

Similarly, you should be prepared to receive negative feedback, for which my advice is not to delete any of these messages.

Try to offer your help and predisposition to these complaints or unfavorable comments, answering with respect and trying at all times to solve the problem raised by the dissatisfied customer.


As you have seen, creating an online store on Facebook that complements the one you already have designed on your official website, is very easy and, also, super fast.

You should only spend a few minutes uploading all the products in your eCommerce, to those who are interested in giving greater visibility.

By accompanying your products to the content that you periodically share with your community, you will increase web traffic to their sales pages and, consequently, increase sales possibilities.

Many other eCommerce are already implementing their products within this social network, which, as you know, is one of the most active users has and where much of the world’s global social media activity is recorded today.

Do you already have your store on Facebook? Go ahead and start professionalizing your corporate Fan Page!

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