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Create email accounts in Hosting, how do I do it?

When you hire a web hosting service, in addition to the installation of your website, one of the things you have to take into account is the creation of email accounts, which will be based on the domain of your website.

The E-mail accounts are created from the application of Cpanel Email Accounts, but you can manage them through Webmail.

Webmail is an application that allows you to manage emails using the Web browser.

This application allows you to view emails, compose and delete them, it also includes contacts and calendar functionality.

There are other email apps that you could use like Thunderbird, Outlook or even Gmail (used as a mail client), however Webmail already has it configured and ready to use with the mail accounts that you have created in your hosting account.

Create email accounts in your Hosting

From the Cpanel of your hosting account locate the section of Email and then use the first option, E-mail accounts, as shown in the following image:

Cpanel Mail Section

Then you will see a list of the emails you already have created, it is possible that you will find at least one email created by default for your domain.

In that list use the option of create that appears at the top of the list, as shown in the following image:

Create new email

Then a screen will appear where you will enter the detail for your new email:

Mail creation screen

  1. Select the domain that the email account will have (in case you have more than one domain associated with your hosting account).
  2. Enter the username for your email, the name you select will be completed with the previously chosen domain @
  3. Enter the password. You have the option to generate it randomly, if you use this option make sure to copy and save the password, or you can use some password manager like Cyberprotector.
  4. Select the maximum space This email account will have, by default you have two options, the first set to 250MB which you can change or unlimited.
  5. You have the option of send a welcome email It also sends instructions to configure an external mail client.
  6. Finally use the option createWith this you will have a new email account ready to use.

Access your email account with Webmail

Once you have created the email account then you can use the application of >Webmail.

To access your email account to manage it with Webmail you can do it in two ways:

1- Directly with the url

The most direct way is using your domain and at the end place Webmail, for example: 

You will see a Webmail page appear where it will ask you for the data to connect to your email account, as shown in the following image:

Webmail login

2- Through the Cpanel

The second way to connect to your email is from the Cpanel from your hosting account.

When you access the Cpanel Email Accounts application, you will see the email list. In each registration you have an option to access your email, as shown in the following image:

Access to Webmail from the Cpanel

In both cases, once you enter either directly or through the Cpanel of your hosting account, you will see that a screen appears as shown in the following image:

Select Horde or RoundCube application

You must choose a mail client application that works with Webmail, you have two options Horde or RoundcubeBoth also have links to set them as default so that the next time you directly access the application.

Example when selecting Horde: you will then see the email client loaded in your web browser:

Horde application in Webmail

If you want change the default application, in case you have used it, the lower link of Set as default; Once inside one of the Horde or Roundcube applications you can change the default application, as shown in the following image:

Change default app menu

What if I want to access with a mail client other than Webmail?

As we have seen, Webmail is already installed and configured to manage your email accounts.

However, if you are interested in having a different email client, in the Cpanel From your hosting account in the mailing list you will see that you have an option to access the configuration data for external email clients, as shown in the following image:

Access to external mail settings

Once you access this option you will see that it is possible to download scripts Automatic configuration or you also have the data to configure a mail client manually.

External mail client configuration data

I leave you this video-tutorial where we will make step by step the creation of email accounts of a website and its corresponding configuration in Webmail.

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