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In a previous article we had seen how to create email accounts and use them with Webmail, we saw that we have Horde and Roundcube as email clients

In this article we are going to see all the necessary steps and some examples to use mail signatures for Horde and Roundcube in Webmail.

Both email clients support the use of a custom signature in either plain text or HTML format.

Horde mail signatures

After entering the Horde application we will see a screen similar to the following image

Horde Overview

We enter the gear icon and then a drop-down menu will appear

Horde Options Menu

We enter Options> Mail, which will bring up a configuration screen with various mail options.

Horde Mail Options

We enter the first option of Personal Information and a screen will appear where we can define the email signature.

Horde mail signature

You can define the signature as plain text or you can use HTML, I recommend this last option since it will allow you to add images and use text styles for your signature.

Email signatures with Roundcube

In the case of Roundcube, once inside the mail client we access the Configuration option

Roundcube Overview

A menu will appear from which we select the Identities option and then the email, you will see that a section will appear where you can add the signature.

roundcube mail identity

The signature section has an option to use HTML signature, if you activate this option you will see that the signature field changes to a text editor with which it is much more friendly to build your email signature.

Roundcube mail signature

Images in post signatures

You can write email signatures using only text, or HTML, this last option is what I recommend and you have it very easy since both Horde and Roundcube clients provide you with a text editor with which you can design your HTML signature.

In addition to text styles such as bold, colors, underline, HTML allows you to display an image as part of your email signature.


In the case of Horde for a signature in HTML mode, locate the icon, as shown in the following image:

Horde image icon

Then a popup will appear where you can directly enter the image url, however the most common is to upload an image so use the load option

upload horde image

Select an image from your computer and then load, it will take you to the first table of Image information where, after previewing the loaded image, from this screen you can change the dimensions.

Horde image preview

Once this is done you can add additional text and you will already have your signature with an image
Horde end result


In the case of Roundcube, to build your signature in HTML mode, first make sure you have HTML Signature checked, then locate the image icon in the text editor.

Roundcube image icon

A screen will appear in which you can enter the URL of an image using the inspect icon

Inspect Roundcube image

When using that icon, another popup will appear from which you can search for an image on your computer.

select image Roundcube

In the end, if additional to the image we add some text, we will see as a final result a signature similar to what is shown in the following image:

Roundcube end result


As we have previously seen the mail clients for Webmail: Horde and Roundcube have the functionality of adding an email signature. You can use the option to add signatures in HTML that will allow you to format the text and add an image in a simple way.

In the following video the previous points are detailed

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