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Create a database in cPanel easily

There are hundreds of occasions when we need to have a database, to install a website, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle, etc., and all of them have the same in common, the need to create a database so that the application can work.

How we carry out the process of creating the database will largely depend on whether we subsequently have the appropriate data to connect it to the desired application and that we do not find connection errors to it, such as “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to MySQL” or others similar.

Both if you are an advanced user or if you have just started in the world of Hosting and you are not clear how Create a database From a Hosting Panel (cPanel), we recommend you follow this brief guide to dispel your doubts.

What can I do from cPanel, Databases, MySQL Databases?

In cPanel-based hosting panels, the tasks you can perform from Databases, MySQL Databases are the following:

  • Create new databases.
  • Check a Database.
  • Repair a Database.
  • Rename a Database.
  • Delete a Database.
  • Delete the user from a Database.
  • Add new users for new / existing Databases.
  • Give privileges to users for certain Databases.
  • Rename existing users of Databases.
  • Delete users from databases.
  • Modify the password of Database users.

What can I do from cPanel, Databases, phpMyAdmin?

The tasks related to SQL queries, import and export of databases or tables are performed from phpMyAdmin for cPanel based hosting panels.

The tasks that can be done from phpMyAdmin are:

  • Obtain a list of tables from a Database.
  • Edit table records from a Database.
  • Execute SQL queries in a certain Database.
  • Search words or values ​​in all the tables of a Database.
  • Generate conditional queries.
  • Export a complete Database or certain tables.
  • Import Databases.
  • Create new tables in a Database.
  • Rename a Database.
  • Copy a Database to an existing one.
  • Compare coding of a Database.
  • Store routines (set of SQL statements).
  • Schedule MySQL events (scheduled tasks).
  • Create triggers associated with tables.

  • Create graphics in PDF format of the design of your Database.
  • Obtain print views of the tables of a Database.
  • Empty a Database of all or selected tables.
  • Delete all the tables of a Database or the selected ones.
  • Review tables of a Database.
  • Repair tables in a Database.
  • Analyze tables in a Database.
  • Modify or add the prefix to a table in the Database.

Do you want to know more about phpMyAdmin? You can check the following link -in English-.

In the following video we show you how to create a database from the cPanel hosting panel.

In the following video made by Jordi Sala, is shown as from the MySQL Databases From cPanel we can create databases, review them, repair them and delete them. Like creating and deleting users with privileges on them.

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