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Import and export databases from cPanel

An important task when carrying out a web transfer from one hosting to another, when a website is to be cloned for testing purposes, or simply because a backup of a certain database needs to be restored, is the process of database export, task that is normally done from the hosting panel, through the tool phpMyAdmin.

This is a fundamental step to be able to use a database from an existing project on another server to the current server where we stay, so that we can continue working with the information that we already had generated in that database without losing anything by process of change.

In this article we try to reveal this simple process so that you can “Export” your databases correctly and this allows you to better manage your web projects whatever CMS you are using.

Export databases from the Hosting Panel (cPanel)

Summary steps to Export a database:

  1. Access the Hosting panel (cPanel).
  2. In the Databases section go to phpMyAdmin.
  3. Once in phpMyAdmin select the database to export (if you have several).
  4. On the top tab “To export” we click.
  5. We select the format in which we will download the database (.sql)
  6. If we want to get a compressed file we have to mark it in “Personalize”.
  7. The resulting file is downloaded to the computer.

Detailed steps with captures of the export process of a database:

As a rule databases are managed from phpMyAdminWorse, it is not always possible to create them from this tool. In cPanel-based hosting panels (Websites Are Us case) the database must first be created from the Hosting Panel (cPanel), in the section Databases, MySQL Databases.

Within this section we can create new databases, rename users and databases, modify the database password, assign permissions to the user of a database or delete databases.

We select the database and proceed to export it.

We confirm the way in which we want to export the database (.sql) and if we want to download it compressed or apply other options, for which we would have to select additional options in “Personalize”.

We save the file ***. sql (or compressed) on our PC.

In the following video we explain in a more visual way how to Export a database from your Hosting panel (cPanel).

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