Expand or decrease the mail quota assigned to a mailbox

Managing email is one of the most common tasks today on the Internet, doing it from Webmail is quite common, knowing how expand or decrease the mailbox quota assigned to a mailbox In order not to have problems receiving emails, it is one of the many tasks you can do in your cPanel.

Regardless of the space you have available in your Hosting, you should not forget that storage space is always limited Do not sell the motorcycle! well there is no unlimited spaceIn the end, everything is limited to the size of the server’s hard disk where your Hosting account is hosted and believe me it has a specific size that cannot be dimensioned.

When you create an email account in your Hosting panel (cPanel), you can also indicate what space you want to allocate to that account, since this allows, mainly in corporate email accounts, to establish limits for each mailbox (imagine mailboxes as departments of your company or business), but sometimes you will need expand the quota that you initially assigned to a mailbox so that it can continue to send and receive emails seamlessly Read on to find out how!

How to change the fee?

    1. Access your Hosting Panel (cPanel)
    2. Go to section Mail, E-mail accounts.
    3. For the email account you want to modify click Change fee
    4. Set the desired fee or Unlimited (one).

(one) If you set the quota to Unlimited The rest of the available space of your Hosting will be used, discounting what is already occupied by files and folders from your websites and emails from other mailboxes, if you have more email accounts created.

Quotas cannot exceed 2048 MB of allocable space.

See if it was simple that it only involved 3 steps to do it.

What happens when the assigned quota is exceeded?

This is a very frequent question in Support (at least in Websites Are Us) when a client receives an email, which the server where it is hosted sends it, if it has has exceeded the quota assigned to a mailbox in a Hosting domain that you have contracted.

The normal thing is that if a mailbox exceeds the quota that the user assigns, it stops receiving new emails, since the mailbox does not have the capacity to store new messages.

mail fee

When emails are sent from an external account or another from the same client to a mailbox or account that has the storage quota exceeded, the sender of the emails fails to send the messages because the server will inform you that it is not possible to receive messages.

mail fee

At this point the user must first and very important expand the quota of the affected account or mailbox and then request the sender to send you again the messages that you have stopped receiving, from the corresponding date.

mail fee

It should be added that the sender is aware that he cannot send new emails to an external mailbox or the same domain that has quota problems in the mailbox or account because when he tries to send messages they will be rejected and consequently will not be sent

Un mensaje que usted envió no se puede entregar a uno o más de sus destinatarios. Este es un error permanente.

In the following video made by Jordi Sala you will see how a quota assigned to a specific mailbox or email account is modified.

Solving quota problems assigned to email accounts or mailboxes is a very simple process to carry out and does not necessarily require contacting your Support DepartmentBecause by applying this simple solution you can continue sending or receiving emails from the affected account / mailbox once you increase the quota and as long as you have enough space in the Hosting account.


I have already spoken in other articles dedicated to the series that although these tutorials are aimed at all audiences, special attention is paid to users who are starting out in the world of hosting and web development, and who sometimes have to deal with technicalities and tasks that in the eyes of users with a higher level may seem basic.

These tutorials are addressed to them in order to illustrate apparently simple processes, but that sometimes need to be explained showing the process in detail to help any user who begins with these issues to better understand how to solve daily tasks in their Hosting We hope you do it with these tutorials!

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