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FAQs in cPanel

In an effort to offer better services, at Websites Are Us we have been making numerous improvements in the different services that clients usually access in order to improve their use and experience.

One of the improvements has been the implementation of FAQs in cPanel, or Frequently Asked Questions, so that customers can quickly consult any question related to Hosting, domains, redirects, MX records, a PHP version change, etc., and obtain well-documented information.

The results are immediately displayed on the cPanel screen with a view similar to that offered by the Google search engine, obtaining a linked title and short description of each result. Have you tried it already


It is available in all the new versions of cPanel, currently 66.0.34, that work with the theme (skin) “paper lantern”, which is the most modern version of the elements and functionalities view of this popular Hosting Panel.

A quick search example

If you access your cPanel, on the cover, or anywhere in the Hosting panel, at the top you will find a search bar. If for example you want to know about “additional domains”, you put it as it is in the search engine and click the “Search” button (or enter) and wait for results.

Search for additional domains in FAQs

You will get a series of results that link to the Customer Guides where you will find detailed information in a separate tab or window, so as not to lose focus of your cPanel.

Quick help where you need it most

The FAQs in cPanel are not in themselves a tutorial on how this or that area of ​​your Hosting management panel works, it is an aid aimed at offering results in the searches you perform that focuses its efforts on returning data obtained from the following sources:

  • Websites Are Us Guides for Clients (constantly improving).
  • Websites Are Us blog (with hundreds of detailed and updated articles).

From here on, in each search you will get relevant related links, highly filtered, to offer you the solution or information closest to the one you are trying to find.

Search install WordPress

Starting from a simple search as it can be Install WordPress From your cPanel, Software, Websites Are Us Packs, you can get a lot of varied and related information about the installation and uninstallation of WordPress, manually or automatically, as well as its uninstallation or putting it in “Maintenance Mode” when you are in the creation or development phase or addressing image or content changes.

Information constantly updated

At Websites Are Us, since 2010, we have been generating content without stopping, creating hundreds of articles, more than 2,300 today, which serve to document the FAQ, both directly and through the guide.

In the last 2 years we have focused our efforts on unifying the information that we provide to clients, so that they have a common place to find what they need.

We have turned the Websites Are Us knowledge base upside down, we have ordered and improved it to offer it in the Websites Are Us Customer Guides, so that from a single place they can start looking for what they need.

Many of the contents of these guides are based on blog articles to offer extensive information, also in video format, and thus provide unique, quality content, but above all useful.

Video explaining how the FAQ works, s

You know that we like to illustrate everything, and our FAQ, although they are easy to use, could not be less, so we have prepared this enjoyable video by putting a couple of examples of daily use so that you can start using them.




The search engine for frequently asked questions added to your cPanel Hosting Panel, we want you to be your ally in the day to day, where you can find a solution to your doubts, however varied they may be, so that the information obtained allows you to advance in management of your web projects hosted on Websites Are Us.

And if you can’t find something, appreciate a lack of certain information or think that the information currently available in our guides and / or blog can be improved, contact the Marketing Department of Websites Are Us and present your suggestions. We like to listen to our customers! We love what we do

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