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After a few months with our Forum:, and answering more than 8,000 messages, we want to improve our free Joomla service during 2011.

Seeing that the number of users and questions is growing, we believe that we must limit writing to users who are clients of, in order to offer a better and, above all, more agile service.

Currently the Forum requires more and more time and we cannot answer each user with the time we would like to dedicate to each question.

To all of you who are currently Forum users but not Joomla Hosting customers with Websites Are, we have prepared the following discount coupon: forum2011.
The hiring assistant will apply a 20% discount on any Joomla Hosting Plan: Check out our Joomla Hosting Plans here

The promotion will be enabled until February 28, 2011 and is complementary with the free transfer or registration of the domain, as well as the Free Transfer of your Joomla by our technicians from your current provider to servers at
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue receiving professional support on Joomla for free, so if you have any questions you can consult our commercial department from our Contact Form.

From January 31, 2011, reading will be open to all users, but the possibility of receiving support on Joomla will be restricted to active customers of

Our servers are specifically configured to run Joomla, with well-known brand name hardware, managed by our System Administration experts with 24-hour supervision. The data centers that we use are in different providers to guarantee greater access speed, we have a data replication system and automated daily backup, we verify weekly the correct operation of the backups and their possible restoration on another server.

  • IBM or DELL hardware.
  • Hot-swappable RAID1 drives.
  • RTM (Real Time Monitoring) every 2 minutes 365/24/7
  • Linux Servers with Kernel’s compiled by our Administrators with extra security measures.
  • Control panel cPanel updated to the latest stable release.
  • Personalized access to certain services through fixed IP.
  • Daily backup of each hosting account and replicates to 3 servers in different providers.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly backup recoverable by the client directly from their control panel.
  • Apache 2.2.17
  • PHP 5.2.14 with SUPHP.
  • Suhosin and mod_security enabled with specific Joomla rules.

We are preparing the news for 2011, and we will shortly inform you of new services we are working on so that you can think what you think.

Getting happy and happy clients with your Hosting at Websites Are

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