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Free up space in your Hosting

Space, “that finite element” that we both need to carry out tasks such as file storage and that at certain times is scarce and becomes a precious asset.

But the suffering for it is over, because in this article we propose some strategies to save space. Free up space in cPanel Hosting, learn about space saving strategies!.

When you hire a Hosting, more or less, you estimate that initial space will be needed for your web project to grow healthy and strong, but you forget what happens to young children, that we feed them well and they grow and their clothes are It is too small and we have to make regular visits to stores to buy them bigger clothes and shoes of their new size.

Three quarters of the same happens to your websites, you install or transfer them, you feed them with good content, with quality photographs and this causes the ferocious appetite of your websites to increase and their growth goes according to the content with which you feed them and the periodicity, until a day comes when you observe that you have run out of space! uffff And now what do I do? ..for now keep reading! (ツ)

Summing up, space is limited And this is something that I highlight because you must always keep it in mind, no matter how many bikes they sell you, what it is unlimited, is not correct, mainly for a strong physical reason, server, SSD or SATA disks are limited in size and this is an irrefutable fact.

If you stay on servers that work with cPanel-based Hosting Panels (as is the case with Websites Are Us clients), if you exceed the 80% of space occupied by your Hosting, the server where you stay will send you an email to indicate that you have already reached 80% of the contracted fee, so that you can review it and apply solutions.

From your Client Area, Services, My products, See details (for the contracted Hosting account), in the tab informationBelow you can see the space occupied and you will also know what percentage of bandwidth has been consumed (it is renewed monthly).

Space Control from your Client Area

In this article we focus on space management from Hosting (cPanel) and the use of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop.

What consumes space in my Hosting?

That said, let’s move on to analyze factors that consume the space of our Hosting account:

How can I make better use of space?

  • Making backup copies and immediately downloading them to your computer, then removing them from the Hosting.
  • Scheduling automatic backups that are sent to the cloud (DropBox, etc.) so that they are not hosted by your Hosting.
  • Optimizing the images of your Hosting account free! with ImageOptimizer.
  • Outsourcing mail management to Gmail.
  • Managing the mail accounts of your Hosting in a desktop client: Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Loading the images of your articles or post from a CDN (DropBox, Flickr, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Managing the videos of your articles or post from a CDN (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Creating scheduled tasks (cronjob) in your Hosting Panel to empty deleted emails.
  • Creating scheduled tasks (cronjob) in your Hosting Panel to empty folders / cache or / tmp of your Hosting.
  • Regularly optimizing your databases.
  • .Doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. files, better in the cloud (Drive, iCloud, DropBox…)
  • Eliminating residual or testing facilities when you no longer need them.
  • Looking for a substitute for those extensions or plugins ‘famous for being great data collectors.

If you are a client of Websites Are Us you will know that from your Client Area, CRear Ticket you can run an analysis with Stephan to know, among other things, which files of your Hosting occupy more than 10MB so that you can quickly detect large files and thus download them to your computer and eliminate them from Hosting without proceeding.

optimization of images

Light the wick and make your website fly!

Image Optimization free

How to know the space that I occupy?

If your Hosting is based on cPanel (Websites Are Us for example), in the section Records you will find a tool called Disk space usage (space viewer).

Disk space viewer

With this tool you will be able to see the space occupied by folders and determine which folders have the most occupied space and within them which are the heaviest files.

Disk space viewer

At the bottom of that same screen you will find the directory tree (folders) of your Hosting and you can expand by clicking on [+] each folder to see which ones are taking up the most space.

Disk space viewer

From this information you can consider space saving strategies, either by deleting unnecessary files, optimizing images or emptying the folders of /cache and / tmp (temporary) of your facilities.

In case you are not very clear how this tool works, Jhon Marreros He tells you in this video:

Diet the Mail

If in your case the cause of consuming a lot of Hosting space is email, either because you manage many accounts with enough daily incoming and outgoing email traffic, or because even receiving few these are accompanied by attachments with a significant weight, you can consider various options.

Some of them we have already commented on this Blog, for example that of outsource mail management from services such as Gmail, Hotmail or similar or from desktop applications to manage mail:

If you do not want to manage the mail externally, outside your Hosting, and you use your email accounts more or less constantly, it is quite possible that you delete many emails received daily without knowing that they remain in the Paper bin as long as you don’t empty it.

Automate the emptying of the Paper bin creating a task cronjob In your Hosting Panel, it can be a good measure so that you don’t forget to empty it regularly:

Expand your Hosting Plan

If none of the indicated actions allows you to recover space in your Hosting, you will always have the option to expand your hosting plan to a higher one so that it grows as your project grows and becomes stronger.


For such cases you can contact your Commercial department, which will give you indications on plans superior to those that you can scale your web hosting service.

I’m in trouble, but I can’t consider expanding now!

For every shoe there is a last and At Websites Are Us we like to reward trust that clients deposit in our services.

In Websites Are Us, when a client is in trouble with the space of his Hosting account but due to undetermined circumstances he cannot consider expanding, he can request the Support Department than exceptionally Extend the space for 24 hours so that you can download the emails that take up so much space, download and delete that backup that ended up saturating the allocated disk quota or the deletion of files that are taking up a lot of space.

If by tasks in your Hosting suddenly you find that you have run out of space and you are overcoming it with growth or by hair, you have to keep in mind that your email and your website (or websites if you have several) will be affected and it is possible that they do not work normally, due to lack of space.

In these cases it is useful to run the tool Stephan from your Client Area so that the tool detects that your quota is equal to or greater than 100% of the contracted space and automatically duplicates the hosting quota for 48 hours and reports that files of more than 10MB have been found so that you can choose to download them to your computer and delete them from your Hosting account.

With this we try to give a service as personalized as possible for each specific situation so that your projects are not paralyzed by a “Take those straws away from me” and manage to overcome these small obstacles that you may have on specific occasions.

From now on, when they present themselves to you space problems in your hosting accountRemember that there are many solutions available to have a more effective control and thus be able to optimize it quickly.

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