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Right now it is frankly difficult to find a business that does not have a website or a corporate blog, where you can share value with your community of followers and readers.

But something that most of these online businesses lack is having a lead magnet that attracts and loyalty their potential customers.

Few already doubt the effectiveness of a good website to publicize the services or products of any company, large or small. The truth is that anyone who has a talent and wants to show their knowledge to other Internet users usually turns to a blog.

And the ultimate purpose of that website is for as many people to visit it as possible. But that people who previously are more or less interested in the theme of said website visit it.

It is useless to have a footwear website and that people looking for umbrellas visit you, right?

For this reason, the usefulness of a lead magnet within the strategy of your digital platform has a certain role, when what you want is just attract those interested people in your products or services.

However, given the Anglo-Saxon character of this term, there are still people who don’t know what exactly a lead magnet is:

What is a lead magnet?

If we translate it from English, we will know that a lead magnet is a lead magnet. So we better not translate it… What these two words really mean is a gift to your visitors.

All experts agree that email marketing is a powerful sales tool today. But to get a mailing list to send our news, offers, news, etc., we need to get a list of subscribers first to our website or blog.

And that’s where the lead magnet comes in. So that the visitors of your website give you their contact information, you give them something in return.

Depending on the theme of your business and, therefore, your website or blog, you will have to make some kind of gift related to that theme. That present should solve some kind of problem, help understand your product, etc.

It is not that you send flowers to your subscribers, but something that may really interest them considering that they have landed on your website for something.

Advantages for your digital business of having a lead magnet

Advantages for your digital business of having a lead magnet

As I said before, email marketing is a very powerful sales tool today. But for that to work you need to have an email list that exceeds 1,000 subscribers really interested in your products.

From that figure your sales will be increased considerably.

With the lead magnet, what you get is just that: you will get people interested in your products or services to give you their data of contacts and permission to send them information on a regular basis.

This, together with the fact that your website is displayed in a safe way through an SSL Certificate that you will have previously installed, will make them have full confidence in your worth as a professional.

But sales are not just about the thing. By giving a gift to your subscribers you can also increase the number of visits to your website, in addition to increasing the residence time and the number of pages visited.

This may not tell you anything, but the almighty Google and other search engines like it a lot and it will go up in the ranking, you will appear on the first search pages when someone is looking for articles or services that you offer.

Another advantage of a good lead magnet is that you can demonstrate professionalism, knowledge, professional prestige. That is, you can create a great Personal Brand, a good online reputation as an expert professional in your sector of activity.

For example, in your lead magnet you offer one hour of free videoconferencing to advise your new subscribers. And I do not care if you are a lawyer, a dermatologist, a hairdresser, a tax consultant …

If your new subscriber uses the lead manager and you advise him correctly, you will have earned two things: a potential new client and a brand ambassador, who will recommend you to all his contacts.

What are the types of lead magnet you can offer?

 Types of lead magnet

Before you start thinking about the gift you will make to your subscribers, you should be clear about a couple of things.

A good lead magnet must “fix life” for the subscriber. It must be valuable content that serves the person who has given you their contact information in a practical way.

Therefore, not just anything works. And what gift then?

That is the second question that you should be clear about before starting. You, as a professional in your sector and a good connoisseur of your clients, should already know by now what your clients or potential clients need to complete the purchase process.

Basically I’m telling you to get a profile of your ideal client, what the English call “buyer persona

With time and years of exercise, you will have detected behaviors, doubts, deficiencies or, ultimately, something that your customers are always attracted to or is what they lack to finish buying your products or hiring your services.

Therefore, the types of lead magnet you can offer are almost infinite and depend more on your knowledge of your clients and people who come to your business, than on anything else.

Here I will make you a short list to give you some ideas of what you should adapt to your needs, rather to the needs of your potential customers.

1.- Ebook, guides in pdf

This type of lead magnet was the most used for years. You know a theme, and you decide to create an ebook, a small downloadable book of about 15 or 20 pages.

It worked very well for a while, and it still works when the content of the ebook is content of great value and usefulness to the reader. But currently there are many other ways to create more innovative and effective lead magnet.

2.- Task lists

Often times, jobs are straightforward but only if done the right way. Taking an example a little absurd, so that it is well understood, an architect could make a lead magnet with the list of tasks to build a house: first the foundations, then the structure, then the roof, then the walls …

It seems very simple but, depending on the sector of activity in question, it can be a very valuable gift for the user.

3.- Mini course

Since it is a gift, you should not be extraordinarily generous either, although you should provide added value, since this could be the prelude to a more advanced course that you can create in the future. The latter, of payment, of course.

You can create a small course teaching a specific aspect of your profession.

For example, a lawyer could indicate what are the first steps when filing a lawsuit, indicating the most valuable data as evidence in our favor.

4.- Online course

Continuing with the theme of the courses, an auto parts salesman could create a lead magnet where he teaches how to change the different parts that he sells himself.

He teaches his new subscribers how to change the moon of his own car and he already has a potential client who will buy him a new moon.

5.- Tutorials

Teaching people to get the most out of what they buy is always a good idea.

Let’s think about the thousands of apps for our phones and tablets, many of them have great functions that nobody uses because they don’t even know they’re there.

For example, would you know how to send mass messages from your WhatsApp, or write in bold or italics?

6.- Demonstrations of your products

There is nothing more effective than a professional talking about an item or product that you know perfectly.

It is a sales technique that has worked and continues to work since the beginning of time.

At the same time that you demonstrate the operation and usefulness of your product, you could also give away a 30-day trial version, so that they can verify it themselves.

7.- Free resources

Offer some type of free resource that a new subscriber can make life easier.

For example, a hairdresser that offers a list of the hottest hair trends in the world.

Or the auto parts store that offers an Excel with the changes and revisions that must be made to the vehicles every X kilometers or every X time.

Similarly, a photography store with a lead magnet consisting of downloading a photo retouching program.

8.- Exclusive video

Currently, video is the king of content on Social Networks and it is not a bad idea to create a video on a specific topic, which solves doubts or questions for new subscribers.

It could be like a video tutorial on a specific topic. Let’s consider a singer who offers the “making-off” of his new music video.

A workshop fixing something from a car, etc.

9.- Discounts

This always works. “If you subscribe to my website or blog and give me your information so that I can send you more or less covert advertising, I will give you a% discount for your future purchases or when you contract my services.”

This could be roughly the idea of ​​this lead magnet proposal.

10.- Free product tests

This is easily viewable in food stores and would be perfect for food stores. A lead magnet to send small samples of our products would be perfect.

But it could also serve for a car dealer, for example. With the subscription you have the right to test a specific model during a test drive.

11.- Exclusive offers for subscribers

Depending on your sector, you can prepare a “package” of juicy measures and on your lead magnet indicate very clearly that this offer is only available to subscribers to your website or blog.

It is not about throwing the house out the window but you have to do things right. If we are dealing with an exclusive offer, it must be made exclusive, that is, do not offer it to anyone else anywhere on your website; and that your visitor cannot get it from any other site without major difficulty.

A fashion store offering a 50% discount to new subscribers is not a very exclusive offer; surely browsing a little more you can get to sites that offer up to 80% discount.

But a 20% discount on shirts, plus the embroidery of the initials, more tailoring arrangements, etc. If it can be, a special offer for being a new subscriber.

12.- Free tickets for events in your sector

Imagine a sports store, for example. It would be logical for their lead magnet to give away tickets for games or sporting events.

A car or motorcycle dealer could give away tickets for the races.

As you can see, lead magnets are as many as people thinking of creating a good one for their website. Here what it is about is that the gift you offer to your new subscribers is something that they want, need, would like to have, use, learn to use, etc.

How to integrate a lead magnet into your digital marketing strategy?

 How to integrate a lead magnet into your digital marketing strategy

As we have seen, a lead magnet is a gift that you offer free of charge to all subscribers who give you their information in order to send them offers, discounts … or information about your new products or services.

The most normal and simple way is to use them on corporate websites and blogs, there are many programs to create lead magnet and we are going to see them now, but there is no need to stay in that, when after a while on the web the visitor will skip a window inviting him to pick up his gift if he gives you the subscription information.

On a website or blog, in addition to the pop-up window, it is also convenient to put the lead magnet in all the parts that interest you. For example, at the end of each new article (or at the beginning); in the sidebar, at the head of your site.

The more visibility you give your lead magnet the more possibilities of get quality subscribers; and the higher the quality subscribers, the greater the possibility of converting them into clients who buy your articles or contract your services.

As all experts in the field say, you need a list that exceeds 1,000 quality subscribers for that mailing list to start generating real sales.

So you have to “export” this idea of ​​the lead magnet of the websites to our social networks. For that you will have to prepare a strategy designed exclusively for each type of network and offer that gift to new subscribers.

Remember that the objective is to exceed 1,000 subscribers interested in your brand, your articles or your knowledge and skills.

3 Best Tools to Create a Lead Magnet

As I said before, there are many tools and programs to create lead magnets and each day some more appear, so I will not be very exhaustive when making a list.

I will limit myself to indicating the most recommended for being the most effective or easy to use by people who are not very focused on the subject.

1.- Bloom

This tool is part of the Elegant Themes package, which also includes “Divi Theme”, the famous WordPress template, known to most professionals who are dedicated to digital marketing.

Is really intuitive and easy to operate to offer all kinds of downloadable content on your blog or website.

With the Bloom plugin, you can create attractive forms, where to offer your eBooks, downloadable templates, courses, etc. and you also have the certainty (or not) of whether it converts, since you can periodically see the conversion statistics.

2.- Sumome

It is a famous WordPress plugin, which allows you to create a multitude of popups, forms, lead magnet, etc.

The creation of the forms is similar to the one I tell you about in the previous video about Bloom, and it also has a payment option, with which you can generate very professional subscription boxes.

3.- Thrive Leads

We finish this list with the tool that has more and better fame when it comes to creating good and effective lead magnets.

This plugin, like Bloom is paid and is part of the “Thrive Themes” package, although you can purchase it separately.

The result you offer to your community is very professional and its finish is very attractive visually.

It is not a free tool, but it compensates its paid version with the number of possibilities to create all kinds of lead magnets, popups, subscription forms.

Its templates are easily modifiable, to adapt them to your needs and tastes with just “drag and paste”.


As I say there are many more but it is not a matter of making a list with all of them and making this article endless. You decide to make the lead magnet that you decide to make sure that with these three tools you can make it perfect.

Now the ball is on your roof, you will tell me how it went with your lead magnet.

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