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Hosting with Websites Are Us

That is the million dollar question for new clients who, after having contracted a UK or America Hosting with Websites Are Us, of which we offer with WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla, although on our servers you can install any other type of script or web that you need whenever This works with Apache, PHP and MySQL.

What happens when you arrive at Websites Are Us after buying a Hosting? mainly that you become part of the family of clients that make the existence of this Hosting company possible English that already has a strong projection in Latin America and other countries in the world, where the main thing to highlight is Love to stand!

Once you hire, the Sysadmin department gets down to work so that through the various bots or scripts that they have programmed, your Hosting account materializes, your domain begins to work (if it is a new domain) and through from the Commercial department you start receiving welcome emails, access data, etc., And then what can you do?Read on and enter the fantastic world of customers on Websites Are Us.

Who is behind everything working in your Hosting?

The truth is that there are many people who currently make this task possible, from dawn to dusk and beyond, many Technicians, Commercial and Systems Administrators They accompany the performance of the servers, the registration of new accounts, administrative management, free transfer from client websites to our servers thanks to tools like “SuperMigrator” 100% Websites Are Us, and each and every one of them put a lot of love and dedication so that your success is everyone’s.


Taking care of servers

The pillar of success at the computer level are the Systems Administrators, which make it possible for the servers in Websites Are Us to work 100% in tune, without errors, with high availability and this can only be achieved with great care and many hours of work in the back adjusting configurations, programming scripts and reviewing security rules.

Helping you land at Websites Are Us

The Commercial They are the gateway to any self-respecting company, including Websites Are Us, and without them natural growth would be much more complex. They provide humanity and understanding in the vital minutes of decision-making by the client and accompany them until their websites or contracted services are 100% functional on the home servers.

Solving your everyday doubts

The Technicians, that race of problem solvers that clients raise through the Support channels, are people with soul and heart who put their master touch and make any problem of CMS, Hosting, domains, emails, etc., become a solution.

They are always ready, day, night, on vacation and even when you are eating the grapes on December 31 in the company of your friends and family, they are there, waiting for you to ask questions or to need to resolve incidents to give you a helping hand and make your transition from a problem to a solution the best experience.

Great team and now what!

Ok, you already know a little bit about the different departments and now that you know that there are many people behind it, 24 hours a day, every day of the yearwilling to help you in whatever is necessary What can you do to advance your web project?

When you contract a service at Websites Are Us you receive a welcome email, Landing manual at Websites Are Us, which gives you details of the service you have contracted and where you will find quite complete instructions on what you have contracted, how to access the different services of your product and how to take the first steps.

What are those steps?

  1. Management of the domains (s). (one)
  2. Verification of the different accesses provided: FTP, cPanel, Webmail, Client Area.
  3. Transfer of your website from an external Hosting (if you already had a website at another provider).

  4. Import of content from external services such as or Blogger.

  5. Installation tutorials for a WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop Pack, if your project is new.
  6. Creation and / or configuration of your different email accounts in the Hosting (or externally).
  7. DNS management of the domain (s).
  8. Information on access to the different Support channels.
  9. Other important security information about accesses.

(one) If you still do not have a domain, with the contracting of a Hosting in Websites Are Us you will have a free domain the first year so that you can start off on the right foot. If your domains are managed by another provider and you do not want to touch them at the moment, we will provide you with a temporary url so that you can work in the new Hosting until you host or list any of your domains.

Remember that you can register domains with Websites Are Us choosing the extension that best suits you.

With this information, which you should receive in your email account, with which you registered when contracting a product, you will be able to face the first minutes and days of your start at Websites Are Us and with the peace of mind of knowing that when the case comes We will be there to give you the support that your case requires!

How can I install a Websites Are Us pack?

This is a question that we like you to ask because we spend a lot of time generating new content weekly and adapted to common cases that we publish on the Websites Are Us Blog, in order to offer you a tutorial service (many of them with short and very affordable videos at any level of knowledge) so that you can build your web projects with ease and with the best possible information.

Here you can see some everyday examples:

Logically, before installing a Pack developed by Websites Are Us, you may need to see the ‘Demos’ in action of the different Packs we offer so that you can evaluate, if it is a new project, which best suits your needs.

These Packs are not downloadable, but you can install as many as you want in the same Hosting, if you have enough space for it, as we do not limit the number of installations you can use.

How many websites can I install in a Hosting?

Keep in mind that all our WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop Hosting plans allow you to use unlimited domains (previous hiring or transfer of each domain) additional, as well as unlimited MySQL databases, so you can install as many independent websites as you want, up to disk space limit that includes the Hosting Plan that you have contracted.

You will be able to associate different domains to different facilities, in different folders, so that from the same Hosting it is possible to manage numerous facilities, whose only limit is the contracted space.

Our servers are optimized to work in the same way with WordPress, PrestaShop and Joomla! Installations. without this causing conflicts or having a decrease in speed and performance. Our willing Systems Administrators they will take care of fine-tuning it with a scalpel blow so that you have the greatest possible compatibility always at your disposal.

Can I learn to build my website with Websites Are Us

The answer is Naturally yes!In fact, one of the maxims that the different departments that make up Websites Are Us have is “Teach the client to manage their web projects so that they have independence”, which will guarantee that not only your project will grow but also you, expanding knowledge that will raise your levels of satisfaction and demand.

To meet this objective, we constantly develop content aimed at training you in the use not only of Hosting and derived services, but also in the different CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla) so that you advance with safer steps in your adventure or personal or professional project without fear of being wrong, knowing that behind you you have a team that gives you support and support and that if you require it explains the different procedures to obtain that knowledge that you lacked.

At your own pace and always counting on the fact that you are the one who organizes your times, From Websites Are Us we will always try to advise you on all those questions that arise, through the different channels enabled, so that you progress with a much more secure step.

Some of our constant teaching channels are:

You have put your trust in Websites Are Us, we are going to put all our effort and effort into making you very happy here. We love what we do

Member of the Websites Are Us technical team.
Coordinator of content on the Blog and YouTube.
Technical support in CyberProtector. Teacher at Websites Are Us Learning.

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