How and why to create a free ebook for your users?

Still thinking that creating an ebook to give away to your users is a bad idea?

When implementing a powerful digital content strategy, you must be willing to literally give it your all.

Don’t wait for users to take the first step (comment, fill out forms, etc.). If you want them to interact with your website, you will have to give them something in return.

Quality content is the first and foremost asset you should play with.

But also, from time to time you should offer some extra content.

The one that encourages the acquisition of subscribers for your email marketing strategy, or the pursuit of leads for subsequent promotional campaigns, such as creating a free ebook to download.

In this article I want to highlight the ebook format as one of the most effective for this purpose. A resource that you can offer “free” (I’ll explain what I mean by that), but you can’t imagine the good results it gives in terms of conversions.

Do you want to know how to create an ebook to capture more leads?

Do not lose the thread of this article, because I will tell you how you can do it, so that you can expand your community of subscribers, at the same time that you offer them content that gives them a lot of quality.

On the other hand, developing a landing page is useful when you want to do remarketing campaigns that help you get attention again and, thus, give a second chance to former users to revisit your website.

2. Offer a free download or “in exchange for”

To offer the free download of your ebook through a landing or your main website and, thus, take “something in return”, you can install certain plugins that “force” your visitors to social payment to get the downloadable (between other things).

With plugins like Social Locker or Click to tweet, users can help you with broadcasting on social networks in exchange for getting a “free” download.

You can request a like, a tweet, a publication …

In the paid versions of these plugins a long list of social networks is included, so the options are many.

You can also create a form that captures the subscription in exchange for a free download. In this form you must explicitly indicate how the data will be used, that is, if it is a subscription to a newsletter or to receive offers and promotions (for example).

3. Promotion on social networks

Although you can opt for an organic launch through social networks, simply sharing your news among your community of followers will not be enough (not if you want to reach a new audience).

It is true that users tend to be grateful and they surely help you to viralize the content to a certain extent, but this way you leave the ball on your roof and it may not work.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you carry out a Facebook Ads campaign within the lead capture option.

Here, you can create a small landing page for Facebook or a form, and the campaign will work similarly to the options I’ve given you for the website.

4. Send an informative newsletter

Email marketing can also play a decisive role in this strategy of creating an ebook and offering it “free”.

You can send a promotional email, referring users to the channel in which you decide to offer the downloadable.

Capture their attention and show them the benefits of getting an ebook like the one you have created.

If the texts and the design are attractive, surely there will be many who will follow you.


It is true that creating an ebook takes a lot of work and it may take a few hours of dedication, but it is also true that, if it is a good product, the benefits it will bring you are quite a few.

I assure you that in the medium and long term it will be very worthwhile. Of course, whenever you go to offer something, do it in a professional way (to give something of poor quality, better not give anything).

In content marketing there are no good intentions, but good impressions.

And it is that, creating an ebook and offering it for free to your users is a very effective way of showing everything your brand is worth.

So, you know, don’t dismiss the idea of ​​generating quality content in different formats!

Have you ever downloaded an ebook or considered creating one for your brand?

What other content formats do you think generate more attraction on the Internet?

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