How to import or export contacts in Horde (Webmail)

If you are one of those who choose to manage mail from the Hosting Panel, you will surely use Webmail and consequently one of the usual clients such as RoundCube, Horde or SquirreMail. Add, import or export contacts in Horde It will be one of those various tasks that you will need to do at some point.

Add or delete contacts from a Contacts Book It is a common, simple task that does not require explanations, but in case you still have doubts about how you can Import or Export contacts in a massive way, in this article you will find the process explained in a very affordable way.

If the Webmail client to manage the email of your domains is Horde, then keep reading and get more performance by managing the contacts you already have coming from other mail managers such as Gmail, Outlook or others.

Horde? what is that!

It is one of the 3 clients of mail via web (webmail) that are incorporated in the Hosting Panel ‘cPanel’ and in most panels of web hosting providers.

It is a group of ‘open source’ web applications (framework), written in the PHP language, that make up an email management client administrable from the browser, accessing the Hosting services and requiring an Internet connection for its use .

This tutorial is based on the webmail client Horde version 5.1.1 in English.

Import contacts

Click on the icon Addresses (Address Book) in the top menu bar.

Address Menu

Once in Address bookNormally, it is empty so you can manually add new contacts or import them.

Empty Horde contact book

You can also create new contacts from the green top button Add.

Create new contacts in Horde

From the left menu Import / Export it is possible to massively add contacts you have in a formatted file .csv

Import / Export menu in Horde

If you previously had some contacts added manually and now you want to import several contacts from a file or a vCard, you have to take into account that the box Replace the existing notebook with the imported one? Warning: This will delete all the entries in your current Address Book. must be unmarked otherwise you will overwrite the Contacts Book current in Horde and you will lose the ones you already had.

Replace the existing notebook with the imported one

From this option it is possible to import into the Contacts Book personal or export from said notebook.

Supports both the CSV format Outlook Comma Separated Values ​​like the vCard format as well as some other common formats.

It is necessary to previously have on the computer the contact file to import into Horde.

If there are complex entries in the file to import, with fields containing special characters, fields that do not match those in the address book, it is most likely that they are not all imported or the process returns errors, so it is important to check the imported data after processing.

Select the .csv, vcf file or the one you have properly formatted and click to import to launch the process.

.Csv or vcf file to import

The .vcf format is highly recommended and easy to process to import contacts into the address book.

The .vcf format is highly recommended

If the process has been carried out normally, in the lower right corner you will see this notice.

Import completed successfully

If now you are going to My Notebooks, Address book of … You will see the imported contacts and you will be able to verify them, delete the ones you don’t need or manually add new contacts.

Imported email address book

Export contacts

If you are going to export and then use that Contacts Book in Outlook then you can select from the menu Import Export, in section Export address book directly format Comma separated values ​​(Microsoft Outlook)However, my recommendation is that you use the format vCard since it will be the most compatible with other email clients.

Export to vCard format

The next step is to accept the download of the .vcf file on your computer to complete the process.

Accept the download of the .vcf file

Now you can use the files you have, in compatible formats, either to import them into Horde and have your Contact Books accessible from the mail client in Webmail or export the book to use it in other mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

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