How to prepare your website for Christmas time?

Do you want to know all the aspects to take into account so that your website is ready for this Christmas?

All of us who work in the marketing and advertising sector know that the third quarter of the year is key.

On the one hand, it is the final stretch to try to close in style. On the other hand, there are a few months in which work doubles due to all the parties related to consumption.

And, the last quarter of the year is characterized by events such as Halloween (for those who celebrate it), Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the national holidays in UK and the Christmas holidays.

A list of designated dates that, without a doubt, must also be taken into account if you have an online business.

Of all these dates, surely the most important is Christmas, since for a long period different festivities are accompanied by food, gifts, etc., therefore, whatever your sector, it is more than likely to attract users to your website on those dates it helps you to significantly increase sales.

Do you want to know some ideas to prepare your website for this Christmas?

Today I tell you in this post how to have everything ready for these important dates.

How to focus your digital strategy this Christmas?

“Whenever you are working on a marketing strategy (online or offline), you have to take into account the relevant calendar dates for the sector in question.”

However, there are very commercial times, such as Christmas or “back to school”, which are practically common for all businesses.

If, on the other hand, your business is physically located in the capital and you sell women’s fashion, it is clear that specific dates such as Madrid’s fashion week will be crucial for your sales (and not for the stationery around the corner) .

In other words, what I mean by all this is that, in order to adapt your marketing strategy, as well as the different actions to take, you have to plan and know the calendar very well of your sector.

So, if you have any idea to end the year with a rebound in sales, let’s see in broad strokes how you should prepare your strategy today to launch effective and timely Christmas campaigns:

“Very Christmassy” Marketing Actions

“Depending on the type of web page you have, you can carry out one or other actions to attract traffic and provide a good service for Christmas.”

Everything that can be done in an eCommerce, where the protagonists are the products, is not the same as in a blog, which must focus on content marketing.

For this reason, we are going to see how the different types of actions could be approached, facing the Christmas sales campaigns according to your type of website:

  • Christmas actions for bloggers

Whether you are a blogger, or if this is one of the sections within your corporate website, you must adapt the content to each time of year.

At Christmas it is time to review the previous months, talk about the trends that are to come and present the changes that you are going to make, if there are any.

Also, it is a good time to generate more engagement with your community, congratulating them on the holidays and asking them about their plans and how they are going to celebrate it.

Think that with their answers you will have information about their tastes and needs, which can be very useful for next year.

  • Christmas actions for eCommerce

For an eCommerce, the most important thing is the products or services that it sells, so it is necessary to place the Christmas offers in a prominent place.

It is also a good idea to indicate the best-selling products or suggest others that may fit well with the one that interests users.

You can adapt the design to these dates and let the Christmas atmosphere be felt in your messages.

For example, in the message of “thanks for your purchase”You can include a congratulation.

  • Christmas actions for service websites

The design of a service web page can also be adapted to give a thematic appearance. For this, you can use plugins that help you prepare your website for Christmas (later we will see some in more detail).

In any case, the first thing you should do is analyze how these dates affect your business. If what you sell are products or services that are directly related to Christmas (such as clothing or food), or if you can adapt your messages in some way to create that relationship (another type of product that you can pose as a possible gift, for example) .

Once you are clear about how it affects you, you can carry out the actions to prepare your site and offer users the appropriate web content.

How to include Christmas content on your website?

“One of the ways to get your website ready for Christmas, and the most complete, is to adapt the content to these dates. Both visual and text content, plugins, applications … “

I am not just talking about filling everything with snowmen and stars, but also letting Christmas be one of the common threads.

A thread that will help you achieve your goals and prepare the web for users to enjoy the experience.

For example, in We Are Content last year they proposed blog themes in a very Christmassy way.

They discussed their usual topics about web content, content marketing, article development, etc., but counting it with Christmas metaphors, which made it more original and fun.

We are content at Christmas

At Christmas 2015, the company Terminis, focused on data analysis and the presentation of statistics and evidence, launched a series of infographics with data on sales forecasts.

In this way, they gave away a sample of their services with which to attract customers and, at the same time, prepared their website with Christmas content.

Terminis - Christmas 2015

Even Google usually releases its own Advent calendar in the form of a Doodle each year.

It may seem that this search engine does not need to change anything, but in this way it gives its users a personalized experience and shares important dates with them, being close and warm.

Google Santa Tracker

Looking at all these examples, you are surely wondering:

What can I do on my website to prepare it for Christmas and give my readers a good user experience?

Let’s see a few ideas …

Planning of web content for the end of the year

So that the time does not come upon you and Christmas catches you with nothing prepared, I recommend that you start planning right now.

Generally, the ideal is to have a well-defined editorial calendar for the next 2 months, so we are a little tight on time… but nothing is impossible!

Think that, if you are clear about the type of thematic content you want to use and, furthermore, you lean on some of the ideas that I give you below, you will have enough advance.

There are issues that, perhaps, you cannot advance much due to lack of information. For example, if you have an event company and want to talk about the best New Year’s Eve parties, you probably don’t have all the data until December.

But hey, leaving aside too specific content, I want to leave you some web solutions developed from plugins, as well as other digital marketing ideas:

WordPress plugins for Christmas

If your website is developed in WordPress, in addition to the contents, you can easily change some details of your template to give it a Christmas touch.

I leave you some ideas as an example and plugins that you could use:

There are many simple options to decorate your website with Christmas animations. Since snow effects on the web, up to the placement of Christmas lights in the header.

You can even make it appear Santa Claus when entering the website.

If you want to congratulate all your users, you can install a pop-up with your congratulations, that allows to include designs and messages of all kinds.

There are different types of plugins that allow you to place a Advent Calendar in any section of your page.

In this way, each designated day you can offer something different to users, be it content, downloadable or any other type of gift.

400;”>This type of plugins is especially interesting for those who launch special offers or events at Christmas. You can install one countdown with Christmas design, to prepare users.

In addition to these, which are the most used, there are also many other varied plugins, which will help you create an environment on your page.

On the other hand, there are also Christmas themes that you can put on your website and create a complete experience.

Other actions to attract traffic at Christmas

Once you have to prepare your website for Christmas, there are many other actions that you can take to create an atmosphere of the time of year.

These are actions that will help you attract traffic to your website and allow users to have a pleasant experience.

Send a thematic Newsletter

The first step so that users can enjoy everything you have prepared, is to communicate it to them. Do not miss the opportunity to send a newsletter informing about news, possible promotions and everything you do not want to be lost.

You can send this same newsletter now with an adapted design or with Christmas themes and vocabulary and, thus, create an atmosphere.

Do a Christmas campaign on social networks

Of course, you can also communicate your changes and news through your social network profiles. Don’t forget to use calls to action to refer them to your website.

Christmas is a good time to launch an advertising campaign on social networks, especially Facebook Ads, since in this network, emotional marketing and campaigns with a sentimental background work perfectly.

Don’t forget to put your website as the destination URL and use emotional calls to action.

You can try different designs for the image and see which ones work best within the Christmas theme you are launching.

Launch a special landing

Finally, we will see the options within the creation of a landing page. New Year’s Eve is a good time to launch this type of page and, in addition, it may be interesting to do so with some downloadable or gift for users.

You can launch a thematic landing in which you promote your offers and special discounts where, for example, users download a product in exchange for a lead (it can be their email or any other information that will help you in the face of your next campaign).

Think that after Christmas the January sales arrive and, if you play your cards well and get interesting leads in December, you can use them next year to launch a remarketing campaign.


As you can see, there are many resources with which to prepare your web content for Christmas.

In fact, surely there are other very good ones that I leave in the pipeline.

There are also actions that are “not seen”, but that you must take into account. For example, if you know that your Christmas traffic increases, you should have your servers ready.

If you have an eCommerce, your store tickets may skyrocket during the month of December.

So, if you do not want to leave anyone out or take a surprise when the time comes, consider these types of situations and prepare everything in advance.

At the end of the day, it’s about thinking about how these dates can influence the sales of your online business and what you need to improve or work with time to give a good Christmas experience to all users, don’t you think?

And you, have you already started to think about your web content strategy for next Christmas?

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