How to promote a Blog with 7 infallible tactics

When you start taking your first steps as a blogger, one of the great handicaps that comes your way is how to promote your content.

And, at least when I started working with my own blog, the maxim that “only your parents and your partner read to you” was fulfilled.

Therefore, in view of the lack of success of the content that I published weekly on my blog, I realized that a determining factor was missing from my blogging strategy: the promotion of my content.

It was then when, investigating the different sources available to me, I realized that without good promotion strategy of my blogNot only would this never reach the more than 40,000 visits that it has today, but it would not be able to make myself known among the other digital marketing professionals.

Web traffic analysis

And it is that, in addition to traffic, there are other factors of equal or greater importance that will be the consequence of a good promotion of the contents that you publish within your personal or professional blogs.

We will see these later, however, before continuing, I would like to clarify some concepts, so that from the beginning we are clear on what to refer to with the concept of “promoting a blog”:

What exactly should we understand by “promoting a blog”?

Before starting advising you on what are the best techniques and strategies to promote it, I would like to clarify what exactly I understand with this concept.

Personally, I like to refer to this concept more as “promote the contents of a blog”, Since, by definition, the basis or cornerstone of a blog is its content.

For this reason, I want you to be clear that all the advice that I will give you in today’s article will refer to the articles, posts or, ultimately, content of the blog that you have started or are thinking of starting shortly.

A simple example is the following: if you want to spread your content on social networks (remember to create a Social Media Plan before), it is obvious to think that sharing the “home” of your blog will not have the same success as content where you show an article. where you give tricks to get followers on that same social network.

What is the use of promoting a blog?

These are some of the consequences and benefits of promoting and disseminating your blog and its contents, as well as the services and other categories or sections that you include within your site.

1. Get more (quality) web traffic

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the indisputable reasons that lead a blogging professional to spread their content.

And it is that, without attracting qualified and quality traffic, we cannot achieve the other approaches that I will make in the following points.

You must pay attention to what I say “qualified traffic” and also “quality”, since you must try, through the techniques that I show you later, that your actions are always aimed at attracting users potentially interested in what you offer.

Do you want an example?

If, like me, you have a marketing and social media blog, it is useless to generate very well positioned content on “the best foods to lose weight”, since you will be able to attract people who are obviously interested in consuming content that is very different from what you offer as a marketing professional.

Therefore, this will also turn against you, since this user, soon realizing that after reading your article on weight loss, you do not offer any more content on similar topics, will leave your page, returning to do another search of his subject of interest.

This will mean that the time spent on your blog is not what you expect and that, due to this content, the average number of page views on your site is always 1, something not too favorable in Google’s eyes.

2. Get more Leads

If you have an infoproduct within your blog with which you intend to capture leads and increase your list of subscribers, you should undoubtedly focus all your efforts on promoting the contents of your blog.

This will cause you to increase the traffic of your website, as I have just mentioned above, which increases the chances of obtaining leads.

You can not only capture your readers through an ebook, although this is the most usual way among most bloggers.

Other types of infoproducts that you can offer to get leads is to give away a template for your WordPress or give a discount for your next online course.

3. Boost your Personal Brand

Especially when you are starting in this sector of blogging, it costs more than we would like to be known and recognized for our work.

Therefore, by carrying out many of the techniques for promoting our content, we will patiently, consistently and persistently work properly on our Brand and show our talent and values ​​to other professionals and / or potential clients.

What do you need to know before creating an effective promotion strategy?

When we are about to start promoting our blogs, you should stop to think beforehand about the time that these actions will take.

Remember that when you work online, all the time you can optimize is money, since one of the productivity problems of every digital entrepreneur is the lack of productivity.

So my advice is to always apply the famous theorem or Pareto Law of 80/20, which comes to say something like:

In any self-respecting strategy, you should try that 80% of the results you get are the result of 20% of work or effort.

Following this philosophy and, applying it to blogging, you should invest 20% to generate your content and 80% of it to promote it or spread it on different channels or media.

In this way, you will be ensuring a correct and balanced investment of your time, to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness.

7 ways to promote the contents of a blog

These are some of the tactics or strategies that you could carry out from today, if you want to take your blog to the next level and thus achieve all the objectives that you have set for yourself:

1. Publicize your blog when there is enough content

One of the mistakes many bloggers make when promoting their blog is that they start spreading their articles (and the entire blog itself) as soon as they finish writing their first post.

This, although it is the trend that we all want to do, is not the most recommended, since, in case your reader liked that article, he will try to browse other posts on your blog, wanting to read more about what that you have written.

This feeling of euphoria will soon fade, seeing that you only have that article, making it very likely that you will never visit again, as you will be giving it a certain feeling of abandoned blog.

What can I do to fix it?

My advice is that you publicize your blog “in society” when you have written at least 3 to 5 articles, so that, in addition to giving your readers the possibility to navigate between them, you can also link them to each other.

This, as you know, will make it favor the SEO On-page of your website.

2. Create titles and covers that generate expectation

Wherever you want to share your content, one of the first actions you should take is to make sure that your article is attractive enough for people to click on it and enter to read it.

This will obviously depend on many factors, but the first is undoubtedly the “card” or business card, that is: the title and the cover image.

These should be attractive and eye-catching enough to entice your reader to enter it.

How can I get it?

The first thing you should achieve is that, making them attractive and striking, do not fall into the error of transmitting an idea of ​​that content wrong or erroneous, causing them to enter and, seeing that it does not correspond to the content, leave your post immediately .

Seek therefore that with the title and cover that you award, you manage to put the user in “expectation” mode, around the theme that you deal with in the text.

My particular way of putting this into practice is to title a question such as “How to create …?”, “What is …?” or “Where can I download …?”.

These are ways of preparing a title that, when the user mentally reads it, makes them want to answer the question itself, so they will undoubtedly enter to see your content.

3. Mention other professionals and references

One of the techniques that I personally follow is to mention other professionals in the sector in my articles, in my case digital marketing.

Whatever yours, surely you know some prominent professionals in your niche, who for years have been doing great and whom, surely, you follow and admire.

As long as it comes to the case with the topic you are addressing, you could name those people, mentioning an achievement that exemplifies what you are explaining in your article.

In this way, by sharing it for example on social networks, you could tag or mention them, so that the platform will notify them of your mention.

This will make them happy that you have taken them into account, increasing the chances of creating empathy links with them and also that they share this post on their social networks, making the promotion of your content multiply.

4. Share your article on the main social networks

Something more than evident is that you should share your content in social networks related to the theme of it.

And, if you look, I say in the main networks, which means that you should discard those in which this one at first is going to have almost no engagement or interactions.

On which networks should I share it?

This would be the million dollar question, for which the answer should be: “It depends.”

And it depends a lot on what sector your blog is and what are the most suitable social networks, since if your target audience is not in them, it will be useless to invest time in it.

In general, the ones that tend to be more successful are: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

In the case of the latter, I recommend that, according to the latest updates to its algorithm, according to which organic content has less and less relevance and impressions, share them in thematic groups.

They tend to work better and the members are, yes or yes, professionals or at least interested in the theme of it.

5. Use the news aggregators

Although you may have heard that they are in decline, news aggregators are a great way to spread and promote your content and make new users know your blog.

Here you will find different users than those who usually interact with your content on your social networks, so you will be reaching people who do not yet know that your blog exists, … precisely one of your main objectives.

Some that I use are:

    • MktFan
    • MarketerTop

How can I promote my blog through one of these platforms?

6. Link your new articles with older posts

This is a technique that is hardly used by bloggers today, either due to forgetfulness or ignorance of the benefits it provides.

It consists of, once you publish your new post, link it from your articles that have more traffic and also with those of the same theme.

In this way, you will favor the attraction of traffic to this new content from other own content, so that the users who visit your most successful articles can know the one you have just published.

This, in short, is a way to promote your new content without leaving your own blog and helping to enhance your own SEO On-page, so forgotten on some occasions.

But, how can I know which are my articles with more traffic?

7. Link your new content from other blogs

Both to publicize and promote this and other articles that interest you the most in your blog, one of the techniques that I like the most is guestblogging.

Through the articles you write on other blogs of great authority and relevance, you can amplify the dissemination of yours, adding a link to it.

For this, my advice is to always choose highly authoritative blogs, but above all, blogs that have a lot of traffic and, if possible, are as related to your niche as possible.

This will have more positive consequences for your blogging strategy, since it will improve your Off-page SEO, since they will make you get backlinks to your website and also increase your “referred traffic”, within the analytics of your blog.


Promoting the contents of your blog will be something new and difficult, especially in your beginnings as a blogger, so you should start as soon as possible, if you want your blog to be known among those in your professional sector.

As I mentioned earlier and you have also been able to intuit with these strategies, the dissemination and promotion of a blog should take up about 80% of your time. In other words, much more than the creation and generation of the content itself.

Invest time in these 7 techniques that I have described previously and you will see how in a few months the fruits begin to arrive.

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