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How to transfer your HTML website to your Internet Hosting

It is not common to have HTML websites in these times, the market has long been for dynamic content managers (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a long etc., that you can consult in cms matrix (one), but if you are one of those who still works with the markup language, consult this guide to move your HTML website to a Hosting in UK or America on the Internet.

This does not mean that there are no good websites exclusively made in HTML or that they use Bootstrap, animate.ccs, FitText, WOW.js, semantic markup, etc., and all of this no need to use a database or other additional technologies, it all depends on each user and their project, if you don’t need it to complicate things!

If you have spent time building your static web in HTML on your computer and now you want to upload it to a contracted Hosting (on the Internet) it is time for you to read this brief and quick guide to find out how move your HTML website to your Hosting in a few minutes and without headaches.

How to upload the HTML web from your computer to the Hosting?

  1. Create a file .zip of your HTML web installation on your computer.
  2. Access your Hosting and from Records, File Manager select the file from your computer. (2)
  3. Once the .zip file has been uploaded to your Hosting, to the desired folder Extract it!
  4. If everything went well you should see the extracted files for example in / public_html
  5. From your browser check that your website loads

Done, you already have your HTML website in Hosting, now you can start enjoying it and that everyone can see it.

Files of your HTML web in Hosting

(2) You can do this perfectly by FTP, but it is slower, don’t complicate your life!

As a general rule, HTML websites have no database You can forget the process of having to create a database in the Hosting, export the database, etc, etc… on your computer. forget this! what would Lucas say

To consolidate what has been learned, what better than to watch this video and review the process.

(one) – cms matrix.

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