How to write texts to sell online with your digital business

To develop your online business, I recommend that you have different factors in mind, since many will be decisive in your sales. For example, if you ask me, when it comes to content marketing you will have to use various formats and, above all, write good sales texts.

Something I see very often on our clients’ websites and stores is that they tend to focus too much on the visual part, often forgetting the textual part.

It is true that the visual is the main claim, but it is not everything when it comes to attracting users. An image is not enough to make a purchase decision, we need to know in detail the characteristics of what we are going to consume.

Do you know what is the structure of the texts that sell and close purchasing processes? Let me tell you in this article how to achieve the perfect balance in your sales texts.

The 7 keys to the texts they sell

As much as users increasingly consume video content, text content on a website will always be necessary to provide concrete information and drive doubtful potential customers.

“Write professional sales text on a corporate website or ecommerce, is what makes the difference for the user who is at the time of making a purchase.”

Keep in mind that, although at first glance it may not seem like it, a website has a lot of textual work focused on sale in different sections, such as:

  • Headlines.
  • Descriptions.
  • Calls to action
  • Profit-based value proposition.
  • Contact details and contracting conditions.

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For this reason, we are going to see 7 specific recommendations to write sales texts with coherence and persuasion:

1) Attractive title

The title you use on your service sales pages, or on each product if it is an ecommerce, is the first claim that has to work as a hook.

“In the texts they sell, the titles should be informative, but always from an attractive perspective.”

Therefore, your owners must inform users of what you are really offering, to get the maximum number of clicks and take them towards conversion.

For example, if you have a special feature in your business, do not hesitate to highlight it in the titles, whether it is immediate shipping, high quality or it is a very popular product.

2) Concise and credible description

The sale text in the description is the second chance your page has to persuade the user, so avoid putting too much emphasis to convince at all costs (it could be desperate).

“Like headlines, descriptions must show truthful information to convey credibility first and foremost.”

Also, think that users do research before making a purchase, and they don’t want to spend hours reading texts, so your descriptions should get to the point.

3) Storytelling

The fact that the information must be truthful and credible does not imply that you cannot contribute creativity when exposing your value proposition.

In fact, if you have ever wondered how to write texts that sell more for your website or online store, surely you have been aware that appealing to emotions is a super effective neuro-sales practice.

“It is much more effective to reach your target audience through stories and real experiences of your brand, than through figures.”

After all, no matter how much you support your arguments with real statistical data, they will always be too cold displayed independently.

4) Real benefits

Another way to write texts that sell, is leaving the descriptive characteristics in the background to highlight the benefits above all.

“Highlight on your sales pages the potential benefits of your offer. Those that solve the most daily problems of your buyer persona.

For example, if you offer a small product, don’t just describe its dimensions, rather highlight its advantages to be transported or stored in any space. If, on the other hand, it were large, describe it as robust and firm for a certain function.

5) Calls to action

There is no website that increases your sales without buttons with calls to action that meet these aspects:

  • Visible location and legible typography.
  • Colors and shapes consistent with the corporate image.
  • Concise sales text accompanied by an action verb.

“Calls to action are the clearest and most concise texts on a website, and should encourage users to take the next step.”

Creativity can come into play in these elements, but without forgetting that the main premise is to be clear and not mislead users.

6) Conflict resolution

It is always said in the commercial message that it must offer solutions to the public’s real problems. If we talk about writing texts that sell for a website, you will imagine that this statement is more blunt than ever.

So, I recommend you focus your sales copies first from a beneficial point of view and, later, as an immediate solution to the problem of your potential client.

“Stir up your audience’s unresolved problem by launching compromised or conflicting questions, and then offering the SUPER solution.”

This implies that you must maintain a proactive attitude. Never settle for offering something good, anticipate future needs and work your sales texts to offer the best.

7) Featured opportunity

Something that I don’t like doing anything, but I have no other choice, is to talk about prices with my clients. The good thing about indicating it on your website or store, is that you can display them whenever you want.

Let me explain … You will agree that talking about money with someone who has just met you is, to say the least, unpleasant. But if you expose your offer before as an opportunity to improve their situation, it does not look so ugly, right?

“If you write sales texts that reveal the great opportunity that your product or service offers, you can show your prices without fear and even apply the emergency factor to encourage purchasing.”

Think about it, why should we buy your product and why do it now? Perhaps for the unbeatable price, for the few units that remain, or because it is something very seasonal and it is time to enjoy it.

Tips and examples to write texts that sell

Every case is a world; There are businesses that need to specify much more information on their sales pages, and others that are more visual and do not need as much textual support.

Personally, I consider that making an offer through a long history on a sales page is the perfect formula, while on a home page the corporate and the visual tend to prevail.

In any case, let’s now look at different examples of sales texts.

How to write texts that sell for Home?

Users may access different URLs on your website from Google’s search results, but sooner or later they will end up browsing your home page.

Therefore, my advice here is always to include basic information in a very visual way, since its content as a summary works so that users can quickly know the main values ​​of your business.

Some tips to write good texts for home are:

  • Write short texts: The interior sections such as “who we are” may include the development of ideas, but in the home page the key messages must be made clear.
  • It hierarchies the information: When users scroll down, the information must be secondary. The most relevant should always be on top.
  • Lean on the visual part: The home represents your business. Each element, therefore, must work in coherence with the rest.

An example that I really like is the Car2go home. At a first glance it shows the essence on which the business is based; share.

In addition, it highlights the advantages of this service and its basic characteristics. As soon as you scroll you can see how the service works.

Example of texts that sell for the Home

How to make texts that sell for Landing Page?

Landing pages or landing pages for sales have to be especially attractive because that is precisely their role; attract web traffic to your page.

In this type of pages you have to start the entire commercial mechanism, to be attractive without being too obvious. I recommend you:

  • Focus on the advantages: These pages have to attract users and convince them. So focus on communicating the benefits of what you offer.
  • Use positive language: The text of a landing page should not be heavy, so each line must be used well to convey a positive message.
  • Specify the information: This attraction page is used to promote something specific. In other words, it is not a complete website, but has a single focus, the protagonist of the campaign; your product or service.

The example of Inbound Emotion stands out, a landing page that has found a good balance between the text, the design and the contact form.

Example of texts that sell for the landing page

How to create texts that sell in service URLs?

In the case of service pages, you must write sales texts that focus on describing what each of them consists of. Talk about its characteristics, its advantages, its strengths and what solutions it provides to the user.

This is one of the sections where using techniques such as storytelling can make quite a difference. So:

  • The strong point stands out: Always talk about the best of each service and give each aspect the importance it deserves.
  • It hierarchies the information: Write the most important thing at the beginning of the text and see adding secondary information as you progress.
  • Empathize with the user: Products can be seen in images, but services cannot. Try to empathize with the user to find out what you would need instead and what could help you better understand the service.

As for web pages that enhance their services very well, we have the example of Allianz, which tells us not only about the insurance they offer, but also how their hiring can help you.

They show the main thing first and, when you click, it allows you to expand the information with secondary topics.

Example of texts that sell in service URLs

How to create texts that sell for product pages?

There is no doubt that online stores need to support textual information with images. Not only do you have to explain what a product is like physically, but it must be shown from all possible perspectives.

To write good texts for product pages, I recommend:

  • Describe the product: Despite being able to see it in photographs, there are things that are better understood with words if the user cannot touch it. For example, touch or smell.
  • Contribute new ideas: It offers uses and utilities, explains where it could be placed or what other product in the store it could be combined with.
  • Use information from users: If you have positive comments or ratings from users, don’t be afraid to use this information (always citing its source).

At Delyco, an ecommerce that sells baskets of Gourmet products, they take the description of their products very seriously. They do it emotionally, alluding to what the user will feel when trying their products.

Example of texts that sell for product pages

Concluding …

Each web part is a key factor for sale. Nothing can be left to chance, because if you want to write texts that really sell, you must work with a single objective in mind and avoid distractions.

Applying persuasion to your web content will be more than justified if you have a promising value proposition. Therefore, in this article I have shared up to 7 keys to write sales texts and particular advice for different types of pages.

What type of content do you think is most necessary within a corporate website or ecommerce? Would you be able to highlight any improvement that you have applied in your sales texts?

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