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The management of contacts in email clients is an intrinsic part of the basic functions of any application dedicated to the management, administration, sending and receiving of mail, both at a personal and corporate level.

It happens that with increasing frequency changes of servers, Hosting companies and even clients or mail management systems, which implies many doubts and questions that sometimes pose a brake to carry out the change of platform or system of mail, we get used to it easily and the changes always cost and sometimes entail the loss of part of the functionalities that were in the previous mail system or even the loss of information.

Today it is almost possible export emails and contacts from any client or application of local mail to online platforms, in the cloud or lodged in conventional servers without this supposes a reduction or interruption of the service.

So let’s see how we can export contacts from a “personal” Gmail account, also applicable to “corporate” or company accounts and this done in a few steps and with full data guarantee.

The scenario is simple and quite usual, we have / n contacts in a Gmail account and we have contracted a Hosting service that provides us with cPanel as the Hosting administration system and Webmail for the administration of online mail, through clients such as Squirremail, Horde or RoundCube. By preference we will focus on the latter: RoundCube, with a friendlier interface than the aforementioned and higher usage quota.

Export contacts from Gmail account:

  • Connect with the corresponding Gmail account.
  • Click on “Gmail” (left), select “Contacts” on the left side of the dropdown.
  • In the Contacts window, drop down “More”.
  • Option “Export”.

  • Export Contacts, “The group” or “All contacts” of your choice.
  • Format vCard (currently the only one supported by RoundCube).

  • Download the file contacts.vcf to our PC.

Import the contacts from RoundCube (cPanel):

  • We access cPanel, Mail, Email Accounts.
  • In the account (of all those we have created) on the right, selector “More”, Access Webmail.
  • We log into that account.
  • We select the RoundCube client.
  • At the top we select Contacts.
  • On the left we find the “Import” icon.
  • We select the file contacts.vcf previously downloaded.
  • We click on “Import”.

We carry out the process in the following video:


It is important to always perform Backups at destination (Hosting Panel, Backups) before executing this type of tasks.

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