Manage FTP accounts in your Hosting Panel (cPanel)

File management in a Hosting can be done in several ways, depending on the type of hosting panel available and the task we need to perform, the most common being the File Manager or the FTP service, which allow us to upload, download, edit or delete files from the hosting, among other things.

The option we always recommend to upload files, edit them, etc. is to use the File Manager of the Hosting Panel (cPanel) for its versatility, because it contemplates all the usual possible options for file management and because it also has a Code Editor that allows the editing of code files (php, css, etc.) without modifying the encoding of the files.

This does not mean that the use of FTP is not recommended, although it is much less secure than uploading files from the hosting panel (cPanel). For this reason, we want to describe this article as create FTP accounts and manage uploads or downloads of files from clients such as Filezilla.

Summary process of creating an FTP account from the Hosting Panel (cPanel)

  1. Access your hosting panel (cPanel).
  2. Go to the Files, FTP Accounts section.
  3. In “add FTP Account” fill in the following fields (Login, Password, Directory, Space).
  4. Click on “Create”.

With this you will have the FTP account created and ready to be used from an FTP client like Filezilla.

From the Hosting Panel (cPanel), Records, FTP accounts, “Add FTP Account” we can create the necessary accounts.

We recommend using passwords “Robust” when creating FTP accounts since one of the biggest problems with the FTP protocol is the ease with which access credentials can be obtained from FTP connections through open or insecure networks or Trojanized computers.

Once the FTP account is created, you can modify the password, the access folder for that FTP account user, or delete the account if it is no longer in use.

In case you want delete an FTP account either associated with the main folder of the Hosting / public_html or another folder, you have to first check that there are no files in the folder associated with the FTP account because if the option is selected “Delete account and files” there is a risk of deleting all the contents of / public_html (folder included) or the folder associated with that FTP account.

Other FTP clients like cuteFTP, Transmit, Cyberduck, WS_FTP, are equally valid for file management from your computer or mobile device, but we consider that the client open source Filezilla it has all the necessary potential and its use for people with little knowledge of the environment is very affordable; For more advanced users Filezilla also has great potential within it.

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