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The greatest satisfaction for a blogger is to follow the positive evolution of his blog or website. See that all the time invested, the illusions put into the project, whether personal or professional, are having good results when it comes to monetizing your blog.

Remember that the most important point to get a successful blog is consistency. Do not expect to have results and visits the first day, it is a long-term job, it can take even several months to see results. Don’t despair and keep going.

There are thousands of bloggers who have fallen by the wayside for this reason.

Many hours are spent in front of a screen, and we would all like to see quick results, but this is not the case.


You have to give search engines time to index the web, to gain some notoriety, for the blog to grow in content. There are many factors that intervene in the positioning and all of them must be given time.

While you wait, keep working and writing. If your blog shows a unique and quality content, and written taking into account some basic notions of positioning, with consistency, in the end the visits will arrive.

If the visits to your blog are increasing, the search engine positions are improving, you will have comments and user participation, Congratulations!, You’ve got it. This is the best motivation and reward you can receive, or can there be something else?

What is monetizing a blog?

It is possible that you started your blog casually, simply because you wanted to write and share your knowledge with the world, or that you started from a project with a clear idea: attract visits that later translate into money.

This is just monetizing a blog:

Being able to convert the traffic of your blog visits into money.

It’s an expression we’ve been hearing a lot lately: monetize or monetize a blog.

  • The more traffic you get, the more chances you have of getting money with your blog

Best Methods to Monetize a Blog

Before I jump into filling your blog with ads, the number one tip I am going to give you is to be careful about using excessive advertising, as it can make your number of visitors decrease, simply because they find it uncomfortable to read the blog.

When you have decided the type of advertising that you are going to incorporate, you have to think about the format and position of the ad, and the content of the ad:

  • Gradually incorporate ads, in order to evaluate the response of your visitors.

The ads that we incorporate do not have to make the article difficult to read, they must be discreet and choose a location that does not aesthetically disturb the vision or the user.

It is necessary to be very clear who is our target audience and thinking about them, choose the theme of the ads that I am going to incorporate.

Any action we take has to be with utility in mind for our readers.

There are many ways and tools available to monetize a blog. It is recommended to do tests between the different techniques to see which one works best for my type of page.

In many occasions they can be used in combination, or individually. The key is to study carefully and know how to identify which are the most suitable for my blog.

Below you can find the best techniques to monetize a blog:

Google Adsense:

It is the star product of online advertising. Free and very easy to use. Offered by Google and which has been chosen by more than 2 million users.

It consists of incorporating an ad in your blog, for which you will charge for each click that you receive from your visitors.

To use it you just have to register in Google Adsense, it is very simple.

Enter here: Register Google Adsense and create your account easily by following the steps indicated: they are basically contact details.

Google AdSense registration

From your Google Adsense account you can customize where the ads are displayed and what type of ad to show. There are many formats: text, display, dynamic images, video, HTML, …

You can gradually test which ad format works best on your page.

I recommend that you do tests of at least 2 weeks in order to have more reliable statistics.

Google Adsense tutorials will help you get the most out of this type of advertising, and will teach you what is the best way to adapt them to your blog.


There are tons of affiliate networks that we can subscribe to for free.

Unlike Google Adsense that works by pay per click, in the case of affiliate programs it is necessary to generate a sale on the advertiser’s page in order to be paid for it.

You would put an ad on your blog, in the format you want (only with text, or banners, videos …) and if the visitor enters it, it will take them to the advertiser’s page.

If you later place an order and ship it, they would pay you a commission on that sale. It is usually a percentage of the sale amount.

Here are the most popular affiliate programs in English, but there are many more available:


Affiliates of Amazon.


Ebay Partner Network.









Another way to get profitability from your blog can be to incorporate an ecommerce.

By enabling a store section that contains products compatible with the theme of your blog, your visitors will surely like to stop by to see what you have to offer.

There are very good plugins that will help you install a store easily on your blog, such as WooCommerce.



More traditional methods:

We always have to be up to date with the latest advertising techniques, but we must never neglect traditional promotion policies. In many cases these techniques can be very beneficial to promote our blog and achieve important benefits, not only financial but also influences.

Advertising to blogs or shops: Find other blogs or pages that share the same target audience as us. For example: if we have a blog about mountain tourism, and we find an ecommerce store that sells mountain items, we can contact them to collaborate together. If we have a significant number of visits, it is very likely that the store is interested in putting a banner on our blog to advertise your store.

We would receive the monthly amount that we agree to keep your store visible, and they would receive the visit of our users. We both would profit from it.

These are the steps you should follow to get money with this type of advertising action:

    • Study of pages with a similar target audience that may be of interest to your visitors.
    • Contact the pages, without forgetting to explain:
      • Who you are? Which is your blog?

This presentation is essential so that they know what you do, and they can assess the points you have in common and are interested in continuing to read your proposal.

Describe the type of users or visitors that your website is aimed at, and indicate the number of monthly visits if you have already reached an interesting volume.

      • What do you offer

Send them a clear proposal showing various alternatives. Among them could be:

        • Advertising banners: indicate monthly cost according to its size and location on your website. A banner at the top of the home page is not the same as one on the side, or below …
        • Newsletter: If you have subscribers, another very good option is to offer to send your followers a newsletter talking about their store, and what they can find in it.
        • Post creation: Another way to publicize your company is through a post on your blog. It can be presenting your store, or making a review of a product, an unboxing video.

In addition to directing traffic, incorporating a link to your store helps you in positioning.

It is advisable to indicate that you are open to other forms of collaboration, since they can suggest an alternative that you had not contemplated and that may be very interesting for your blog.

  • What prices to put on advertising on my blog?

At the beginning it is difficult to determine a price for your advertising proposals. But like everything, the best is the experience. As you start sending the first ones, you will see how they respond to you, and you can get an idea of ​​whether the prices are adequate.

  • I recommend that you do a small market study beforehand, contacting other pages interested in the advertising they offer, so that you can prepare a rate more in line with what is being offered.

There are several factors that you have to take into account when setting your prices:

  1. Number of visits to your blog
  2. Number of followers in social networks: if the advertising is in RRSS
  3. Type of advertising: direct (banners, images, news) or indirect (when you name the store very subtly within another article with a phrase, without putting banners or graphic representations)
  4. Permanence of advertising. Especially when they are banners, different periods can be agreed: weekly, monthly, annual …


It is always interesting to increase the number of visitors, and what better way than to make ourselves known through other means. An interesting way can be with sponsorships. For example: if my blog is about children’s crafts, I can find out about workshops that are being taught for children and talk to them for some kind of collaboration.

I can advertise their face-to-face workshops on my blog, and they can report my blog on social media and to workshop participants.

The important thing is always to look for a common benefit.


I can contact a website that is interested in making a raffle on my blog, so we would share the advertising effort either by newsletters or RRSS.

The store announces it on their social networks, and I on my blog. In this case, we both benefit, since we are not competition and we are sharing users.

Most common mistakes when monetizing a blog

Here are the most common mistakes we usually make when venturing into the monetization of our blog:

  • Incorrect ad selection: You have to study very well the content of the ads that you are going to introduce and choose the ones that may interest your audience the most.
  • Expect immediate results: Let’s be pacient. If you have adequate visitor traffic, and the selection of ads is correct for your audience, the profits will come.
  • Annoying ads: be very careful with overloading the page. It is better to choose little and quality, and above all that the ads do not make it difficult to read, but what you will get is a stampede from your followers.
  • Losing the essence of our blog: having in mind the way to generate money, you have to be careful and not neglect what you are, always look for compatible techniques that do not harm the reputation obtained.

I hope that this introduction to the techniques to monetize your blog has served you at least to take into account all the possibilities that are within our reach and that you too can use.

Good luck!

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