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Before we get into flour, and dive into how optimize landing pages in an online store it is convenient to review the concept that is understood by a landing page or Landing page.

Look at it this way: web pages are places where you make yourself known, where you offer a range of products and services, in short, a showcase where people can browse and search for things.

But a landing page is something different.

The Landing page They are independent pages to the main web page and are dedicated and concentrated to the promotion or sale of a single product or service.

The Landing Page is a tool indispensable to develop an online marketing strategy, since these are in the final phase of the conversion.

Imagine a website that sells hardware. As you can imagine, the variety of items it offers can be even dizzying.

Most of the visits that will enter the page, arrive without a clear idea of ​​what they want, these are limited to just browsing around and in the end not buying anything.

However, if this online hardware store created several Landing Page promoting in each of them the products that it considers most interesting, the odds of conversion will increase exponentially.

And how is this possible? Well, a simple reason, because the visits that come in, already arrive filtered or as it is known in “conversion funnel” marketing.

And who filters them? There are numerous tools and techniques, which in turn will have different application methods, depending a lot on the market niche you are targeting.

As an example, some of these filters can be:

  • organic traffic (the SEO of the Landing Page is optimized only to position that product or service)
  • campaigns that we do in Google AdWords.
  • mailing campaigns.
  • banners.
  • Social networks, etc.

The Landing pages are not limited only to sell. Its use can be extended for infinity of purposes, such as; surveys, take information, invitations, courses, raffles … anything you want to promote or promote.

Once it is clear what a landing page is and what it is for, you can start to delve deeper into how to optimize landing pages in an online store.

A little psychology

Don’t be scared…, I am not going to bombard you with soporific and endless texts and terminologies impossible to memorize, we are going to see it in a practical way to quickly grasp what are the essential factors for a successful landing page.

Psychology applied to online marketing

At the end of the day marketing is psychology applied to commerce, therefore, it is vitally important that at any point of development of a landing page put yourself in the user’s shoes that lands on your page.

How much time does the user give me to convince him?

How much time does the user give me to convince him

One of the best advantages of digital commerce is that everything, absolutely everything, can be measured and graphed.

I represent this situation in this way:

Imagine a user who lands on your landing page, the first thing he will do is sit down, start his stopwatch, and he says, “tI give 10 seconds at most to convince myself

Do not laugh …., it is so, the 10 seconds they give you, it is not a joke, it is studied and verified that the time of permanence of a user on a page is stipulated between 7 and 10 seconds maximum.

But this is even more cruelIf you do not like the colors, the arrangement of the elements confuse you, you must read too much text or any other reason. He does not think twice, the third or fourth second he leaves without saying goodbye and without closing the door.

And the worst thing is not that he leaves and that he does not close the door, but that he is not going to give a second chance. If by chance, in the future it lands on your page again, will remember that it was already there and will leave in the first second without more.

How can I convince you in such a short time?

How the Greek Philosopher Epicurus Said

The intensity of the pleasure reaches its climax in the elimination of all pain.

I think this quote makes it very clear. If a user lands on your landing page it is because they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

Therefore, you must be very concise about what the problem is and how you are going to help him solve it.

For example; What would you do if you are looking for a shampoo or lotion for hair loss and you land on a page where they offer you a shampoo to fight dandruff?

Note that the product is the same after all, shampoo, but your problem, which is hair loss, does not solve it. Again we are in the same situation, it will just go away and it will not give us more opportunities.

This situation could be disastrous, since it turns out that if you have that shampoo to combat hair loss, what would happen to the tens, hundreds, thousands of people who land on that page with the same problem and leave? Countless conversions and / or the money that this campaign is costing is being lost.

In summary, the Landing Page must provide a positive experience and must provide an accurate solution to the user’s problem.


Here I am not going to extend much and it is not because there is little to tell, that there is a lot. This can be complicated as far as ingenuity reaches, but here it is about having a broad and clear idea of ​​the effectiveness of a landing page.

The arrangement of the elements on the Landing Page

Elements of a Landing Page

Let’s go with one of those terms that some of us have a hard time remembering.


This is one of my favorites.

As I previously indicated, the great advantage of the Internet is that everything can be measured, and as proof, below you will find some examples of valuable research on eye-tracking.

The technique eye-tracking, studies the attention and perception of people through movement of the eyeball and pupil reactions (contraction and dilation). It registers the routes and the points where we stop our gaze and is able to analyze how what we see affects us sentimentally through the dilation and contraction of the pupils.

This is a topic long enough to dedicate an entire article to it, therefore, and so as not to deviate from the topic at hand, we will go over the top visualizing the results of some of these studies.

Let’s take a look at two of these interesting studies applied to Landing Pages:

optimize landing page online store
Eye traking 2

I think that here the images speak for themselves, as you see, you can draw your own conclusions yourself.

Next, I am going to show you the results of a super interesting study that is definitely worth a brief pause and comment on.

Eye traking 3
Eye traking 4

Surely you have already realized the detail that has caused the increase in attention and the multiplication of readings of the message that you want to transmit.

When the baby look straight ahead, users hardly paid attention to the text, simply they look over without stopping to read the message where the solution to your problem is provided and all the benefits you will get.

However, in the image where the baby looks at the text, markedly increases the intensity of yellow and appears red.

This proves the strong influence of images, and as thanks to them it is possible to direct the user’s attention to the desired positions.

The forms


The forms is another element of the Landing Page very important and at the same time delicate.

With them you can collect very valuable information for our objectives but be careful…. do not overdo it, do not abuse them.

Again you have to put yourself in the skin of the user.

When we are presented with a form with too many questions, we almost instantly try to save it for later or just not fill it out. The reasons can be various, laziness, lack of time, we do not want to give excessive personal information, etc.

So, the form should be as short as possible and carefully select the questions and the number of questions to put. You have to be very subtle.

Do not even think about questioning him To get all the information out of him at once, if you do, it is very possible that he will leave your landing page with a panic attack, and never return.

Be aware, that if you get the user to fill it out and send the form, you can later count on more opportunities to collect the information you need.

I personally do not put more than 4 or 5 fields at the most. However little information is obtained, it will be much better to run away and lose it forever.

The message

The message

As has already been said, the user does not read…, it scansSo, we must try by all means to build a message as summarized and outlined as possible, always maintaining its essence, of course.

Avoid using paragraphs, use lists or bullets.

The message must be focused only in the benefits of what we are offering, do not waste space in detailing technical or functional aspects.

As always with an example it is very clear:

Let’s say I’m looking for a drill press to make holes at home and I have no idea of ​​drill press. What would be my choice before two different offers like these?

  1. With this drill you can drill in any type of wall, it is powerful and fast and you will no longer suffer every time you have to drill.
  2. Excellent 3000 W power drill, three position hammer, up to 10,000 rpm and four speeds, you can drill any type of surface with minimal effort.

Ricemos the curl, it turns out that the drill in both cases is exactly the same.

Well I have it clear, the option TO solve my needs. The option B It is excessive for me, why do I want such a thing if I only want to make holes to hang the pictures?

Therefore, the ideal, despite being the same machine, would be to make two different landing pages, one focused on professional use and the other for home use.

Loading speed and keywords.

Upload Speed ​​Keywords

If already loading speed and keywords are important in any web page, in the Landing Page you have to redouble the effort.

Remember that those who enter our Landing Page are very clear about what they are looking for, so, as potential customers they are, they must feel a pleasant experience:

  • find us fast (keywords)
  • and that the loading is as fast as possible. (the page should be very light)

In addition to taking care of every detail, so that the user has a pleasant experience, do not forget or neglect SEO OnPage. If we do the job well they can become a very important source of potential traffic.

The testimonies

The testimonies

The testimonies are a very valuable tool and they are the ones that give that final push to the undecided.

Imagine a person who is in a shoe store, and has some on hand but is hesitant to buy them. Coincidentally, he has a person next to him who is wearing those same shoes and as he is undecided he says: “Hey, they are great I bought them here two years ago and they are giving me a great result. ”

How do you think the dubious buyer would react?

The testimony that that casual person gave him, has more strength and far exceeds all the content and design of the Landing Page itself.

This is logical, after all, the Landing Page is the party interested in making the sale, unlike the person who gave you that information, who told you about the benefits you have obtained by buying that product.

This is build trust.

However, the type of testimony must be taken into account, not all exert the same force or effect.

As you know, trust is a factor very very important, and it can be verified by asking yourself the following question:

What generates more confidence in you, a person who presents himself openly and tells you his name? Or one that comes with a mask and tells you only its alias. ?

Is it clear not…?

The testimonies will be much more effective the more information appears on your profile, for example a photo of you with the full name. These are what you have to show, even if their testimonials are not as good as those that do not provide any information on their profile.

As you can see, this element can help a lot in giving that dubious buyer that boost and making the conversion effective, which otherwise would possibly go away.

Calls to action (CTA Call To Action)

Without this element the Landing Page would have no reason to exist.

A CTA can be made up of text (a word, a phrase), images, buttons or a combination between them in order to motivate the visitor to carry out the conversion.

Almost every day we come across some of these calls to action where they usually say “Subscribe, download this pdf, click to continue reading, buy now, etc.

Calls to action

The CTAs must be designed with care, here it counts down to the smallest detail; colors, typography, font size, the title, the position where it is placed, the images, etc. It must be remembered that when a client arrives on our landing page it already comes with 80% of the conversion done.

Below, and as an example, I show you three landing pages with three CTAs designed specifically for different purposes.

one – This is a landing page with a CTA to subscribe to.

Call to action to subscribe

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