Restore files or folders with cPremote Backup Management in cPanel

Working daily on your website, you may have edited code files that after the changes stopped working, affecting the visibility of your page on the Internet, or that by inadvertently messing with FTP, you have taken away a folder from an installation of your Hosting, without eliminating the complete installation but leaving it inoperative.

With cPremote Backup Management (CPremote Backup Management), As a client of Websites Are Us, you can restore specific files or a certain folder without depending on the Hosting Support service.

In this article we focus on restoring a file, mishandled, and in a folder deleted by mistake, starting from a backup that we have available in the Hosting Panel, being able to replace all the files in this folder with those of the backup and the file deleted individually.

Restore File / Directory

This option allows you to restore a directory (folder), or a certain file that you have removed or modified, and affects the operation of a website.

It is the most common option and the requirement is that you know that file or directory you want to recoverFor example, you may need to recover a certain file or a certain directory that you have mistakenly deleted.

Please note that this option retrieve the files or folders of the copy of the selected day, but does not delete current files, so you must remove first the current complete files or folders “to recover” if you want to restore them.

Steps to follow to restore specific files or folders with a backup:

    1. Make a backup copy of the full Hosting account and download it to your PC, as a preventive measure.
    2. Accede to cPremote Backup Management, Restore file / directory (Restore File / Directory).
    3. Specifies the name and path (from / public_html) the file to recover Or the folder to recover (You must delete the file “if it exists” or the folder before launching the restoration).
    4. Indicates an email account in which to receive the Notification log of the restoration result and select the date you want to restore.
    5. Wait to receive the notification email. You will receive an email with the restoration details at the email address you indicated when you launched the restoration with cPremote.
    6. When the indicated file or the desired folder of your Hosting has been restored, verify that the aforementioned file or folder is displayed and that the affected website works normally.

In the following video we illustrate this process of restoring a file and also a Hosting folder.

Restoring individual files or specific folders using cPremote Backup Management, allows us to perform partial restorations without having to resort to a complete restoration Hosting or folder / public_html.

This type of restoration does not affect post not even databases, only allows you to restore specific files or folders.

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