Restore your complete Hosting with cPremote Backup Management in cPanel

Restoring the complete Hosting account is possible and simple, becoming very useful in certain situations, and that as a Websites Are Us client you can do it, as a user, without depending on the Hosting Support service to carry out this task.

The application cPremote Backup Management (CPremote Backup Management) is available in your Hosting Panel (cPanel), within the option Records and it has a series of functionalities (which we will see in the articles dedicated to this web application) aimed at the recovery of independent files, directories, databases, complete websites or the entire Hosting account.

In this article we are going to focus on Hosting account restoration ¡complete! starting from a backup that we have available in the Hosting Panel, being able to replace all the files of the account with those of the backup.

Restore Home

This option allows you to recover the hosting account from the / home folder choosing one of the dates that you have available in your Hosting.

Additionally the database must be restored from option Restore Database but previously, from phpMyAdmin you have to remove all tables from that database (do not delete the database) and then proceed to restore it.

Check this article to know how to do it: Restore a database with cPremote Backup Management in cPanel

Please be patient as the database and file restoration process may take 10-30 minutes (or longer) depending on the number of files to restore.

Keep in mind that this option will recover the backup copy of the entire Hosting account, that is to say, records, databases, configurations or customizations made in the Hosting, mail accounts, emails, scheduled cronjob tasks, etc., bearing in mind that by performing this action any changes that have been made since the restoration date are lost, therefore should be the option to use as a last resort in the event of loss of information since it performs a global restoration of the entire Hosting account.

Steps to follow to restore / home with a backup:

    1. Make a backup copy of the full Hosting account and download it to your PC, as a preventive measure.
    2. Accede to cPremote Backup Management, Restore Home (Restore Home) indicating an email account in which to receive the Notification log of the restoration result and select the date you want to restore.
    3. Wait to receive the notification email as this process can be slow, depending on the size of your Hosting account, the number of files you have, etc. You will receive an email with the restoration details at the email address you indicated when you launched the restoration with cPremote.
    4. When the complete Hosting account has been restored, verify that all the files, databases, email accounts, etc. are present, and that both mail and websites are operating normally.

In the following video we illustrate this process of restoring your entire Hosting account.

Restore the / home folder of your Hosting account, it is a fairly simple process that you can carry out, if you are a Websites Are Us client, from your Hosting Panel (cPanel), to recover a previous state of your complete Hosting account.

Do you want to know how to restore a database with cPremote?, see the article Restore a database with cPremote Backup Management in cPanel where we explain how to do it in a few minutes.

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