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Manage email accounts of the Hosting in Gmail

One of the characteristics of free Google mail service “Gmail” is it allows configure email accounts of own domains hosted in a Hosting, so that the mail is received externally in this web mail client so that it serves as post store when the space in the Hosting is limited (which it always is).

The most important advantage that we can find when using Gmail as a mail client, is the centralization of several email accounts, whether from Gmail, other services, or own domain, as well as having a mail store that will last over time, serving as a history of mail consultation, which also has an excellent labeling and classification system.

Set up your own domain email account in the Gmail service (Google) -not to be confused with Google Apps– it’s a simple task that we are going to describe in this tutorial, after the jump.

Advantages of managing domain email accounts in Gmail

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The configuration process explained in screenshots:

We access the Gmail account, Setting (Cogwheel icon in the upper right corner).

In section Accounts and Import, we click Add a POP3 email account of yours.

We indicate the account to configure.

We configure the data for this account (Password and POP server). If we want to keep copies of the messages on the mail server of the Hosting associated with the domain, we must check the box Leave a copy of the recovered message on the server. (If you do not have space it is better not to activate it).

Configurable data:

  • Leave a copy of the recovered messages on the server: check this box. If you don’t, the messages from your other account will be deleted and you will only be able to access them in Gmail.
  • To retrieve email messages, always use an SSL connection: Mark it!. In some accounts it is necessary to leave this option unselected.
  • Label incoming messages: Check this box if you want to quickly distinguish in your inbox the messages that come from this account.
  • Archive incoming messages: don’t check it. You should only check it if you don’t want to see the new messages from the other account in your inbox.

The data related to POP can be obtained in your cPanel, Mail, E-mail accountsclick “Plus” (right of the account to configure), Set up email client, which brings us to a screen similar to this one.

Note: Any error that occurs on this screen when you click Add Account (Save) will be the result of badly entered data, in a high percentage of cases Incorrect password.

If the problem persists, consult your Support to verify that it is not an SMTP block.

Other possible errors that may occur:

“We were unable to locate the other domain. Please contact your other provider. ”

It is possible that you are using a domain not configured for the Hosting from which you provide data, is not registered or is incorrect.

“Authentication failed. Please check your username / password. Server response: DNS Error: Domain name not found code (0) ”

Check that the Outgoing mail server be since you work with TLS / SSL recommended, where “XXX” It is the server where you stay (for Websites Are Us clients).

If the process was successful we go to the next screen where it asks us if we want to send messages from Gmail as .

Next we configure the name with which they will make the mailings. Important to uncheck the box Treat as an alias.

The next thing will be to configure the necessary data to be able to send with this account from Gmail.

Note: Any error that occurs on this screen will be the result of incorrectly entered data, in a high percentage of cases wrong port or have activated SSL.

The next thing will be to enter the requested field in Confirmation code that we will receive in the email account (the one we are configuring, not the Gmail mailbox).

If the code entered is correct we will have finished the process of configuration of the account of our domain in Gmail.

We will receive a confirmation email of the email account in Gmail, sent by the Gmail team.

In this email we will find a link (somewhat extensive) that asks us to confirm the entire process. By clicking on this link we should see a message like the following that guarantees that the process has been correct and that we can use the Gmail account.

From this moment we can receive emails sent to the configured account and consult them from Gmail, either from our web client, tablets or smartphones with total comfort.

We will have to verify in the destination mail if the email was received to conclude the correct configuration.

As it is, it is a simple process, which requires paying attention to the steps, providing the correct data at all times, so that we can configure an own domain account in our Gmail email client.

In the following video we will illustrate the process so that you can see it even clearer.

If you are with lack of space in your hosting account or tired of constantly receiving notices from you Support Department, of having disk or mail quota exceeded of this or that account, using Gmail as the email account manager of your domain is a very acceptable solution and for sites with less than 5 email accounts a solution that you should consider.

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