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Site Publisher

It is very common when you start a web project that you need to show contact information or initial basic information to the visitors of your domain, possibly just bought, while working hard on the creation of the definitive website.

During these processes you do not want your website to be visible while you adapt or improve it, nor do you want to close it for maintenance, and may resort to the use of tools such as Site Publisher Available in new versions of cPanel.

If you don’t know what tool I’m talking about and you don’t know its existence, I invite you to read the full article to discover the possibilities of Site Publisher in your Hosting with cPanel … come on in and keep reading!

Currently cPanel is for its version 60 released on December 5, but the improvement that I am talking about in this article is already supported since version 56 and versions such as 58.0.37 compiled on Websites Are Us servers, which incorporates New or improved tools, plus important fixes on previous versions.

One of these additions is Site Publisher, a tool that helps create a page quickly and easily for users without knowledge of web development, and can serve as a landing page while working on their web projects, either with WordPress, PrestaShop or another existing dynamic content manager.

What can you show with SP?

At first glance it may not seem like a big deal, but if you analyze well, what is usually necessary when buying a domain for a new project and need to put it to work with some information from the web?

… I think so too Little thing! the just and necessary to inform, to begin to publicize the domain if it was not known or if it is new, and to allow contact with the developers of the site (with you) to those who are landing in that url.

How to activate Site Publisher?

  • Access your cPanel, Domains, Site Publisher.
  • Select the domain (if you have several) that you are going to use for SP.
  • Select a template from the available ones.

  • Customize the selected template.
  • Review the configured data and the final notice.
  • Click on To post (Publish).

Warning: If you are creating a page with SP in a folder that already contains an installation, if these files / folders use the same file names as the files on your new website, the system will automatically overwrite them when you click Publish.

Create a quick site with Site Publisher in cPanel

Congratulations! You have published your site with Site Publisher.

What can you do now?

  • Add an email account.

  • Manage SP files.
  • Connect the created site with Web Disk (If your Hosting provider enables it).
  • Publish another website with Site Publisher.

Certainly Site Publisher is not a complex website builder nor is it intended to create long-lasting final websites. I rather see it as a tool to quickly put a visible page under a certain domain (or the temporary url) while working in the background in creating the definitive website.

I can think of many applications or cases in which the use of SP is justified, but I think that you have already thought of some of them and it is possible that it will end up being a useful tool, quick and easy to use to inform users who access to your website.

How to uninstall / remove a page from Site Publisher?

The default files and directories associated with a Site Publisher template are:

  • / public_html / assets /
  • / public_html / images /
  • /public_html/configurations.json one
  • /public_html/index.html 2
  • /public_html/LICENSE.txt
  • /public_html/sitemap.xml

one : Not necessarily created based on Site Publisher version.

2 : Be careful not to delete the index.php file

Deleting these files and folders disables Site Publisher.

Folders associated with Site Plublisher outside of / public_html that do not need to be removed:

  • / home / cpanel-user / site_publisher

If you installed the SP in a subdomain or additional domain, then the files to be removed will be inside the folder of the subdomain or additional domain and not in / public_html.

You can check the official cPanel documentation on Site Publisher for more details.

Important Make a backup before proceeding with the removal of a site created with SP.

It is possible that Site Publisher is not the definitive tool to create quick pages in your Hosting Panel (cPanel), but it allows you to put name, image, contact details and social networks to a domain or subdomain associated with your Hosting so that it goes being indexed while building your website with WordPress for example! or another CMS that you like.

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