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Lately I have dealt with this query a lot, like the rest of the Technicians or Sysadmin’s, mainly in the Customer Support of Websites Are Us, I hired Joomla Hosting but I want to use WordPress? Or what is the same How to switch from Joomla to WordPress?

The answer is usually that “There is no problem using WordPress in Joomla Hostings”, because all the Websites Are Us servers are optimized to work with the same capabilities and resources, whether WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla, and even other well-known scripts such as Drupal, Claroline, Moodle, Magento, etc.

The issue is complicated when what the client wants is to recycle their Joomla content in WordPress, so as not to lose mainly articles and other data possibly collected for years on their Joomla website.

For these cases, I recommend reading the article I published some time ago, based on my own experience, where I explain how to migrate Joomla content to WordPress quickly.

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But I’m not going to talk to you about how to go from one CMS to another, since it would be redundant, and I’m going to focus on how you should manage these types of changes from your Hosting Panel (cPanel) to replace one CMS with another, saving a backing up the above “just in case” and starting to work only with WordPress.

Steps to change CMS in Hosting

  1. Make a backup from your Hosting Panel (cPanel).
  2. Make a backup copy of your individual Joomla installation (or installations).
  3. Download the backups to your computer and delete them from the Hosting.
  4. Delete databases from previous installations (where?).
  5. Check the active PHP version.
  6. Change PHP version if applicable.
  7. Install WordPress from the installer of your cPanel.
  8. Run the Stephan assistant from your Client Area to analyze the status of your Hosting.

Basically these are the usual steps to go from Joomla to WordPress a Hosting Panel without the need to change the contracted product, since the functionalities of both products at the Hosting level are the same, respecting the particularities of each CMS.

Initial state of the Hosting

I want to start by saying that to change the use of a Content Manager in Hosting it is not necessary to change the contracted product.

If your product is, for example, Joomla 3GB Hosting and now you want to use a WordPress 3GB Hosting (or another hosting plan), you do not need to send a Ticket to the Commercial Department to ask them to cancel the current Hosting Plan or change it for you. one for WordPress.

The only parameters that prevail when you stop using Joomla and start using WordPress are:

The temporary url will remain username-cpNº .

Joomla Temporary URL


The name of the product in your Customer Area will remain Joomla XGB Hosting.

In cPanel, Websites Are Us Packs, Create Joomla, Joomla installers will be displayed.

Create Joomla

Save these details, and depending on the type of capacity (GB) contracted, the WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop installers will remain the same, they do not change.

Is it necessary to reset the Hosting account to zero?

The answer would be “it is not necessary to reset a Hosting account at the moment after contracting, once the service has been activated for the first time to be able to start again with the web” and this has the following argument.

Resetting a Hosting account implies losing all the settings made, for example in MX Records, the settings for managing spam filters with MailScanner, the email accounts created and their corresponding emails, the FTP accounts created, in addition to deleting the databases and files on the web (either one or more) that you currently have in your Hosting.

The right thing to do in case you want to stop using Joomla to start using WordPress is to eliminate all the website and database installations that you have with Joomla at the moment, without affecting the mail and FTP accounts as well as other configurations.

Detailed process to go from Joomla to WordPress

In order to guide you through this process, I will detail you as best as possible how you can stop using Joomla, or another CMS that you have active in your Hosting account and that for project or other reasons you need to switch to WordPress without having to give Download the Hosting and hire a new one.

I have already told you before that the Websites Are Us servers are specifically optimized to work smoothly with:

  • WordPress
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla

Our servers also support other PHP-based scripts that you can use independently and exclusively in the Hosting or install them in other folders of the Hosting.

Hosting Backup

It is always recommended to make a backup of the current state of your Hosting and then save it on your computer or in your cloud (DropBox, Drive, etc.)., And delete it from the Hosting to free up space.

In this way, with the copy made, you guarantee to be able to use any file or database that you have installed in case of later need.

You can make backup copies by following this video in which I explain the process.



Delete Databases

If you have one or more databases of Joomla websites that you are no longer going to use, the correct thing to do would be to delete them, so as not to get involved with the new websites that you set up and to free up space in the Hosting.

Since you already have a complete backup of the Hosting, where the existing databases are also located, it would not be necessary to back them up again or independently.

From cPanel, Databases, locate the names of databases and delete them.

Delete databases

You do the same with the database users who will now be orphaned from it.

Delete database users

Delete files and folders from Joomla installations

This process is relatively simple if you only had one or several Joomla installations and no WordPress website since in this case the only thing you would have to do is access your cPanel, Files and using the File Manager go to folder / public_html which is your user space, and delete all the folders and files that are inside.

Delete files and folders

However, if for example, in addition to Joomla, you have a PrestaShop installed, or another script that is not WordPress, you will have to select only those folders that contain the Joomla websites to be deleted, respecting those web folders that you do not want to delete.

Selective deletion of files and folders

In this way we will be removing all the facilities that we do not want to keep in the Hosting before starting to work on WordPress.

Check the active PHP version

It is possible that if you worked with old versions of Joomla (1.5, 2.5) you had PHP 5.2 or 5.3 activated so that these websites would work normally.

With WordPress 4.x (current versions) it is necessary to work with at least PHP 5.6 and depending on the theme or some plugins you use, they will surely require at least PHP 7.0.

Changing the PHP version is a very simple process that I explain in the next article.

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