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If you want to learn about Online Marketing Or you are interested in discovering the keys to online marketing from experts, here is a list of essential Blogs.

You have on the list blogs specialized in content marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneur and small business marketing.

Some of the blogs focus on strategy, others on tactics and tricks, success stories, etc.

I order them by language and a short summary of what you will find when you subscribe.

To get results with your website, you need to be up to date in Marketing. You can do it yourself, learning to generate more visits and sales.

If you are an entrepreneur, self-employed or owner of a micro business, reading the Blogs that I propose will help you organize ideas, define the strategy of your positioning on the Internet and have clearer actions to take.

Remember that one of the keys is to test and test, until we find the successful actions.

“Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”

I hope it is very useful to you!

Marketing Blogs in English

Gorka Garmendia
Recruitment of interested parties through Email Marketing. Tips on Adwords and Conversions.

Finalist in the Bitácoras 2015 awards in the Best Marketing and Social Media Blog category.
The infographics are very elaborate. WordPress training experts

Carlos Bravo
Profitability of Blogs. Publish one article per day for years, a true Ultra Blogger.

Laura Ribas
Business Strategy, sales plans. Copywriting. I advise you to subscribe to their youtube channel.

Tristan Elósegui
Web analytics and online marketing.

Victor Martin
Strategies in Social Networks.

Franck Scipion
Increase in visits and sales for Bloggers. Good recipes if you bet on self-employment.

Paco Viudes
Social Media and Social Networks.

SEO tricks and strategies. Reputation. Managed by several Bloggers, to highlight Arturo Marimón.

Clara Ávila
Consultant in Digital Marketing, talks about social media, social networks, tools, success stories, tutorials and reflections on trends.

Marketing Blogs in English

Oli Gardner of Unbounce
Conversion funnels: ads-landing-sale.

Seth Godin
Communication, strategic marketing. Short daily articles with a single idea. What is said a true Guru.
SEO improvement in content.
Web analytics, analysis of sales pages.

Conversion Rate Experts
Interesting if you do tests with landing pages. Marketing focused on improving conversions.

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