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One of the things that motivates me most about Websites Are Us is seeing new clients land and observing how, with the passage of time, they evolve along with their web projects to surprising levels that become benchmarks in their topics or at least ‘influencers’ to to keep in mind. But what does this have to do with the cPanel Files Manager Trash?

Well, you will see, it is a matter of patience and keep reading to realize that everything is connected, we are connected to each other, do you remember that of the theory of 6 degrees? because that same, at the end of one way or another we are very related to each other, in the same way that Frikymama is related to the task of emptying the Trash from cPanel

The same thing happened to me a long time ago with the Blog of Ana Maria Almendro (Frikymama), who one day came to Websites Are Us looking for a reliable Hosting and to help him prosper with his website so that in this way he would achieve his goals.

Deleting files in cPanel

From the cPanel Hosting Panel, you can, among other options, delete databases, email and FTP accounts, SSL Certificate settings, cron tasks and also files and folders.

Any file and / or folder that is selected in the File Manager can be directly deleted.

Delete Files

In cPanel the deleted or deleted files are not permanently deleted, but go to the trash where it is necessary to execute the emptying action so that they are permanently deleted from the Hosting.

All the files? no, for example if your cPanel works with the Installatron content manager or packs installer, it does not delete all the files when a CMS or pack is uninstalled, since the data generated “additionally” with the pack or CMS will be kept in the Hosting until you delete them manually.

The web application or pack uninstaller uninstalls the installation that has been installed with the cPanel installer itself, which implies files and folders of the web application or pack, but not the database and other additional files that have undergone changes, by the user or the pack itself after installation.

Certainly, many users, implementers and developers have already asked cPanel to incorporate the functionality of deleting or emptying the trash (.trash) after several days, by means of a request for functionality, in a panel of Ideas that they have enabled, to the that you can join if you have a cPanel account.

There is a single trash for files and folders in the cPanel Hosting Panel that is located in the user’s folder:


It is a hidden folder, hence the dot in front of the folder name .trash and that to see it you must enable the option once in the File Manager of cPanel Show hidden files (dotfiles).

View hidden folders files

In this way this folder and others that have the attribute of hidden will be visible (also hidden files).

Hidden folders view

How to empty the File Manager Trash?

We have reached the desired point, after a necessary introduction to better understand all this. Now we need power empty the cPanel Trash, from the File Manager, so that we recover space occupied by files and folders that we no longer need in Hosting.

How to empty it:

  1. It is always recommended to make a complete backup of the Hosting and download it to your computer.
  2. Access the File Manager of your Hosting.
  3. If you land directly in the folder / public_html (where you have the websites) click Up one level.
  4. Now in the user folder of the Hosting if you do not see files or a folder with a . in front go to Setting (up to the right).
  5. In Preferences (popup window) check that it is enabled Show hidden files (dotfiles), if it is not mark it and “Save”.
  6. You will see the folder .trash, click on it and access inside.
  7. If you previously deleted files or folders, you should see them inside.
  8. Above the files and folders you will see the option Empty trash.
  9. Click on that option and confirm the action in “Empthy Trash” (Empty Trash).
  10. This action will return you back to the / home / user folder
Empty trash

Congratulations, you have emptied your trash File Manager cPanel.

A process that as you will have verified is very simple ‘when it is known’ and that will help you recover the space occupied by deleted files if you did not know where they were going to stop.

Skip the Trash

I was saving this functionality for the end of the article in order to keep your interest focused and I hope I have achieved it.

Don’t want to go through the Trash? perfect no problem!. For that, if you work with the cPanel skin paper_lanter when you select one or more files or folders and click on the top option Remove, the File Manager It will open a popup window asking you if for the requested action you want to send the selected files / folders to the Trash or if, on the contrary, you want to permanently delete them by checking the option Skip Trash and permanently delete files.

Permanently remove

This step, in addition to being irreversible, avoids having to go through the emptying of the Trash.

From now on you will no longer have to go crazy looking in your Hosting which files are taking up space if you had already deleted them, because if you work with the cPanel skin “Paper_lantern” you can use the option See Trash and Empty Trash to manage deleted files just as you would on your computer.

If it also serves you, as it did me, to get to know web projects like Frikymama, or the one you have discovered, that you get (bonus), because the most important thing is always to cultivate people and improve your knowledge.

Thank you Ana María for inspiring this article. (ツ)

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