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Zero your Hosting and start again!

The normal thing is that when a Hosting is contracted to host a website, either with the CMS, or even if it is an HMTL website, it is that we program the development times and let’s organize backup policies as a fundamental tool facing potential problems that usually occur at the beginning of a web project, unless you already have many tables in this.

For users who are facing a Hosting for the first time and in addition to not controlling the usual jargon of the support systems, they have the addition of not seeing some work processes very clearly so that the evolution of the project is the desired one, sometimes It ends up becoming a complex task that leads to the verge of resignation.

Who said fear?Naturally, abandoning is not contemplated as an option and whenever there are possibilities to carry out any project that we face, There are solutions for each of the problems that we can find, one of them the Start the project from scratch!.

You installed a WordPress website, Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle, etc., or you have several websites in Hosting, orphan folders for failed installations, tests and more tests and you do not know what to do with this gibberish of files and folders Do you want to delete everything and start from scratch?.

It is easier than you think! And here we are going to demonstrate it to you, since the art of managing a Hosting, be it for a single installation or several installations of the same or different CMS, is exclusively about getting along with the File Manager from your Hosting Panel (on Websites Are Us cPanel) so that you can manage your files just as you would on your computer.

Already in a Websites Are Us video made by Jordi Sala we present the CPanel File Manager and its benefits, but today we are going to take the opportunity to delve into its use and understand that it is almost always more practical to use this tool than FTP, for speed and also for security.

Backup Policy forever!

That backups are one safeguard against disasters It is obvious and that having a backup policy of your own regardless of what the Hosting service performs, is more than necessary, you never know what can happen when you work on the development of your website.

Schedule you a backup cycle of your entire website (including the database), is something you can do from your cPanel without problems.

Some useful links:

We recommend that once you make backup copies, you download them to your PC and eliminate the extension Akeeba Backup, XCloner or the one you normally use so as not to occupy space unnecessarily in your Hosting.

Regardless of the copies you make, at Websites Are Us we make Daily Backup replicated on two servers for greater security, we also verify weekly the correct operation of the backups and their possible restoration on another server, so you will have the guarantee to recover a copy from any other day of the last 7 days of the current month, in alternate daily, weekly and monthly copies.

Why not reset the Hosting the next minute after hiring?

The simple answer would be “Because it is not necessary to reset a Hosting account at the moment after contracting, once the service has been activated for the first time to be able to start again with the web” and this has argumentation.

Resetting a Hosting account means losing all the settings made for example in MX Records, the settings for managing spam filters with MailScanner, the email accounts created and their corresponding emails, the FTP accounts created, in addition to deleting the bases of data and files on the web (be one or more) that you currently have in your Hosting.

If the problem only lies in a website or in the structure of sites hosted from the folder / public_html (or www -symbolic link-) such action is not necessary, radical in all its measure and only viable in case you have mistakenly deleted the folder itself / public_html or mail folders or others necessary for the operation of the Hosting that are normally found in /home or / home2 and you / user_of_account_of_hosting, for example / home / pepitoperez.

What will the Support Department normally (take the example of Websites Are Us as an example) if you request to reset your account to the status of the contract?

They will send you an email with a text similar to the following:

You should keep in mind that if we restore your account to the contracted status, you will lose all the configurations, emails, databases and files that you currently have, leaving all your Hosting as it was hired.

Confirm that you want us to carry out this task.

After your confirmation and understanding that you will lose everything you had in your Hosting, most likely, your support service will leave your account as it was delivered to you when you contracted the Hosting service.

Delete installations from the Hosting Panel

It is recommended in situations that you can no longer control and for whatever reason you make the decision to eliminate all the facilities of websites and databases, without affecting the mail and FTP accounts in addition to other configurations.

This task can be done from 2 important points:

From these two sections of your Hosting Panel you will be able to delete files and folders of all the installations as well as the users and databases of each of the existing installations.

Note: From phpMyAdmin In cPanel it is not possible to create or delete databases.

In the following video we illustrate this process in a Hosting with numerous installations, some of them unsuccessful or incomplete, others lacking important files or folders that prevent their correct operation and some of / very common tests in client Hostings that begin their journey in the world of Hosting.

If, despite everything explained in this article, you are still clear that you want to leave it as you had when you hired it, renouncing the email accounts with their corresponding emails sent and received and other customizations of your Hosting, in your case the solution is Send a Ticket to your Support Department!.

To thank Jordi Sala for the suggestion of this article based on real cases that are presented daily in the Websites Are Us Support Department.

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