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You want to keep everything in order, and show on a page only i post of a certain category? This is the guide you were looking for!

Blog readers like to find articles of a certain topic grouped in specific pages (or sections) e WordPress it allows us to show on a page only i post of a certain category through various systems.

Give the opportunity to users to deepen on a certain topic improves theexperience user, the average time spent by people on your site and finally the SEO (placement up Google).

Invest some of your time each month in doing a total overhaul of your site in order to improve it in various ways SEO, design, performance, etc …

This is a continuous process optimization which guarantees growth and success over time.

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Show only posts in a certain category on a page

Method 1: Use Archive Pages

I am about to reveal a secret to you: categories already have their page!

The pages archive of WordPress are default pages for individual categories.

So, here is the first method, which is also the simplest:

  • log in to your WordPress;
  • go up Articles > Categories;
  • find the category you are interested in on the right side of the page. Move the mouse over it and click on View.

The categories on the WordPress dashboard

You will go to a page of archive, with all the post of the category you have selected.

Create menu items for a single category

If this page archive satisfies you, you can copy his URL and use it to create all the link you want, even in the menu.

The procedure is very fast:

  • go up Appearance> Menu;
  • open the section Categories on the left;
  • select all the categories you want to add to menu.

However, I suggest you also read the guide to modify the WordPress navigation menus to know exactly how to manage them menu, or find a lesson dedicated to menu in the WordPress video course.

Create links to individual categories on pages and articles

you can add link to the categories also in the texts, in the widgets or wherever you want, to facilitate even more the navigation of theuser.

Simply copy theURL of the page of archive that we saw earlier, and enter it as link.

Now I will explain two other systems with the use of Method 2: use the List Category Posts plugin

Another way to show only i on a page post of a certain category is the plugin List Category Posts.

This plugin create one shortcode which displays a list of all articles of a category, with links to individuals articles.

You can use it shortcode with the category name or with its id:

  1. [catlist name=nome categoria], or
  2. [catlist id=numero categoria]

Also, you can use it shortcode to show more than one category, adding the + symbol between the various names or ids, for example [catlist name=categoria1+categoria2] or [catlist id=3+5+12].

This plugin allows you to choose different options and customizations, so I recommend you read the List Category Posts documentation on the official page.

Method 3: use Visual Composer

The Visual Composer elements

The Visual Composer is a wl-thing”>plugin premium that allows you to create pages and post placing the elements of the page where you prefer, in a very intuitive way.

It contains an interesting feature which is useful for showing us on a page articles of a category.

The elements called and Posts slider they are used to insert a grid and one on a page respectively slider of articles. If you look at the available options, you will also find the option to select the category of post to show.

If you want to use this tool, you can purchase the Visual Composer plugin, but be careful to verify that yours theme is compatible.

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I have shown you the three systems that I consider the simplest and most effective to show only i in a page post of a certain category. I hope I have been helpful.

Do you know other methods to show i post of a category?

What do you think is the best method?

Let us know what you think by leaving a message below.