Learning Design With The Beatles - Part I

You may not even be a fan, but somehow, it can be in many ways possible, you have already been impacted or impacted by the greatest band of all time, we are talking about The Beatles!

They have revolutionized the entire music industry and to this day are a great inspiration to artists around the world, whatever the genre, you can be sure that you have a little bit of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

But what do the Liverpool boys have to do with design?

To answer that question we have to go back to the 1950s, a period when the world was recovering from World War II and the young people of that era needed to find their own way, not only their role in society but also to find their own cultural identity. since the war had taken it from them so far.

With that came a tufted boy who wiggled onstage and played totally Blues-inspired songs, a music genre from the far south of the United States that had roots in traditional African music, his name was Elvis Presley and we also knew what would come. be the Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The new genre was a huge success and soon spread to all continents, also reaching England, especially in the ears of young John Lennon, who had the idea that the vast majority of young people had at the same time form a rock band.

As a result of the band The Quarrymen was born, and we already have the first relationship with design at this time, since it was not only inspired by the North American movement but also brought the folk and skiffle fashion, which had the concept of “make yourself ”, a concept that had been used before and was rescued because of the high cost of musical instruments.

They used objects like washing boards and bottles as instruments, which shows that experimentation was present in the essence of the band, something that is one of the main pillars of design as well.

This experimentation was not only in the genres that inspired them but also in the search for the best music delivery, as the band gradually evolved, starting with John and a few friends, the entrance of Paul and George and then the transition to Classic formation with the arrival of Ringo. This is interesting to analyze, as the bands were already formed with the search for the best musicians and the Beatles went against it, bringing the quality over time and taking advantage of the opportunities to have talented artists.

And when we talk about the talent we have to take into account that it means nothing if you don’t have the practice, but the Beatles knew it and they practised a lot when they did their first tour in Hamburg, spending 6 to 8 hours on stage every night. , this certainly helped the evolution and maturity of the group, so much so that when they returned to England their musical quality and stage presence was much higher than the local bands, which is a parallel to the design, as the practice and testing are essential in our profession.

In 1961 the band starts performing at The Cavern Club and this is where the world starts to notice the biggest band ever, but that’s the subject of the next article, in which we will follow the rise of the Beatles, Beatlemania and the evolution of the band that was responsible for many paradigm shifts of our society.

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