Local On-Page optimization

Search engines are an enormously important tool for most internet users. For example, those who are looking for a particular product or service do not necessarily know which companies have the right offer in the program. Entering the corresponding terms in a search engine, for example, Google leads in this case quickly to a list of relevant results.

For web site operators, this also means they need to anticipate which terms users are entering to find the products or services offered on the site. Then these terms must then be installed in the right places – and in the right way. All related activities are referred to as on-page optimization.


SEO agency offers valuable help

As a rule, as an operator of a website, you should trust an agency that specializes in on-page optimization. The specifications of search engines such as Google are relatively strict, and there are a number of technical aspects to consider in the context of optimization. In addition, the experts of an agency are often able to identify even more keywords that you as the operator of a page would not necessarily think.

Why search engine optimization, which is usually abbreviated as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important, in looking at the result lists of search engines quickly apparent. Most users only glance at the first three to five results, but very few users click on the second or third page of results. If you offer a website, you should, therefore, do everything possible, at least for very specific keywords, to appear as high as possible in the result lists of the search engine operators.

Google is the market leader in London

In London, Google is by far the most important search engine. The market share of the US group is more than 90 per cent, but the technical specifications are not fundamentally different from those that apply to other search engines such as Microsoft Bing.

If a page can not be found high up in the results lists of Google & Co., offers an SEO agency indispensable help. The first step is to determine the important keywords and terms (keywords) for which the corresponding content must then be created in the form of texts, pictures or videos. Programming and building a website also play an important role in on-page optimization.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages as an additional element

Last but not least, special landing pages can also be set up as part of on-page optimization. These pages are all about a specific product or service, and visitors are encouraged to take action through appropriate elements. This can be done for example by a “buy now” button or by a field for entering an e-mail address, to which then further information is sent.

Landing pages are also a very important element in off-page optimization. This is the second step when it comes to search engine optimization of a website. Landing pages are usually created with a view to specific keywords, and then external links, such as blogs or paid ads in search engines, can be created on these pages.

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