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Today I would like to talk a little about teaching and how often we have a distorted view of the importance of education. In our society, we are often indoctrinated by certain stages of life and by the expectation that exists about us, a classic model (in the case of Brazil) of finishing high school, studying for the college entrance exam, entering a college, getting a job in your home. area, get married, have children, retire. But as we have seen lately, this model is useful for society, but not necessarily for us and our dreams and ambitions. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in recent years has been the fact that we should never stop learning, here are some good reasons for this:

1 – Learning new things makes life more exciting

In fact, our brains are addicted to news, which is why we often realize that childhood is a time when everything seemed to be time consuming and so intense. New experiences are important for generating memories, one of the best ways to achieve these experiences is by learning new things and applying them. Also, imagine if every month you commit to learning something new at a beginner level, imagine by the end of the year all the things you can do with these new skills, not only does this make you a more interesting person, but a person with less limitations and more free.

2 – Progress in a career comes not only from hours of work, but also from hours of study.

I have often studied biography of other artists / designers and a tendency I notice in the big names in various fields is that not only were they hardworking people willing to spend hours upon hours of their craft but they were also willing to learn whatever it takes to be the best at what they do. We have this myopia of thinking that to be successful in a career just needs to be hardworking, when in fact we always need to be honing our knowledge to be a professional with more to offer. The study cannot end after college, but when you are there to learn, you should take this task more seriously, because it requires a lot of self discipline.

3 – Is good for health and is a way to bring people together

Learning is good for your memory, your self esteem and your life expectancy according to various researches. Not only for these benefits should you review your study routine, but also because learning can be a great time to socialize with others and generate amazing experiences. The teaching environment can also be the environment of collaboration and socialization, activities that only enrich learning.

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