Web Maintenance 40 Plan – Yearly

Our custom website packages include everything you’ll need to get your business online.


Our maintenance packages are packed with features. The following will explain the different options in a little more detail, but if you would like to discuss any requirements, please call us on 01708 457 443 or email [email protected] for more information.

Website Maintenance 40

£429 Yealy
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • 24H Website Monitoring
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 24H Response
  • 24 Hour* Diagnosis
  • Technical Support 40 Min
  • Website hosting
  • Backups

Website hosting

We host websites on our UK based servers that are monitored 24-7. We limit the number of websites hosted on each of our servers to ensure maximum performance and by using the latest technology on our server provides fast performing sites.

Hosting with us is optional if you prefer to keep your site hosted with the provider you are with that’s fine, but if you’d like to save some expenses its there if you need it.


Difficulties happen, its impossible to stop hardware failures, hackers, or human error, to protect you against this its crucial to have regular backups of your website. All of our maintenance packages include daily, weekly or monthly backups saved on the S3 Amazon network.

If something goes wrong, we can rebuild your site at no charge to you.

CMS & plugin updates

Our maintenance packages are designed for websites that use Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, Opencart and many others.

These systems need regular updates to ensure they get the latest feature and security updates. All of our packages cover this by default, its necessary in helping to keep a website secure.

SSL certificate

It is increasingly essential to ensure your website is secure; Google even ranks sites who have SSL (https://) enabled on their websites higher. Our Main 80 and Main 120 maintenance packages include an SSL certificate to ensure your site content is encrypted if viewed by any users and can be added as an extra to our Basic and Standard packages.

Website support

Our monthly website support gives time each period for us to help make updates to your website. Whether it be changing existing web pages, adding blog posts, image fixing or editing problems you let us know any issues you have and we’ll fix them.

If you need more time than that covered in your plan, we will quote for it, and complete any changes once approved.

24/7 site monitoring

No one knows when something might go wrong with your site, or a temporary issue can cause outages, that’s why our 40, 80, and 120 maintenance clients have their websites covered with our 24/7 monitoring.

Our monitoring system alerts us to problems within 1 minute of them resulting meaning we can respond and help to fix issues as soon as feasible, without you needing to contact us.