You certainly know SPORTV, one of the biggest sports channels in Latin America, right?

If you are a viewer, surely you have already checked the new visual identity of the channel. If not, worth the trip through the creation process:

BEELD MOTION, together with art and design director Danilo Gusmão Silveira, was responsible for creating the new visual identity for SPORTV.

The challenge was to reflect the channel’s new positioning/slogan: “We are all champions”.

The project involved not only graphic design and motion design: the work on the sound was very heavy. The new identity seeks to express movement and agility, principles of sport in general and the result could not be better: it is a mix of different patterns and textures, typography and modular layouts. Odd work!

I leave you with some images of the final result, and the link of the project presentation by the great creators, after all, nobody better to talk about the project than them;)

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