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We are used to seeing big brands with a new rebrand, especially in the last 2 years. This time, darling DC did the same. Calm down, we don’t totally change, but we just make the whole identity more proportional. The project was orchestrated by dear Pedro Panetto (we already have another article with him, click here and see), who talked a little bit about this process in our short interview on this issue of the new Websites Are Us logo launch.

For Iran Pontes, founder of Websites Are Us, the proposal was to be something subtle, but bring innovation: “Our idea was to be something subtle, to keep the whole identity already consolidated in the minds of our readers throughout the 5 years of history, but, we needed to innovate in something; change and grow. Inviting Pedro Panetto to the project was indeed the best choice. He was able to sense our need for needed but not radical change and worked well within our concepts of innovation, communication and growth. The application of the golden ratio and its studies have brought not only visual balance but also innovation to the project that is now suitable for varied platforms and projects, ”he said. And finally, you can check below the final result of the project that will be applied from today on our on and off media and a comparison with the previous logo.


The brand

The intention was not to create something totally new but to set a more proportional pattern. The subtle redesign sets in for the new symbol design – the communication balloon, speech, and gives a better graphic arrangement to the composition. Within the golden ratio, the symbol became more dynamic, more moving and much more harmonious, including the fact that its slight inclination refers to growth. Another plus point is that identity is now adaptable for many applications, including the many projects that DC is involved in as a course and training company and portal.



Creative process

The techniques used, as mentioned, started from the Golden Ratio. Peter’s grounding in the orientation of these forms was paramount to the outcome. Follow a little of the creative process in our interview with Pedro Panetto:

1 – How was it for you to work on the project of one of the largest design and communication blogs in Brazil?

“It’s challenging and a great honour. It is a project for designers, from a well-publicized brand, it is a demanding public. And besides, everything that involves the word “redesign” attracts debate and easily generates controversy. Not everyone accepts change, there is always a break in the status quo, and no matter if you do something bad or well done, there will always be criticism. So it’s the kind of project you come into awareness of the challenge.

And besides, DC is the blog of a great friend of mine, Iran Pontes. So it turns out to be that mix of designing something for a friend (who is also a designer) and at the same time acting on a project with such a wide scope. ”

2 – What and how did you define the main concepts for the project?

“The Websites Are Us brand was already in the last stages of its registration and now it has just been officially registered. Thus, the redesign could not be radical. I should rework the shapes very subtly. These were the guidelines of the project: to work the grids relations applying the Golden Ratio; perfect brand colour; and work on the visual arrangements. All this followed by the rule: do not change the mark. It would be a redesign compared to Coca-Cola, where it has its features perfected from time to time, but without altering the brand itself… just simple refinements of features and form. ”

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3 – What goals were intended to be achieved in the creative process?

“Rebalancing the elements, giving the symbol a more upbeat look and redefining the shade of red (again without breaking away from the current one).”

4 – Tell us a little about the challenges that came up during the project. What was the hardest?

“The brand should be the same, and be different at the same time. This is challenging. Especially in the matter of Golden Ratio because when I do a project, I already have in my mind how it will flow into some proportional structure. The diagram is already coming up with the sketches… but in the case of something existing and that should only be changed subtly, applying the ratio there is difficult. It was a little more challenging than I first thought, but it worked out. “

5 – How was the creative process of the redesign?

“We can define it as limited and simple, the idea was just to perfect the structures and not develop a new brand.”

6 – Which paths and followings were followed for the final result?

“I used my normal design methodology, but skipping the phases where I would draw the sketches of ideas. The sketches have already begun from attempts to recreate that balloon based on the Golden Reason. ”


7 – Can all these techniques and methodologies be learned in your course?

“Yes, all of them and more. In my course I prioritized a versatility in ways to use the Golden Ratio, so you can learn and be very flexible whenever you want to use it. ”

These are small changes, but they represented this new stage here in DC. The staff were very pleased with the result and we are really happy and all these changes are made with you in mind, our dear readers who inspire us every day. Did you enjoy our short redesign process? Check it out below.

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